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Trendy bedroom photo in Dallas with gray walls

Urban Glam Guest Bedroom

Photography by Dan Piassick Taken from the nit and grit of city life along with charming and romantic elements comes Urban Glam. All the way down to the color we have shown what can be when you combine two very opposite styles into one. When creating the design we focused on a balance between the two styles with material choices and elements throughout the space. The urban style is shown in a few select pieces, first is the custom shelf that was inspired by the Chinese symbol for the phrase “To Create “. This piece has straight, heavy lines and is done in a dark concrete gray color which gives it a great urban feel. It creates space for a few worthy pieces to be placed upon it but itself is the main art piece. The phrase “To Create” can be both urban and glam. It’s urban in the way that we’ve created the city and everything in it, from the buildings to the cars that drive on the roads. However, you can create something glamorous as well, so the meaning of the shelf supports both styles. The second urban element is the wall of acid etched mirrors. They have a nitty-gritty feel to them like that have been around for a long time. The lighting element in this room is very glam, not only is the chandelier adorned with jewelry, amethyst and clear stones but the glam continues up to the ceiling around the chandelier with beautifully draped fabric. The tufted velvet headboard also screams glam in a romantic, luxurious way. Other important elements in this Urban Glam room are the beautiful glass art pieces, the matching ivory beauty desk and bedside table, and the wool and silk rug that grounds the whole space. The attached bath continues the glamourous style with upholstered walls and hand blown glass pendants in rich purples. The mirror above the sink is made from hand cut glass giving it a rough look but the pattern it is placed in a very elegant way. By combining the nitty-gritty feeling of a city and a charming, romantic air we’ve created the concept Urban Glam. Since this space is in a high-rise condominium located in a downtown area it already has the Urban environment surrounding it and by making it luxurious and romantic it will also be comfortable to live in.

Trendy bedroom photo in Dallas with gray walls —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (50)

Jennifer Williams wrote:March 5, 2012
  • shikha81
    Can I please get the quote for the bedding ?
  • shikha81
    Sorry I mean bed - headboard
Faux Interiors & Interior Design wrote:April 17, 2012
  • klriess
    My goodness I love so many aspects of this room. Congratulations!! And, thank you!!
  • PRO
    Rhonda Vandiver-White
    I appreciate your compliments!
natib wrote:April 29, 2012
Where do you get those mirrored wall tiles?


  • PRO
    Rhonda Vandiver-White
    They are channel-set 30" X 60" mirrors.
  • Faiza Aymii
    Hi is it possible to order the same exact mirror from you guys or the Dallas artist? I want to use it for my bedroom wall.
friea wrote:May 14, 2012
Where can I buy the bench? What brand is it please?

  • PRO
    Rhonda Vandiver-White
    This is what it looked like before...
  • spruceyourroost
friea wrote:May 14, 2012
Where are the night stands from please?

  • PRO
    Rhonda Vandiver-White
    Nightstands are from the Fendi Casa Dallas Showroom. They are available through an Interior Designer. They don't sell directly to the public.
momof5x wrote:June 20, 2012
Would that colour curtain go with an accent wall exactly same colour as cushion on the bed?

- Thank you :)

  • momof5x
    The Cottage Rose curtains are absolutely gorgeous, I like the floral prints, thank you so much for taking time to answer my questions :)
  • margieann20
    I want to know where to find the headboard.
lmager wrote:July 2, 2012
what is the ceiling paint color?

  • margieann20
    where can I have the headborad duplicated/and bench..love the color!
  • margieann20
    also what color are the drapes?
Carolina Garza_Gongora wrote:July 17, 2012
Love the fendi pillow. Where do they sell them?

Joy wrote:September 12, 2012
  • PRO
    Rhonda Vandiver-White
    I always say hire a professional if you want a professional outcome!
  • Valerie Pochynok
    Mirror wall is divine....
shelbybella wrote:October 14, 2012
  • PRO
    Rhonda Vandiver-White
    There are four photos of the project...the shelf is in the 3rd photo. Thanks
Sava20xx wrote:October 15, 2012
where can I buy this bedding, shams? Wall color paint?

  • PRO
    Rhonda Vandiver-White
    The bedding is available through Casa De Lino in Dallas, TX. The walls are acid washed mirrors.
  • vbjacobson
    Do you know the name of the bedding? I'm trying to look on line.
Neha Shah wrote:December 27, 2012
How high is the ceiling in this room?

