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Inspiration for a contemporary bathroom remodel in Other

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COCOCOZY Interior Design, Decorate and Remodel - Ideas for Making Your House into a Stylish Home About Me COCOCOZY This is my decor and interior design magazine and blog. For now, I'll go by Coco - my nickname. I am not a professional interior decorator or design expert - just someone who likes anything to do with house and home. Hopefully, I can help my family, friends and some strangers find cool things, give them some inspiration and maybe make them laugh a little too! Coco Los Angeles ROOMS COCOCOZY SPECIAL FEATURES COCOCOZY'S FAVORITE CHARITIES COCO'S FAVE INTERIOR DESIGN SITES Tuesday, October 12, 2010 SMART DESIGN: A BATH TUB INSIDE A MARBLE SHOWER - OH WHAT A VERY WET ROOM! These photos were sent to my by San Francisco Bay Area interior designer Kriste Michelini . Such an interesting bathroom concept and I think I can say I have honestly never seen this design arrangement before! A tub inside of a shower! Whoa! A tub inside a marble shower! Whoa again! A big freestanding tub inside a glass enclosed marble shower! Wow! Smart idea to save space and to kill to bathing birds with one stone. Why get the whole bathroom wet and soggy when in bath mode...confine it all to one area...a glass enclosed wet room inside of a regular bathroom! Huh...so very very interesting! This bathroom is actually beautiful with all of the white veiny Carrara marble (subway tiles and mosaic tiles) covering the walls and floors, the grand skylight inside the combo tub shower area, the wonderful modern wood vanity washstand with its marble top, the boxy almost Craftsman looking sconces, and all of the chrome fixtures, faucets and fittings - the luxe simplicity of it all works. Hey Kriste, thank you for sharing these photos with me and COCOCOZY readers...a truly fun delight! Readers, what do you think of this innovative shower and tub combination? Have you seen something like this before...or is it just me who is this is new to? Happy Tuesday! Off to work as usual without a clue about wha

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