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Bathroom - rustic bathroom idea in Atlanta with an undermount sink and distressed cabinets
Peace Design
Peace Design
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Boys BathroomRustic Bathroom, Atlanta

Gibeon Photography

Bathroom - rustic bathroom idea in Atlanta with an undermount sink and distressed cabinets —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (11)

Marilyn Forrester wrote:Dec 3, 2012
  • PRO
    Peace Design
    No, this is actually a raw steel countertop. We love it too!
docrm wrote:Dec 29, 2012
Love the walls. How did you attach the plates?

  • PRO
    Peace Design
    We simply attached them with finishing nails.
  • greissk
    Having trouble with finishing nails - any other suggestions to securely get them onto the walls? I've been doing thus oroject for several months on the walls of my sons bedroom & affixing them has been my one snag!
dawnsimpson6 wrote:Feb 6, 2013
love the plates!! where can you purchase old plates?

  • hpereira
    What floors did you use to match the plates? And did the other walls have anything on them?
  • greissk
    Ebay has them by the boat loads!! Reasonable prices, too!
Beth Fillerup wrote:Feb 19, 2013
Fun! Is the sink copper?

  • PRO
    Peace Design
    It's actually a steel sink that was fabricated to coordinate with the steel countertop. The ligthing is making it look a little warmer than reality.
Kathy Branch Design wrote:Feb 19, 2013
what is the countertop material?

  • lindagreg
    What kind of steel? Stained? Dimensions/thickness?
  • Brandon Cassidy
    Im interested in the lavatory meaterials. I see bronze or copper but the counter is sexy!
tibby8 wrote:Apr 28, 2013
  • PRO
    Peace Design
    This was a great find at an antique market.
  • granny2twins1999
    does anyone know what the wood part of the mirror was before it was repurposed? ty Blessings
beckycrouch wrote:Aug 1, 2013
What size is this bathroom and approximately how many plates were used

  • Frank C
    Where would one go to purchase several license plates to achieve this application. I love the look!
  • Dana C.

    In antique stores they run about 7-$11 each- that would cost a fortune using 160..

beckycrouch wrote:Sep 26, 2013
  • PRO
    Peace Design
    The license plates cover the entire wall. We used ceramic tile in the shower.
Dona Keefe wrote:Jan 10, 2014
What did you nail the license plates to? Drywall? Plywood?

  • PRO
    Peace Design
    The license plates are attached directly to the drywall.
greissk wrote:Apr 20, 2014
  • PRO
    Peace Design
    So sorry for the delay on this, your question was buried down in the feed! We used very small finish nails to install these plates and yes, there was overlap when needed. Hope yours has turned out as you wanted!
jsully125 wrote:Mar 22, 2016
Where might I find a pendant light like this? Great space!

  • PRO
    Peace Design

    This is a vintage explosion-proof fixture from a factory. We would suggest keeping your eyes open at antique markets! Good luck with your project.

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