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Example of an arts and crafts wooden u-shaped mixed material railing staircase design in Edmonton

Cherry and Jatoba Stair

Solid jatoba treads accent this closed riser cherry wood staircase. This traditional stair blends fine details with simple design. The natural finish accentuates the true colour of the solid wood. The stairs’ open, saw tooth style stringers show the beautiful craftsmanship of the treads. Photography by Jason Ness

Example of an arts and crafts wooden u-shaped mixed material railing staircase design in Edmonton —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (13)

stoltzr wrote:January 27, 2014
Nancy LaCroix wrote:February 1, 2014
Who is the manufacturer of the iron baluster with the squares?

  • Vikki Childs

    I like these spindles and the flag spindles a lot. I see you ship to parts of the U.S. Does that include shipping to the Mid-Atlantic/East Coast area of the States. Thank you! Vikki

  • PRO
    Specialized Stair and Rail

    Of course! We ship all across North America. You can have those spindles in 3-4 weeks from time of order. Please email heather@specializedstairs.ca and she can get you pricing info and SPECS.

    Have a great day!

meylander wrote:April 19, 2014
What size are the newel posts

pascaleclaude wrote:August 10, 2014
I would love to get those balusters. Do you ship to Montreal?

  • PRO
    Specialized Stair and Rail
    Yes we do! Please email heather@specializedstairs.ca for more info and pricing.
bowser880 wrote:September 2, 2014
do you have a dealer in Victoria?

- Do other companies install your product?

  • PRO
    Vines Woodworks, Inc.
    Dependent on where you live, I can install their products, however, you better make sure that you get someone who only does stairs. A trim carpenter will BUTCHER your stair parts most of the time.. These guys at Specialized do some beautiful work too!!
  • PRO
    Vines Woodworks, Inc.
    Not ALL trim carpenters, but most.. It takes a different type of mind to do stairs and deal with all of the frustrations, heights, layouts, and all of the geometry associated with doing stairs like this. There aren't a whole lot of us that do custom stairs, however, I will say that stair builders are by far the most advanced master carpenters, because most trim carpenters (Not All - I know some trim guys that can keep up with me and then some, but it's rare) and stair guys are the ones willing to take a risk, take on a challenge, where a lot of these guys just do the steps to get paid well for their square footage (in new homes) and usually they have no business doing remodeling because 9/10 it's been my experience that they don't know how to properly get their heights correct and you'll end up with a 5" step on the bottom and a 10" step at the top and 7 1/2" give or take a half inch in between and you get in a rythym walking steps and any being out that bad will throw you off and really are dangerous. There's good money in stairs, but the reason there is is because of people like myself and Specialized.. It costs a lot of money to do them right and takes nearly every tool made to do them correctly... Just a word of advice from all the times I've had to go fix steps behind trim guys who claimed to be "stair builders" Not knocking trim carpenters by any means; there are plenty out there who are very capable of doing a good job on stairs, but they're a dime a dozen, just saying watch out for who you hire especially when you're paying that much for stair parts.. You don't want just anybody putting them in, especially if you have code to deal with!
Eclectic Fine Finishings Ltd wrote:November 5, 2014
Is this a spindle factory railing?

  • PRO
    Specialized Stair and Rail
    No, this railing was manufactured and installed by Specialized Stair and Rail.
aetota wrote:November 18, 2014
  • Michael
    or this mortising chisel (I never saw these tools)

  • PRO
    Specialized Stair and Rail

    Yes, that is a mortising chisel. Mortising spindles is the strongest installation method. Sometimes, depending on the situation (snugness of spindle fit, straightness of railing material, etc) a small amount of glue might be used in the mortise but generally no glue is used.

licahochten wrote:May 8, 2015
where did you get the flush mount

lbshouse wrote:January 9, 2016
Could you please give a rough idea of the baluster cost?

  • PRO
    Vines Woodworks, Inc.
  • PRO
    Specialized Stair and Rail

    Hi, we would be happy to give you pricing on this product. Please email heather@specializedstairs.ca and she will get you all the info you need.

Joel McDonald wrote:July 8, 2016
Does this come in red oak

    Ashley Padula wrote:December 17, 2016
    • PRO
      Specialized Stair and Rail

      Hi! We were involved in the design, build, and installation of this staircase. The other design elements and details of this home were not done by us. Sorry I can't help you further.
      Have a great day,

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