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Living room - contemporary beige floor living room idea in Other with a tv stand

Contemporary Living Room

Living room - contemporary beige floor living room idea in Other with a tv stand —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (100)

adedayo wrote:January 4, 2011
    christina1123 wrote:June 27, 2011
    Lindz Daniels wrote:June 29, 2011
    • Damon Palmer
      go to this site www.norstoneusa.com
    • PRO
      Realstone Systems
      there are a number of a projects showing an interior waterfall wall in our website gallery.
    soos wrote:September 9, 2011
    • Amit Kaura
      please could you tell me the measurements of the TV console. thanks
    kholovacs wrote:November 27, 2011
    • PRO
      Wendy Hoechstetter
      Nokami, that will depend on where you live, what wood species are used, the construction and veneer application details, what hardware is specified (both interior and exterior), and the finish, among other things, not to mention the exact dimensions. It's not possible to give an off-the-cuff quote on a custom fit item like this because costs vary wildly around the country, and from one cabinetmaker to another.
    • nokami
      Thank you for the response.
    newyork12 wrote:December 12, 2011
    • PRO
      Ugljesa Kekovic
      HI newyork12,
      that could work in medium size room,but maybe in smaller quantity. The color combo that you would use seems ok, and for wood, depending on what you prefer (lighter or darker wood) you could use eather lighter grayish tones or dark ferrara oak.
    Laura wrote:December 27, 2011
    manumrtk wrote:January 4, 2012
    • ladybugta
      is there another similar type stone without a huge $ in front of it?
    • PRO
      Realstone Systems
      Realstone Systems has a vast line of thin stone veneer products similar to this one www.RealstoneSystems.com
    Dumitru Marian wrote:January 25, 2012
    • PRO
      Ugljesa Kekovic
      It does, as long as you keep the contrast betwine the stone and the walls.
    • Dumitru Marian
      I understand. thank you for your response
    Jenn Ranelle wrote:March 6, 2012
    • Jenn Ranelle
      Plain white? Is that a color? There are so many whites...
    • PRO
      Ugljesa Kekovic
      Dulux white, no special number or tipe...
    gamajohn wrote:March 18, 2012
    How high are the ceilings in this room?

    • PRO
      Ugljesa Kekovic
      The wall is 4,20m wide, tv is 42" diagonaly.
    • simonabdo
      can I get a better look over the ceiling? I am preparing a formal living room , and I like your idea!
    simranjeet187 wrote:April 26, 2012
    Can someone please tell me where I can get that TV Stand from? Its looks amazing!

    • PRO
      Ugljesa Kekovic
      sorry, can't find the data for that...
    • dpetruzzi7
      its probably walnut
    obedient1 wrote:May 16, 2012
    What type of flooring is this?

    • PRO
      Ugljesa Kekovic
      This is ash wood parquet.
    • iwaymark
      Beautiful - the room feels calm and clean
    obedient1 wrote:May 16, 2012
    What color are the walls?

    • dectking
      im having a condo built if i painted the walls a creamy beige in eggshell finish with the trim in a semigloss same color but the ceilings r stucco white ,will it look odd? the stack stone is a white with beige and my counters r white quartz with dark cabinet and light hardwood ! or should i paint the trim white ???
    • lkortright
      There are several whites can you be more specific??
    Tsvetomir Mihaylov wrote:June 6, 2012
    Is this plasterboard wall? What is the material used on the sides of the convex colums?

    • PRO
      Ugljesa Kekovic
      natural stone cut in stripes....
    • Jeffrey Chang
      Where can I find these natural stone cuts? Thanks.
    mireillelessarddesign wrote:June 8, 2012
    how deep is the alcove and how deep is the cabinet ? thank you

    • PRO
      Ugljesa Kekovic
      The alcov is about 25cm, and the kabinet is 30cm+doors.
    jmcc71 wrote:June 13, 2012
    • PRO
      Ugljesa Kekovic
      It's just the nish in the wall. Everything around it is white wall, no cabinets, just the one under the TV.
    • Azim Ahmady
      does the cabinet stick out from the wall or is it flush with the wall?
    giannako50 wrote:June 19, 2012
    where can I find this coffee table. thank you

    • PRO
      Ugljesa Kekovic
      It's localy made, with MDFtop, painted white with high gloss finish.
    steveten wrote:July 8, 2012
    Buy a 65inch TV!

    • PRO
      Ugljesa Kekovic
      In Europe, the size of TV is not of such importance as in US or Canada... If the owner wanted biger TV, it would be there...
    • PRO
      Красиво, я тоже аналогичный строю, но у меня продолжение на потолке
    sunnemac wrote:July 19, 2012
    • PRO
      You could, but you may not get the shadows that are cast by the textural quality of the stone work.
    • PRO
      Custom Home Planning Center
      You could use white screen fabric and a projection TV with a fixed loop of a natural stone wall or a mountain spring when not watching a movie. Coming soon 3 d projection systems and it becomes a window to anywhere.
    thejoe wrote:July 30, 2012
    • thejoe
      Thanks very much. I honestly need to move to the States...Edmonton Alberta lacks shopping options:)
    • blondi2598
      aherzogolson - Can you please tell me the name of the couch from Room and Board? Thanks!
    cherylsherm wrote:September 3, 2012
    love the wall will it look good on a space thats 20 feet long vaulted ceiling with a large screen tv

