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Example of a trendy travertine tile double shower design in DC Metro

19th St

Tsantes Photography

Example of a trendy travertine tile double shower design in DC Metro —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (101)

bulltonic wrote:July 23, 2013
  • PRO
    ART Design Build
    Yes. there are both models that do and don't. Ours has lighting.
  • PRO
    Suzanne Swirnow
    can you tell us how you prepped the floor to have no curb and is there just the one drain in the middle of the floor os is that a dropped area at the top right esge of the photo that has a drain?
drjeana wrote:July 27, 2013
Love tile on the walls and floor. could you please share who makes it

saed hares windows wrote:August 1, 2013
    guptank25 wrote:August 3, 2013
      szuspan wrote:August 5, 2013
      amackjr wrote:August 6, 2013
      What's the name of the wall stone by the tub and where can you buy it?

      • Melissa Bassett
        WritI have been looking for this stone. Where can I get it?
      • PRO
        General Lee Contracting
        You can get on Boralstone's website or type in cultured stone and fine your local dealer
      man1981qa wrote:August 10, 2013
      • PRO
        ART Design Build
        approx 5' x 9'
      • dreamhomeinwkz
        Is this the space for the 2 Pers Shower or with the bath tub as well? thank you!!!
      cameronlahitette wrote:August 11, 2013
      Where did you get the rain shower?

      • nehyman
        I own the Hansgrohe version. See my comments above. Do not buy this showerhead.
      • ubhandari
        Why do you say not to buy showehead
      Silvana Scorza wrote:August 11, 2013

      - Design

        sheilanscott wrote:August 16, 2013
        Me four on the rainshower size and manufacturer??

        piperina318 wrote:August 20, 2013
        • PRO
          Joseph Stuchel
          I am in love with your impeccable work, and concept!! I am trying to locate the recessed lights at or near the floor. Could you please share with me what company they came from? You are truly gifted designers!!!
        • PRO
          Fabulous shower, ART Design Build! These wall lights by the floor look very similar to the Sun3 recessed floor/wall lights by Edge Lighting. They are wet location rated, so they can be used outdoors and in showers like this to create pretty spectacular effects. They come in a variety of beam spreads to achieve different lighting effects.


          Hope this helps!
        mhotaranu wrote:August 21, 2013
        Great work! What is the total size of the bathroom? Thanks

        • Maggie Rose
        • Beverly Wright-Juste
          What if the drain gets blocked, where will the water go?
        6388 wrote:August 22, 2013
        what is the total size of the shower?

        • Raghu Narayana
          what is total size of room icluding tube
        kdawg1988 wrote:September 1, 2013
        how much would a shower like this cost?

        • latusa
          Amazing shower wow I can't believe someone who got such beautiful idea....thumbs up!!!!
        • desireesmith81911
          Mu husband and I were discussing this bathroom idea because we love it. However, the cost is way out of the ballpark for us. We figured, this could be recreated at a fraction of the price. I can't imagine anyone needs $8000 worth of fixtures to make a decent job of recreation. And, if your handy and can do much of the tiling yourself, that would cut down on the cost even more.
        11 March wrote:September 11, 2013
        • darlenebrobertson
          nehyman, thank you for your honest review you just saved me a lot of money. Back to the drawing board for me ....
        • nehyman
          As I stated in my original comment, I stood on a ladder and tested the water at the point where the water leaves the shower head. The difference in temperature between the three areas of spray was over 15 degrees. If the outside ring was 100 degrees, the middle ring would be over 115 degrees and the center bead would be over 130 degrees. By the way the water in the center comes out with so much force that it's impossible to stand under it and when it is turned on it the water shoots across the room. It is impossible to shower under this shower head as designed. It was recommended and installed by Bryce and Doyle in Rochester NY who did not stand behind the product. I had the Hansgrohe rep out and here is what he wrote to me in a follow up letter:

          "Overall, HansGrohe has provided a quality product that now functions as designed.
          Thank you,
          Joe Jaeger"

          I would like to see Joe Jaeger stand under the shower head when it is set to 100 degrees and feel what 130 degree water feels like coming from the center bead. Obviously it is a very bad design because, as you pointed out, the different streams of water fall and cool at different rates.
        warrenmustang1 wrote:September 13, 2013
        what type of shower pan on the floor of the shower

        - I want to build a shower like this one. Its way too cool thanks warren

        • PRO
          ART Design Build
          It is a neoprene sheet that can be cut and molded to any size/shape. Good luck with your shower.
        • Kimberly Corbin
          is the shower floor level with the rest of the bathroom floor?
        Caryn Schuman wrote:September 16, 2013
        Can you please tell me the name and color of the stacked ledgestone.

