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Elegant stone exterior home photo in Portland

AspenTraditional Exterior, Portland

Natural stone

Elegant stone exterior home photo in Portland —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (30)

jmedina1234 wrote:Aug 22, 2013
  • PRO
    Superior Build and Design

    The colors truly are perfectly matched and lovely on this house but they are definitely not giving us any information on the colors or brands LOL! I'm looking for a green like this for a project so I'm taking it to the store and showing the paint expert :) Will come back and post my findings for you guys!!!

  • J Cisler

    I'm interested if you were able to find out the paint colors on this home.....I would love to find out what you came up with.

amackjr wrote:Oct 17, 2013
What is the exterior stone?

  • PRO
    Vic's Masonry LLC
    Canyon Creek Natural Stone
  • amackjr
    What is the siding made of?
nmyers23 wrote:Oct 21, 2013
What color is the exterior?

    hcarew wrote:Nov 2, 2013
    what are the colors of siding, trim and stone

      blangl wrote:Jan 5, 2014
      Beautiful. Could you tell me the exterior paint colors, please?

      • Amy Garv
        Do we know the exterior paint color of this?
      • Kim Harrison


      dvoramx wrote:May 14, 2014
      Can you please supply me with all the paint colors and brick? Thanks!

        marieeddy wrote:Jun 2, 2014
          Doors and More wrote:Jun 24, 2014
          what kind of garage doors are those?

            3lakeswi wrote:Jul 10, 2014
            Could you tell me what the colors are on this house? It's beautiful!

            • Marco Devera

              who do i have to email to get the colors?

            • coloradohope

              Did you guys get these colors? I would love them as well.

            dsellen wrote:Aug 24, 2014
            Is the stone from glacier stone supply?

              phiniqueb wrote:Aug 25, 2014
              Pleases,pleases,pleases' give me the colors for the exterior.

                Ryan O'Connell wrote:Sep 8, 2014
                Do you have a floor plan for this home?

                - Do you have a floor plan for this home?

                  Anne Martin wrote:Sep 10, 2014
                  • dmadrizd
                    Is Tere a y place obliga I coludidos see flor plans For this Houston?
                  • perecsen
                    i need a floor plan,
                  dreamrain1326 wrote:Nov 6, 2014
                  what material used for the window trims?

                  • PRO
                  • Alex Garkusha

                    Victor , can you please write me exterior trim and siding colors please ?

                    Thank you



                  Debbie Lanning wrote:Feb 14, 2015
                  • Meg
                    I would guess the main part of the house is a medium grey (with a more green undertone as opposed to blue or lavender). I agree that the trim looks tan and the door appears to be stained darker brown. Pretty house!
                  • Kendall Sor

                    @meg, @debbielanning, i also been 'guessing' at the siding colors which also looks to be the same as the garage doors. a note is to look at the other angles of the home, and other sections in the builder's gallery. you will notice when with full ambient light we do see the subtle green undertones. yet when in front (rather orthogonal) to the siding surfaces or in darker lighting conditions the green undertones do not show up but instead appears to be an ordinary gray with some mild blues in it. i am thinking the sheen of the paint, and perhaps the surrounding light from the lawn, gives the siding that green undertone moreso than it being a core component in its color recipe. i am very interested in painting my siding this beautiful color too! anybody else with feedback would be greatly appreciated
                    my best guesses were:
                    * behr - sage gray
                    * behr - confederate

                  dinwin wrote:Feb 15, 2015
                    Hunt construction wrote:Feb 18, 2015
                    aeparrish65 wrote:Apr 24, 2015
                    Why can't we get the colors of this house? Paint companies, ithere's

                    - ,

                      dmpdeb wrote:Jun 7, 2015
                      • Steve
                        Any new info on the colors of this home or the full address to do a drive by?
                      • zimmk79

                        want to know the color used on the shakes...So frustrating not finding a true gray...they all have bluish, greenish or brownish hues. This looks just like what I am looking for. WHY won't they answer us... UUURRR!

                      lsfrancis wrote:Nov 15, 2015
                      Could you tell me all there colors used for this exterior?

                      • merle2

                        I also would like to know the color of this siding. Has anyone found out.

                      nfalvo wrote:Jan 31, 2016
                      Think it's possible to release the name of exterior colors??!!!!

                      - Think it's possible to release the name of exterior colors??!!!!

                        Shelley Erickson wrote:Feb 4, 2016
                        • Julie H

                          I would love to know the siding colour and the colour / material of the gable ends (the triange parts).. thanks

                        • Niki Schnyder

                          Please send me the paint colors and trim for exterior. Thank you okeydockee@aol.com

                        penrae wrote:Mar 17, 2016
                        Could you provide the paint color names and brand of paint?

                          rlacross wrote:Apr 30, 2016
                            quik434 wrote:Jun 7, 2016
                            What is the evergreen in front of the big window please?

                            • taberts
                              That is a Weeping Alaskan Cedar.
                            Linda Richardson wrote:Jan 21, 2017
                            Could you please tell me the vendor for the small oval window?

                              Lori Hall wrote:May 3, 2018
                              What is the stone used on this house?

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