- I am curious if its a low ceiling?

bsanto wrote:January 3, 2013
  • PRO
    Rhonda Vandiver-White
    You can buy directly through Casa de Lino, 4026 Oak Lawn Avenue Dallas, TX 75219
    (214) 252-0404 ask for Jessica. Tell her it is the bedding from RSVP Design Services purple show house bedroom. I hope this helps.
  • dianelp
    above the the chandilar, what is that..looks like a pillow???
kenzie16 wrote:February 4, 2013
what is the color of the other walls that we cant see. thank you

AnnMarie Falbo wrote:February 21, 2013
Makenna Shea wrote:April 15, 2013
  • PRO
    Rhonda Vandiver-White
    The walls are upholstered in a fabric with french knot details.
Janet Raper wrote:April 25, 2013
can you email more than 1 at a time?

    ecassi12 wrote:July 13, 2013
    • PRO
      Rhonda Vandiver-White
      It can be purchased through a Designer at Pettigrew Furnishings in Dallas, TX
    • ecassi12
      Thank you!!
    spusin wrote:November 10, 2013
    • PRO
      Rhonda Vandiver-White
      The bench was custom made for the client. We can make at any size. Please contact our office if you would like to have one made for you.
    voila_ wrote:November 14, 2013
    Where to buy the headboard

    - Where can I purchase this headboard?

    • PRO
      Rhonda Vandiver-White
      The headboard was custom designed & fabricated by our firm, RSVP Design Services. You can contact us for pricing information.
    denamartin wrote:January 22, 2014
    samanthabaa wrote:February 7, 2014
    Love it all. What is the colour of the bedding and the rug?

    photoluv wrote:May 12, 2014
    Hi! I love the mercury glass wall and was wondering where I vs

    - M find the source? Thank you, Stacey

    • PRO
      Rhonda Vandiver-White
      The mirror wall was done locally in Dallas by one of our resources. Any glass showroom should be able to replicate the look. The mirror was in sections and channel set for easy removal.
    Martha Larragoity de Jaimes wrote:August 30, 2014

      Darria Gibson wrote:September 1, 2014
      How much??

      • PRO
        Rhonda Vandiver-White

        I would be happy to give you a custom quote. Please contact me at the office so that I can discuss all of the details and options with you. Our office number is 972.458.7787. I look forward to talking to you.

      abdulaziz_aldaej wrote:September 17, 2014
        abdulaziz_aldaej wrote:September 17, 2014
          pdsmiles wrote:October 6, 2014
          Where can I get bedspread in king?

            Lyndsey Borges wrote:December 6, 2014
            Where can we buy it ?

              Lyndsey Borges wrote:December 6, 2014
              Where can we buy it ?

                bbraxton37 wrote:December 13, 2014
                How much ?

                umma1 wrote:December 14, 2014
                How much is the chandelier

                  blanquita0277 wrote:December 14, 2014
                  How much the candelabra

                  - How much

                    Marquise Humphrey wrote:December 19, 2014
                    I need this how can I get it

                    - Love

                      smartinez16 wrote:January 4, 2015
                        smartinez16 wrote:January 4, 2015
                        • PRO
                          Rhonda Vandiver-White
                          The headboard can be custom made to fit any size you need. Just send us your contact information and the size you want and we will get back to you with a quote. Thank you for showing interest in RSVP Design Services!
                        • P Burton

                          pburton - I'm interested in having a queen headboard custom made in the similar color/velvet fabric as in photo. Can you sent me a quote @pburton7889@optonline.net

                        tiffmonique wrote:February 28, 2015
                        How much

                          heidihasit wrote:April 3, 2015
                          Where can I buy this?

                            Sonya wrote:September 11, 2015
                              monnycardona wrote:September 20, 2015
                                Angela Wolfe wrote:December 4, 2015
                                • PRO
                                  Rhonda Vandiver-White

                                  They are (antiqued)acid washed 3' X 6' panels. I had someone do them for me, but you can usually locate them at a reputable mirror company

                                Exciting Windows! by Stacey Hudson wrote:January 18, 2016
                                3bde wrote:May 3, 2016
                                Do you service the NYC area?

                                anahomeatlast wrote:July 10, 2016
                                  Michelle B wrote:July 10, 2016
                                  • PRO
                                    Rhonda Vandiver-White


                                    When I designed this room, I worked with a local faux painter to acid wash the 3' X 6' mirrors panels. They were installed on the wall using stainless channels in order to be able to remove the mirrors. Another option is to permanently install them to the wall. I suggest checking with Fashion Glass to see if they carry acid washed mirrors and can install them for you! Good luck...

                                  cbasharella wrote:July 31, 2016
                                    erkepauline wrote:February 25, 2018
                                    Can you give me a better picture of the headboard and what the

                                    - Material is. Also what is on wall

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