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This is an example of an eclectic backyard stone landscaping in Seattle for summer.

Noland Landscape Design

A lushly planted stroll garden featuring year round interest, plant collections, vegetable area, views and entertaining. All photos by Bill Noland

This is an example of an eclectic backyard stone landscaping in Seattle for summer. —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (4)

Ashley Owens wrote:December 31, 2012
  • roguesheepap
    Hi! I like the tall grasses in the back. What are they? I'm hoping it's not pampas because I've got small kids. :-) Thanks!
  • PRO
    Noland Landscape Design
    Hi, You're in luck! The grass is Miscanthus sinensis ‘Gracillimus.' Cheers, ~ Bill
pieranet wrote:May 24, 2013
What are Is this on earth? the names of the different moss.

  • PRO
    Noland Landscape Design
    Hello, thank you for your question. The groundcover to the far left is Herniaria glabra 'Green Carpet.' In the center, where the groundcover has knited together, the dark green "moss" is Sagina subulata (Irish Moss) and the lime-green "moss" is Sagina subulata 'Aurea' (Scotch Moss).
  • PRO
    Mountain Moss Enterprises
    As noted, Irish Moss and Scotch Moss are Sagina plants which are NOT true mosses (bryophytes). These "moss fakers" have flowers, seeds and roots. They do not possess the amazing botanical characteristics of truenon-vascular mosses which tolerate weather conditions in all plant zones. Since mosses are resistant to all pests and diseases, you will never need to use pesticides or herbicides. You could create this same effect using real mosses that offer a variety of textures, shapes and shades of green. Although many moss species grow in the shade, there are sun-tolerant types as well. Moisture is the key factor not sun exposure for achieving long-term success.
pieranet wrote:May 24, 2013
Will the bad weeds go thru the moss pads?

  • PRO
    Noland Landscape Design
    The best way to control weeds is with proper soil preparation and regular maintenance. If the land is first cleared of weeds and then a thick layer (4 - 5” or more) of compost is applied before planting, you have a good chance of getting the upper hand. Planting through the compost is the best way. Then regular weeding until the groundcover knits together will give you a fighting chance. You will get the occasional weed coming up after that but if you pounce quickly, you will be victorious!
cstevens57 wrote:May 11, 2015
  • PRO
    Noland Landscape Design


    Thanks for your question. I have found that “Scotch Moss” does have a tendency to look a bit brownish after winter. It usually greens up as the weather gets warmer. It needs regular weekly watering but wants more in extreme heat. The darker green, “Irish Moss” tends to have less of the brownish coloration after winter and seems to be more vigorous. I have never fertilized either. Cheers.

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