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Inspiration for a large timeless backyard stone patio remodel in Providence with a fire pit

Fire Pit

A perfect addition to your outdoor living is a seating wall surrounding a firepit. Cambridge Maytrx wall, Pyzique Fire Pit, Round table Pavers. Installed by Natural Green Landsacpe & Design in Lincoln, RI

Inspiration for a large timeless backyard stone patio remodel in Providence with a fire pit —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (61)

Edgar Ruiz wrote:January 22, 2014
    AAMAQ wrote:February 12, 2014
      LEDpavers wrote:February 24, 2014
      What kind of paver lighting are you using?

      - Voltage and/or solar? Looks great!

      ashrafeldine wrote:February 25, 2014
      please use my existing e mail which is alredy in your records

      - my existing e mail is ashraf_seifeldine@hotmail.com thanks ashraf seif

        airdefender wrote:March 16, 2014
        • airdefender
          thank you going to find me a contractor right after all the snow is gone
        • John Haines
          Awesome! Can you tell me the cost of materials?
        gsmith144 wrote:March 17, 2014
        Nino A B wrote:March 21, 2014
        Love the chairs! Where is it from?

        • PRO
          Conklin Limestone
          Sorry I don't have the info on the chairs, but they are fabulous.
        monikabergelt wrote:April 2, 2014
        What type of stone is this, and who is supplier?

        • PRO
          Aztlan Outdoor Living
          maybe late but that is cambridge paving stones round table collection largely available trough many dealers
        andiya6750 wrote:April 14, 2014

        - andiya

          lwalker641 wrote:April 15, 2014
          • mkeanini
            are these walls double sided or is the sod behind them right up against the top wall and cap stone
          • PRO
            Conklin Limestone
            The walls are double sided in this project. There is about 30' of lawn behind this bench seating.
          Robert Henderson wrote:April 22, 2014
          where did you get that green grass doe.

          - i ant tell if its real or not real.

            goshpam wrote:April 30, 2014
            • PRO
              Aztlan Outdoor Living
              it's about 5' 6" those pavers around measure 6" each similar to this
              Poughkeepsie Fire pit, Patio, Walkway, aquascape · More Info
            daniellepete wrote:May 30, 2014
            • Jenilyn Bibon
              wow! its s0 amazing......
            • Jamie Sprinkle
              I would suggest filling the bottom of the painters with empty plastic bottles to take up the excess room.
            tapqueen99 wrote:June 1, 2014
              tapqueen99 wrote:June 1, 2014
                Jocelyn Tress wrote:August 7, 2014
                Debra Sjoberg wrote:August 28, 2014
                • PRO
                  The Total Home Design
                  Wall colors to use depend on several factors: Room size; Natural light available; Interior lighting design and fixtures desired; Hardwood floors - come in several wood types and plank sizes. Add in different stain shades each wood type/style and the options are numerous, to say the least!
                  General rule of thumb is to pick wall color and wood floor TOGETHER to meet individual tastes and design schemes. VERY IMPORTANT: Highly advise utilizing services of an Interior Designer to assist in making wall color, flooring options, and lighting fixtures choices that can help you find the color that is perfect for you! Not an interior designer, just relating the lessons I've learned the hard way (can you say paint the room 4 times to try and get it right - never did quite get it there!) that you may absolutely think you know what you want - and I'm sure you do - but there just might be a coordinated design considering all of he design components that you have never considered! And, it just may help you get trough the project without a divorce! Just Saying....
                mommalou71 wrote:September 22, 2014
                ddew wrote:October 5, 2014
                what was the cost of this patio?

                - what was total cost of patio project?

                • PRO
                  Cambridge Pavingstones with ArmorTec
                  Every landscape/hardscape project is different (ease of getting all materials in the back yard, slope of the property, the contractor you choose for the project). The cost of the Cambridge Pavingstones with ArmorTec, wallstones, lights, column kits, and firepit shown in the photograph are offered at relatively the same price throughout our distributor network. Visit our website www.cambridgepavers.com to find the nearest distributor to where you are located so you can receive pricing information.
                aprilsue wrote:October 5, 2014
                How to make. Table out of bottle tops

                  Trena Hairston wrote:January 4, 2015
                    Hameem Gulraiz wrote:January 9, 2015
                    I Love it! what is these blocks made of? is it tile?

