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Trendy gray tile and stone tile powder room photo in Austin with a wall-mount sink

Harris Powder Room

Trendy gray tile and stone tile powder room photo in Austin with a wall-mount sink —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (33)

remodeler2011 wrote:May 4, 2011
btlucas wrote:July 17, 2011
  • motherbear
    Look at Wetstyle and Duravit.
sunspun wrote:September 10, 2011
thodge wrote:October 30, 2011
  • bepsf
    Remodeling/Building costs vary according to location, original conditions, the extent of work necessary, etc.
  • PRO
    Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects
    Feel free to email me directly. Thanks.
kim Hatfield wrote:February 3, 2012
Al Jo wrote:February 12, 2012
  • bsongbee
    do you think this could be done if the stairs were only 33" wide?
  • PRO
    Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects
    If the Interior space , wall to wall is 33" I would not advise it.
richardortega wrote:February 13, 2012
  • PRO
    JL Residential Design
    Nicely done! Excellent choice of materials and great craftsmanship.
  • hellomonicas
    Question for Risinger Homes...on your blog you mentioned in response to someone's comment whether the hinges swing both ways that the Sugatsune hinges swing in however in this application it is shown to swing out? Do you mean that the hinge can swing either in or out depending on the need (but not both ways like a double acting cafe door swing hinge?)
bibomtl wrote:February 25, 2012
  • bibomtl
    What is the smallest you could have gone? My space is 54'' by 31'' wide (same layout under stairs)
  • PRO
    Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects
    That could work but would be very narrow and likely not too comfortable of a space... But it's feasible.
kasten11 wrote:July 19, 2012
hoe you open the door frm outside?

  • PRO
    Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects
    Th door is custom designed and built. Glad to hear it inspired you !
  • eagordon
    what is the size of this bathroom and how did you soundproof it?
gailw176 wrote:November 17, 2012
lakesidelove wrote:March 12, 2013
Who is the manufacturer of the sink?

bmwinget wrote:March 21, 2013
What is the height of the 1/2 wall at the back? Thanks

  • litehearted
    nice kitchen cabinets!
  • petuners
    What sort of toilet did you use, and is it facing the opposite wall or the door? And what is the length of the space? Thanks
poise wrote:April 5, 2013
Tiles info what are they?

- Thanks

  • free_spirit_rising
    What are the dimensions for this bathroom? Thank you
  • Bradford Peas
    what type of sink is it?
keyes company wrote:June 17, 2013
  • PRO
    Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects
    The outside face of the door is a full hgt panel that goes from floor to ceiling , so you should be able to put tongue and groove planks full hgt. Thanks, HJR
Arely Torres wrote:July 8, 2013
  • dshalov

    Do not purchase from Electric Mirror unless the diffusers (the boxes around the exposed florescent bulbs) are built in. Otherwise you'll be stuck with this look (as the diffusers they send as add ons can't be properly installed).

  • Kelli Seever-Gagnon

    FYI Electric Mirror no longer uses the diffusers since moving to all LED

aliciacousins wrote:August 2, 2013
  • PRO
    Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects
    Good question ! Check with the contractor , Risinger Homes. They should have tha specific information.
  • PRO
    Risinger Homes
    Alicia we bought it through Alexander Merchant in Austin. They rep some nice hardware lines. I'm sure a local high-end hardware company could find it for you. It's likely Sugatsune or Hafele. Best, Matt
matthodel wrote:December 7, 2013
skauppi wrote:February 12, 2014
    19551212 wrote:March 13, 2014
    is that a TV above sink??

    vanDeventer Design wrote:March 14, 2014
      annabrad09 wrote:April 13, 2014
      • PRO
        Milestone/Mileland International
        we make the nature stone sink, small sink can be hang against the wall with a stainless steel frame. suitable for small bathroom. brass siphon available too. www.chinastonesinks.com
      • gailb613

        How much space does this need, including head room? I have a deep closet under my stairs, but worry about the head room.

      Tracy Schneider wrote:December 20, 2014
      I love the small sink. Can you tell me the brand and where I could pur

        Grace Reed wrote:January 23, 2015
          Jason Moncrief wrote:May 3, 2015
            gabino01 wrote:May 6, 2015
            Jenny J wrote:November 28, 2015
              northernharrier wrote:February 21, 2016
              smellon662 wrote:January 2, 2017
              • PRO
                Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

                Thanks for the kind words! Toilet is on the short wall, 90degree to sink.

              • smellon662

                Thank you for your quick response, I also would like to know how tall is the short wall in the powder room? Concerns for tall folks!

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