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Example of a small mountain style exterior home design in Seattle

Our Tiny Tack House

Example of a small mountain style exterior home design in Seattle —  Houzz

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Nancy F Lambert wrote:September 15, 2013
  • PRO
    The Tiny Tack House

    The house cost around $20k (we built it ourselves). The solar setup was an additional $12k.

  • Nancy F Lambert

    Thank You

cportera1 wrote:November 17, 2013
Your tack house is great

- what are the overall dimensions

  • PRO
    The Tiny Tack House
    The house is built on a 20 foot long by 8½ foot wide (to the outside of the wheel well) flatbed utility trailer. Interior dimensions of the house are 19' 10¼" long by 6' 8½" wide. Our "great room" occupies 10' 4½" of the total length and floor to ceiling height in this room is 9' 11". Our kitchen and bathroom are found beneath the loft where the floor to support beam height is 6' 2". Our bathroom is very basic and contains a shower made out of an oak wine barrel cut in half. We also have a place for a composting toilet (though we have access to a bathroom where we are currently living). There is also a cabinet found underneath the loft on the same side of the house as the bathroom where I store much of my camera equipment as well as our hanging clothes. We also built a space for the cat litter because we did not want to deal with the unpleasant smells in such a small space. We have an entry area in the bathroom for the cat to enter his bathroom located under the cabinet :)

    Our sleeping loft is 9' 5" long and 6' 8½" wide. Floor to ceiling height in the center of the loft is 3' 5". We built dormers to increase head room and promote ease of movement…the dormers were a necessity for two of us, but may not be for a single person living in a loft. The extra space from the dormers gave us room to build storage for our clothing. Our queen size bed easily fits in the loft with plenty of room to spare.

    If you don’t count space taken up by furniture, cabinets, shower, etc., the ground level of our house is 133 square feet & the loft is 63 square feet (though in housing, space in which you cannot stand up is generally not counted)
  • cportera1
    Thank you so much. We are planning on using some of your ideas and really appreciate your help
mymellow wrote:February 8, 2014

- I love it!

skeeterman wrote:August 10, 2014
Great job guys!! How hard was to get a license tag?

  • PRO
    The Tiny Tack House
    Well, not exactly. It's registered as a trailer with the State. The thing you see on top of the trailer is classified as a "load" ;)
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