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Example of a transitional mosaic tile bathroom design in Boston

Modern Bathroom

Example of a transitional mosaic tile bathroom design in Boston —  Houzz

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Martie Agee wrote:January 6, 2011
  • thealstons5
    This tile is located at Daltile.com it's called Hollywood or Paris...can't remember but check it out on Daltile.com and you'll find it within the glass tile section.
  • PRO
    Christina Cavin
    Casa Dolce Casa has a collection named Casamood. The style is Vetro Neutra in the color Avorio Lux . It is not as glimmering as the pictured tile but it gives produces a similar mood.
Martie Agee wrote:January 6, 2011
  • Annie Thornton
    I definitely don't think you ever have to do anything that you don't want to. Forget about rules, and do what you want. If the shower and tub are on the same wall, I would think about keeping a stripe of the tiles going? But then again, that might look too forced too. I think that like using different materials and textures in the rest of the house, think about tiles and materials that complement each other another way. If you want to have a different tile for your shower than bath, then try to keep the colors similar.

    ....At least, that's what I would do. Let's see if our bath experts can expand on my bathroom tile knowledge.

    Chestnut Residence · More Info

    Bathroom · More Info

    (There are a couple of photos that I thought could visually explain my points)

Martie Agee wrote:January 7, 2011
Adrienne Bennett wrote:May 11, 2011
  • stevie7770
    Also, just an idea,,, If anyone uses Antique Glass, like i believe this picture is, use a "brassy" finish with it along with tan and neutral colors. This REALLY dress's up the glass and makes a big difference. I know brass is not a finish that is favored at the moment, but Antique Brass and Oil Rubbed Bronze (the light colored one) make this glass pattern really stand out. I know it sounds a bit strange, but chrome, brushed nickel, satin chrome and stainless steel really makes the pattern in the glass almost disappear! Try it and you will be amazed in the difference!
  • barbav
    stevie, what is antique glass? I love the a.brass and bronze fixtures so I'm curious about the glass. Thanks.
ksasieta wrote:May 25, 2011
  • PRO
    KH Interiors
    Use the same squeegee tool that is used on the glass each time and mold is less likely to grow.
  • rubicondreamer
    Hi, What is the width of the shower/tub area and what is the length from the faucet wall of the shower to the far end of the tub. This is just what I would like to do but I only have 8 feet of length and 4.5 ft of width.
Pamela C. wrote:November 29, 2011
    salkat12 wrote:December 15, 2011
    • PRO
      The Shabby Nest
      Try Benjamin Moore's Philadelphia Cream.
    • Ramona Popescu
      how about the ceiling ? what color is it ?
    alexcole wrote:January 11, 2012
      kbennett1438 wrote:March 16, 2012
      What is the brand/name of the floor tile?

      - Looking for this floor tile. Thanks, KBennett

        rickfan wrote:April 19, 2012
        Re: the window on the left side of the photo

        - How'd you do that?!

          madhusudansingh2003 wrote:April 21, 2012
          what are the dimension of shower area

          • Emily H
            You may be able to make a pretty good estimate by using the tiles as a context clue.

            My guess would be about 5' L x 4' W
          rickfan wrote:April 28, 2012
          • PRO
            Delta Glass
            Donna find another company, if they used diamond bits theres no problem.
          • PRO
            WSStrong Productions & Consulting LLC
            I have done lots of glass tile and if you use the diamond bits with just a bit of lubricating oil, you can do just about anything to the glass tiles. I prefer the 3in1 oil but any thing will work just fine. Good luck! Sean Strong
          rumandcoke wrote:May 7, 2012
          are they biazzsia tiles if so how much was this

          • Sara Parker
            I'd like to know, also!
          • Susan Gamburg
            I really like the shine this gives, so clean...
          ilianakostaki wrote:May 15, 2012
          dfruey wrote:July 12, 2012
          Rhonda Stubbs wrote:July 12, 2012
          • cjmilioto1
            are these sheet that could be put on the wall
          • surfer13
            what are the dimensions of the shower space?
          dbbcrum53 wrote:July 18, 2012
            5025 wrote:July 21, 2012
            kenswife wrote:July 23, 2012
              pk0033 wrote:July 30, 2012
              • PRO
                Eggleston Farkas Architects
                These are usually custom fabricated. Try dong an internet search for "shower door installer" + your area.
              judymolder wrote:August 5, 2012
              what is the manufacture and name of this tile?

              • ritalu

                I used Sicis Crocus Iridium in my shower's niche as well as the tub surround and it's gorgeous.

              • Bor Iván

                You have a wonderful taste! :)

              ceciliav1234 wrote:August 12, 2012
              MY BATH AREA IS 60 " l and 32 1/2 w times 2 walls how much tile needed

              • PRO
                StoneMar Natural Stone Company LLC
                Assuming 8' ceiling height, you will need around 90sqft, including some overage (the amount of overage will depend on the type of tile)
              jaymissy wrote:August 16, 2012
              Whaat are the dimensions of the shower including the glass walls?

                Joan MacMillan wrote:September 5, 2012
                What is the width of the bench in the shower??

                  donnakane wrote:October 6, 2012
                  Just a beautiful bathroom ! Wow ! Please can you let me know the name of the shower tile and manufacturer ?

                  xdcd wrote:November 8, 2012
                  Please can you let me know the name of the shower tile and manufacturer ?

                  travelingprincess wrote:November 25, 2012
                  Where can I find this glas for shower? What is it's name?

                  jesus1st wrote:December 8, 2012
                  Please, can you tell me what the manufactur the wall and floor tile. And the color. Thanks

                  • abgoorman

                    NOT SICIS! American Glass Mosaics.

                  • Bor Iván

                    Let's show us which do you think it is from your collection!

                  jatpannu wrote:January 7, 2013
                  How much was the remodel cost and how long did it take?

                    Lily Chaim wrote:February 8, 2013
                    what is the everage widet of bathroom bench

                      floorboard wrote:February 11, 2013
                      I have a very small bathroom (5' X 7'. I need a model comparable to this please.

                      - I have a very small bathroom - 5ft. X 7ft. I need a model comparable to to this please.

                        surty wrote:February 14, 2013
                        Can you show the complete bathroom

                          nbcabuilder wrote:February 19, 2013
                          i have 12' X 5' to work with. can I fit the shower and tub in ?

                            Christine B wrote:February 23, 2013
                              normalhouse wrote:March 3, 2013
                              How wide of a wall is needed to do this? How wide is the tub and how wide is the shower?

                              - from chicago

                              • PRO
                                Kipnis Architecture + Planning
                                There is one main limiting factor in this design and it is the width of the bathtub. Bathtubs range in standard sizes but mainly are found in 30" or 36" sizes. The shower curb width can be from 4"-6". The door sizes can vary depending on accessibility requirements or comfort requirements. The last dimension to consider when designing this space is the turning radius or width between the bathtub and shower and the sink and/or linen closet which is probably on the parallel wall.
                              arthurmartini wrote:March 15, 2013
                              • bathrenov
                                What are the dimensions of the shower and bathroom?
                              • Shelly Boyd

                                what are the dimension of the shower? Is the tub jetted or air?

                              gtgs wrote:April 2, 2013
                              What tile is on the floor?

                                heatherhen wrote:April 10, 2013
                                What are we looking cost wise to backsplash a bathroom of that size?

                                  miltskid wrote:May 7, 2013
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