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Open concept kitchen - large transitional l-shaped dark wood floor open concept kitchen idea in Toronto with white cabinets, an island, recessed-panel cabinets, beige backsplash, stone tile backsplash and stainless steel appliances

Cozy Country Reno

Custom design by Cynthia Soda of Soda Pop Design Inc. in Toronto, Canada. Photography by Stephani Buchman Photography.

Open concept kitchen - large transitional l-shaped dark wood floor open concept kitchen idea in Toronto with white cabinets, an island, recessed-panel cabinets, beige backsplash, stone tile backsplash and stainless steel appliances —  Houzz

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sbien64 wrote:June 11, 2016
What is the backsplash?

chaletp wrote:June 12, 2016
Where are the barstools from? Love them!

  • chaletp
    Awesome! Which finish option is it?
  • danamiddleton

    It's the antique black finish.

Rpl wrote:June 12, 2016
    moseleyjennifer wrote:June 12, 2016
    • Alysha Kubsh
      In the Midwest (MSI stone), this looks like what they call "titanium" granite
    • danamiddleton

      It was Titanium.

    patibowman wrote:June 12, 2016
    I love the flooring. What wood species and finishes were used?

    • PRO
      What's the finish tho? Rubio? Looks stellar
    • danamiddleton

      I can find out the finish. We used Tyler Jerger at Revival Flooring. Out of Huntsville. The flooring in the kitchen was existing, we laid it 10 years ago and he was able to match it for the addition.

    Sue Lowery wrote:June 12, 2016
    Suz G wrote:June 13, 2016
    abakadiva wrote:June 14, 2016
    jeankaufmann wrote:June 14, 2016
    what is the backsplash?

    • PRO
      Soda Pop Design Inc.

      cultured splitface stone - this product should be sealed if you're using it in a kitchen

    tas4556 wrote:June 14, 2016
    • PRO
      Soda Pop Design Inc.
      Thank you! This is a custom kitchen with shaker style door.
    • danamiddleton

      Multiflex was our fabricator and they are called Craftsman style.

    ali malek wrote:June 17, 2016
    roscotty wrote:June 19, 2016
    • PRO
      Soda Pop Design Inc.
      You can use marine grade sealer or liquid glass to seal wood countertops.
    ااؤلللللل تااؤؤؤؤؤؤؤؤ wrote:June 21, 2016
    علي المياحي

    - كامل الكاملي

      Warren's Room wrote:June 21, 2016
      What kind of wood is the floors?

      - h

      • PRO
        Soda Pop Design Inc.
        Reclaimed hemlock
      • PRO

        The color contrasts of the flooring against the cabinets is striking.

      Christy wrote:June 21, 2016
      • danamiddleton

        It's in a Titanium granite. We used a granite fabricator in Toronto and chose our own granite at the warehouse.

      • devika mathur

        Someone told us that this leather finish titanium granite starts crumbling in a few years - true or false? Any cons at all? I really want to go with it for our kitchen but want to be sure there's no downside to it. Thanks so very much!

      Terry Hill wrote:June 22, 2016
      ritamathis wrote:June 23, 2016
      What is the backsplash and is it hard to clean?

      • lisaboggs
        I've got something similar. Mine is a natural stacked stone. We sealed it when we bought it and resealed after maybe two years (though we probably didn't need to). If we have spatter or stains, I can't see them. I never clean it. It's been very easy for us.
      • ritamathis

        Thank you so much, I love your stone! This encourages me to just go for it since I love the look, will for sure seal it. This is my inspiration picture:

        and here is m kitchen

      bendy29 wrote:June 23, 2016
      Where can I buy that wood floor?!

      • PRO
        Oak & Broad

        Previous comments hows its """Reclaimed hemlock""" You will need to talk with a reclaimed flooring shop.

      • danamiddleton

        We used Revival flooring. Tyler is great!

      brande224 wrote:June 26, 2016
      • danamiddleton

        The white is actually called Pashmina by Benjamin Moore.

      • PRO
        Soda Pop Design Inc.

        danamiddleton was that not the wall colour?

