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Trendy bedroom photo in Boston

Loft #603

Trendy bedroom photo in Boston —  Houzz

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Leigh Anderson wrote:January 5, 2011
  • Annie Thornton
    Here is a photo of the door from another angle. It does slide open.

    Loft #603 · More Info

  • PRO
    (m) + charles beach INTERIORS
    These doors are made by an Italian furniture maker named Longhi and we purchased these doors for our client from Studio Verticale ( http://www.studioverticale.com) in Boston. They do slide open and the track system is absolutely silent and effortless to use. The doors really became a focal point for this Loft space we designed - they serve as the portal between the new Bedroom space we created and the main hallway of the Loft. We would highly recommend them to anybody who requires a sophisticated and contemporary look while also being highly functional.
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same Boston doors from another angle - doors are made by an Italian furniture maker named Longhi and we purchased these...

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Great doors!

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