        • PRO
          ART Design Build
          The stone is a Cultured Stone product, Ledgestone Autumn.
        oyvey wrote:September 17, 2013
        • oyvey
          Thanks for responding; I appreciate it.
        • rubynwe
          how much coast estimate
        kellermeier plumbing inc wrote:September 20, 2013
        Could you please tell me what faucet system and rain ceiling you useed

        • mamarana
          so install a diverter valve so you can use the rain head OR the wall head
        • vancouverlori
          It wasn't my house, so I wasn't at liberty to make any changes. They did have a handheld shower wand/thing, but because the bathroom was located in a basement, there was a large window along the long wall from about rib height to ceiling, so the handheld was only mounted at about thigh level. The faucet for the tub and the hand held were both mounted there, in the middle of that long wall - too far to add any sort of higher mounting spot for the handheld along either of the short walls. Just wanted to point out that those rain shower head thingies look cool but don't work for everyone.
        bysesign wrote:October 9, 2013
        Noticed just one drain. Must be sloped both both walls? How is that ac

          bungalowmo wrote:October 20, 2013
          • dzenifer
            Wow the first negative comment i have read on this site. Design choice is personal, do whatever you want and let others do the same.
          • Lobuck Buck
            Don't comment if it's not helpful! Rude!
          briandemrovsky wrote:October 22, 2013
          • PRO
            Fratelli Poggi Srl
            visit our website www.poggibros.it find our material as soution for interior/exterior design
          houseplan15 wrote:October 26, 2013
          Beautiful. can you tell me the dimensions of the shower please.

          • hollysullivan
            Holly sullivan
          • abennett111
            i am also interested in the size. I am redoing my bathroom and love this look. I need to know the area required
          xc330933 wrote:November 5, 2013
          • dyork1959
            Can this shower work in a basement that is already plumbed, but unfinished and concreted.
          Fenestra Design wrote:November 8, 2013
          How did you find a tile to be mitred corners?

            mml_54 wrote:November 14, 2013
            Can you please share the type and name of the tile?

            - Type and name of tile and stone please

            • PRO
              Beyond Tile & Stone
              The split stone on the separation wall looks like it from the Erth Covering series, we carry all their lines in our showroom in Toronto!
            ctripsas wrote:November 26, 2013
            • Darlene
              So many personal preferences. Such strong reactions. Do what works for you in your home would be my advise.
            • Salwa Naga
            blerrt wrote:November 30, 2013
              zippyjp wrote:December 17, 2013
              Do you know of another brand with similar ceiling shower head

              - Thanks for help

                Faika Harran Garbout wrote:January 11, 2014
                how to copy photo on flash dick

                  eco development wrote:January 11, 2014
                  • famperezring
                    How can somebody pay this price for a shower head?
                  • shayy fenty
                    How do I get people to help me on my post
                  werqaholic wrote:January 20, 2014
                  karenj888 wrote:February 1, 2014
                  where can i get this rain shower

                    Paul Como wrote:February 18, 2014
                    What size is the shower?

                      calikidd wrote:February 19, 2014
                        Louise Rocheleau wrote:March 9, 2014
                        can you tell me the dimensions of the shower

                        • tliggett

                          Thank you for the nice comments jackcooper1 and others. As requested, I'm sending additional a link to an ideabook that has additional photos of the bathroom. Leslie Stocker, from Design Elements was the designer and I've put a link to her site/contact information if you have questions about fixtures, etc. She has been great to work with and worked miracles in our bathroom as you can see from the before pictures! http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/77808053/thumbs/master-bathroom

                        • Lorraine Walter Ward
                          Wow what a beautiful washroom!
                        Eileen wrote:March 26, 2014
                        what type of lights were used at shower base?

                          23phil23 wrote:April 4, 2014
                          Who is the manufacturer of the tub, the size and price.

                            Ben Thurst wrote:April 13, 2014
                            Amazing Shower! Where could I find the LEDs

                              toby_l wrote:April 16, 2014
                              just love it !

                                ikram1ali wrote:June 7, 2014
                                What type of shower is that and where can I get it from?

                                  ikram1ali wrote:June 7, 2014
                                  Are those bricks or wall tiles used?

                                    guinness1014 wrote:July 5, 2014
                                    Where did you buy the wall recess light in the shower. Are they safe..

                                    - I'm in the process of renovating my bathroom.

                                      Brenda Perez wrote:July 6, 2014
                                      What color is the ceiling?

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