    • lefty47
      HI -- Yes , even better I think . Love the texture, but the bigger the wall the bigger the price , but it would look great . I priced similar for my place and it added up to 4 grand Canadian .
    • bujarviqa
      so nice
    rayess wrote:September 22, 2012
    • PRO
      The Designers Niche
      are you standing in the kitchen looking at that wall? And are your chairs more charcoal gray or more on the deep gray brown side? I'd pick a deep gray tone for the TV wall for impact, just that one wall, then step it up a few shades lighter in the kitchen...........of course would love to see a kitchen shot to be sure!
    • PRO
      Ugljesa Kekovic
      Behind the chairs is the window. Kitchen and dining room is not connected with this room. The chairs are deep dark chocolate brown color. For the wall, you should use gray-brown. For the kitchen I sugest white- brown combo - upper parts white and lower brown ferrara.
    salimunisa wrote:October 6, 2012
    how lovely ideas how made this home

      rchapa wrote:October 10, 2012
      • Azim Ahmady
        Great room. How far do the columns run to the floor on the side. can't see it very well because covered by the sofa?
      • Azim Ahmady
        is the niche and columns on the side the same width?
      burimbesi wrote:October 12, 2012
      • PRO
        Ugljesa Kekovic
        This is 4,5x7m.
      • khawli
        4.5x7 is the whole room? right?
      flichtenthal wrote:November 2, 2012
      could you please tell me what the flooring in this room is?

      • PRO
        Ugljesa Kekovic
        This is ash wood floor with matt finish.
      • nasiraa
        My floor is whitish marble, i am remodelling my living room, with your design, the measurments are not the same, i will be using RAK Dubai tiles, in off whit color, but then the brown color of the wooden panels in the niches will be too contrast.Plz suggest
      tulips06 wrote:November 14, 2012
      What other color sofa would look good with this stone wall. I have a black media console w a 55" inch tv.Thank

      hyfynut wrote:December 23, 2012
      • PRO
        Ugljesa Kekovic
        You have the album with that name with more pictures....
      • hyfynut
        Sorry, I don't understand. Their is an album of pics of this room?
      b00radley wrote:December 26, 2012
      What movie is that?

      ProDecor SM wrote:January 26, 2013
      Odlina je ideja po meni samo fali neka od decor tehnika!

      - Odlina je ideja po meni samo fali neka od decor tehnika!

        jimp36 wrote:February 5, 2013
        • natyfregoso
          Splitface natural estone
        simonabdo wrote:February 21, 2013
        I would like to know around the niche is it painted ? is wood?

          simonabdo wrote:February 21, 2013
          love it! instead of TV stand and TV with what else can I match it? I am preparing a formal living room

          • lukaed
            Ugljesa knauf oblozen sa unutrasnjiih strana ivericom, jel se lepi iverica za knauf ili se ne postavljaju unutrasnje stranice knaufa vec odmah drvo( iverica, ili kako vec) ide ?
            hvala unapred na odg
          • PRO
            Inga Jurane
            More excellent if frame not go in top but is litle bit biger on tv and picture or textile with artwork just scrolling in top or under. Frame stay all time in 1 position.
          gregjaniec wrote:March 1, 2013
          how do you blend light maple floors with white walls. they look good in the phots but it is harder to pull of

          • gn12na

            I love those 2 white vase do you know where I can buy it? Thank you

          • Karen Pullin

            what is the name/color of the stacked stone?

          kjcusty wrote:March 2, 2013
          How high are the base cabinets in the side openings? They seem to be lower than the main cabinet.

          - How high are the base cabinets in the side openings? They seem to be lower than the main cabinet. Do you have alternate pictures?

            Kathryn Glaser wrote:March 11, 2013
            • PRO
              Ugljesa Kekovic
              custom made.... previous comments...
            • Tina Buell (Z9b)
              I am about to tile a wall in my home 12 ft x 9 ft. It looks similar to this wall. Can you offer me some recommendations on how to best fill the space?
            melvill wrote:March 12, 2013
            Are the dark chairs made of the same material with the rest? I am in love with the room. This is what I call "

            - Are the dark chairs made of the same material with the rest? I am in love with the room. This is what I call "Classy and Organised"

            Urban Lea wrote:March 17, 2013
            • Faith
              I love the colors and the stone wall fits perfectly do you know where I can can find a store that does that?
            • Arch. Muvengei Muteti
              am just looking for this type of fittings
            Michael Friedrichs wrote:March 28, 2013
            • dobrila
              ahhh Michael....how could you like TV more then rocks?
            • Grant Mucha

              I agree with Michael plus the tv should be mounted on the wall and all of those bloody cables hide from sight. You say not focal point but the rest of the room is perfect, I can't help but look at the out of place tv / cables.

            Maja Topić wrote:April 1, 2013
            mapollner wrote:April 9, 2013
            priti1959 wrote:April 14, 2013
            how big is the coffee table and what material is it. where can i get big coffee table

            jodiecordova wrote:July 24, 2013
            • PRO
              Ugljesa Kekovic
              Please return to previous comments, since most of the questions are already answered...
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