      Janet O'Hara Junga wrote:June 29, 2016
      What color is the color of the Hemlock floors?

      - I have hemlock floors, sand , stain & seal with ?

        Jodi Goshorn wrote:June 29, 2016
        • danamiddleton

          The brackets are necessary to support the wood. Plus we liked the look.

        texmomx2 wrote:July 3, 2016
        • danamiddleton

          Storm Cloud Grey - Benjamin Moore

        Kamal Gupta wrote:July 9, 2016
          Kelly Bergen wrote:July 11, 2016
          • danamiddleton

            Tilemaster in Aurora and it's very inexpensive as far as stone goes

          • Rashad Smith

            What is the stone name /color of the backsplash?

          Cristy Michel wrote:July 13, 2016
          • PRO
            Soda Pop Design Inc.
            Hi there - this has been asked a few times in photo quotations :). They are available through IKEA. I'm mobile now but you should be able to find the direct link to the hardware in past photo questions.
          • PRO
            Soda Pop Design Inc.
            Sorry - I meant photo questions* not "quotations"
          Love To Redecorate wrote:July 14, 2016
          Are the kitchen stools adjustable to bar height?

          cajka wrote:July 16, 2016
          amylyncanik wrote:July 19, 2016
          • PRO
            Oak & Broad

            Previous comments hows its """Reclaimed hemlock""" You will need to talk with a reclaimed flooring shop.

          sjmcopple wrote:July 20, 2016
          What is the name of the granite used on the counter?

          - I'm trying to find that specific granite for my kitchen project

          thenderson1467 wrote:July 23, 2016
          • PRO
            Home Solutions
            Send me a photo. You may be able to glue and clamp the panel together.
          trae30 wrote:July 25, 2016
          • mcwall

            Wood species for island top?

          • mcwall

            Never mind, I see answer below. Can you cut on this reclaimed threshing board?

          gwmom wrote:July 31, 2016
          Diana Files wrote:July 31, 2016
          What is the name and brand of his backsplash?

            Tina Hutchinson wrote:August 3, 2016
            What color is the cabinets? I want to paint my cabinets.

            - Is there a paint color close to that color that I can buy?

              shantini22 wrote:August 6, 2016
              Where are the bar stools from?

              slkoenig wrote:August 12, 2016
              • danamiddleton

                The perimeter is leathered granite and the wood on the island is reclaimed threshing board from an old barn. It has 9 coats of urethane on it. We have lived with it almost a year and are really happy with the durability.

              shanna1001 wrote:August 17, 2016
              Hi colors and stuff

              - What is this

                Big Country Construction LLC wrote:December 5, 2016
                • PRO
                  Soda Pop Design Inc.

                  The hardwood floor is reclaimed hemlock from Revival Flooring in Huntsville

                L. T. wrote:December 11, 2016
                What are the dimensions of the room and of each part of the L

                • PRO
                  Soda Pop Design Inc.

                  sink and window wall is approx 17'-9" long and the cooktop wall is 11'-9" from the corner up to the edge of the fridge

                ranalevy wrote:December 12, 2016
                how long is the overhang in the island? whats best to sit comfortably?

                • PRO
                  Soda Pop Design Inc.

                  we like to leave at least 12" of overhang for comfortable island seating :)

                Caleb Graham wrote:December 15, 2016
                • PRO
                  Soda Pop Design Inc.
                  These are reclaimed hemlock floors - the supplier is listed under previous photo questions
                Capri Fox wrote:December 15, 2016
                • PRO
                  Soda Pop Design Inc.
                  It's reclaimed hemlock flooring - you can get it from your local barnyard - I think the actual place it was purchased is listed under photo questions (I can't remember off hand)
                Alice Kirkwood wrote:February 12, 2017
                What are the hardwoods

                - I would like to know

                  Sharon McDaniel wrote:March 4, 2017
                    Taryne Herbst wrote:March 4, 2017
                    What kind of floors are these?

                    - I love the flooring!

                      JM Lifestyles wrote:April 26, 2017
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