                    • PRO
                      Conklin Limestone
                      They are concrete wall blocks by Cambridge Pavingstones. This series is the Maytrx 6" high block. They come with 4 sizes mixed for endless possibilities. The corner blocks are finished on 2 sides and were used to create the columns.
                    ragroo22 wrote:March 31, 2015
                      Destiny Ferguson wrote:April 28, 2015
                      What is the Floor made of

                      - I love it

                      • PRO
                        Conklin Limestone

                        The floor is made of concrete pavers manufactured by Cambridge Pavingstones. The series is the Roundtable Colleciton and the color is Sahara/Chestnut.

                      Tony Bracken wrote:May 5, 2015
                        siusiu wrote:May 13, 2015
                        • PRO
                          Conklin Limestone

                          The circle diameter is 15' and the fire pit in the center measures 48".

                        Matt Wilkerson wrote:July 1, 2015
                        • PRO
                          Conklin Limestone

                          Yes, they are low voltage paver lighting 6" x 6".

                        kubenpillay361 wrote:July 20, 2015
                        what shape is the fir place in the centre

                          kubenpillay361 wrote:July 20, 2015
                          what shape is the fir place in the centre

                          Sean wrote:August 17, 2015
                          Phixa Uppa wrote:September 18, 2015
                          Intended to be phallic?

                          - Dis nice. I like!

                            392468 wrote:September 20, 2015
                            • K H
                              Yeah! I'd buy plans if for sale also.
                            Mason Jude wrote:September 21, 2015
                            Which kind of flowers did you use?

                            - Which kind of flowers did you use?

                              mandarinvp wrote:September 26, 2015
                              What is the purpose of the grates...

                              - ...in the fireplace? Are they for grilling?

                              thisishishouse wrote:November 1, 2015
                              are those 4 white border stones lights, or just white cobbles?

                              - are those white stones lights? if so, brand? wired, solar? thanks.

                              • PRO
                                Conklin Limestone

                                The white squares are low voltage lights by Kerr. They are 6"x6" and require a transformer.

                              imrogerrb wrote:December 26, 2015
                                Sandia Collazo wrote:January 27, 2016
                                • PRO
                                  Conklin Limestone

                                  No, we are located in Lincoln, RI only

                                Irene Dimaggio wrote:January 31, 2016
                                • PRO
                                  Conklin Limestone

                                  what is your question?

                                • Irene Dimaggio
                                  I just noticed other people have questions and since I'm going to have this one done in the summer....Hopefully...I wanted to know the answers!
                                Wilfred wrote:February 6, 2016
                                kellythue wrote:February 16, 2016
                                • PRO
                                  Conklin Limestone

                                  The wall lights are specifically designed to fit under the caps. They are called tread/wall lights and they are low voltage 7 watt light features that require a transformer. They were installed during construction of the walls. A certified electrician then hooked them up.

                                greg4713 wrote:February 16, 2016
                                Outside diameter of fire pit & outside diameter of seating area?

                                - Will determine whether design will fit our back yard. Thanks.

                                • PRO
                                  Conklin Limestone

                                  The fire pit outside diameter is 48". The circle outside diameter is 14' 4". The walls are a total of 20" deep.

                                greg4713 wrote:February 16, 2016
                                Outside diameter of fire pit pictured here?

                                  Shades Creation wrote:February 23, 2016
                                  It is that Gas or any kind of Kerosene?

                                  • PRO
                                    Conklin Limestone
                                    The fire pit pictured is wood burning, however there are natural gas or propane burners that fit this pit.
                                  christina_tsianta wrote:March 4, 2016
                                  Could I have the dimensions,please?

                                  - Christina.tsianta@gmail.com

                                  • Terry Hayden
                                    How much did this cost, can it be done on a smaller scale?
                                  • fipalmer19

                                    what's the cost of this. I like it.

                                  claudiadowdell wrote:March 15, 2016
                                    Brian Danley wrote:March 21, 2016
                                    • bimmergirl28

                                      We do not sell kitchen pulls and knobs

                                    makirio wrote:March 22, 2016
                                      krishnani wrote:March 28, 2016
                                      What type of stone is used to create the pathway

                                      - What type of stone is used to create the path way

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