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Inspiration for a large timeless master subway tile and white tile mosaic tile floor and white floor bathroom remodel in Minneapolis with a two-piece toilet, gray walls and a pedestal sink

Classic Subway Tile Bathtub SurroundTraditional Bathroom, Minneapolis

Unglazed porcelain – There is no glazing or any other coating applied to the tile. Their color is the same on the face of the tile as it is on the back resulting in very durable tiles that do not show the effects of heavy traffic. The most common unglazed tiles are the red quarry tiles or the granite looking porcelain ceramic tiles used in heavy commercial areas. Historic matches to the original tiles made from 1890 - 1930's. Subway Ceramic floor tiles are made of the highest quality unglazed porcelain and carefully arranged on a fiber mesh as one square foot sheets. A complimentary black hex is also in stock in both sizes and available by the sheet for creating borders and accent designs. Subway Ceramics offers vintage tile is 3/8" thick, with a flat surface and square edges. The Subway Ceramics collection of traditional subway tile, moldings and accessories.

Inspiration for a large timeless master subway tile and white tile mosaic tile floor and white floor bathroom remodel in Minneapolis with a two-piece toilet, gray walls and a pedestal sink —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (42)

akasmin wrote:Feb 18, 2012
  • PRO
    Clay Squared to Infinity
    Natural Grey is a color choice for Custom Brand grouts. Any grey is acceptable it is when you use colored grouts it is not authentic to the period choices.
  • ninipt
    How do you maintain the grout colour? With time it gets darker on areas of more traffic, not even with a steam mop you can make it even.
mcintoshkate wrote:Mar 4, 2012
The tub is beautiful. How does it look in person since it is such a good price? Has it held up well?

  • PRO
    Vintage Tub & Bath

    Our Randolph Morris tubs hold up very well. You can find this particular model here.

yostefee wrote:Mar 13, 2012
What color paint is on the walls?

  • PRO
    The Shabby Nest
    Valspar's Smoked Oyster is a similar color.
  • PRO
    Clay Squared to Infinity
    I did not work on the painting but the client whole house was very period. I would check with your local paint store and see if there is a arts and crafts color palette to draw from. It is a grayish toupe color in general.
jakesmith wrote:May 16, 2012
What is the size of the hex tile on the floor?

  • PRO
    Clay Squared to Infinity
    They are 1" hexagons and are the exact matches to original unglazed porcelain tile from the 1890's to the 1930's
jakesmith wrote:May 25, 2012
What width grout line did you use on the subway tile? Thanks in advance for your help!

  • vk987
    Hello what grout color was used for the subway tile?
  • PRO
    Clay Squared to Infinity
    A natural grey grout
taniaandsarah wrote:Jun 26, 2012
Where can I purchase the black/white tile boarder on floor?

  • lrubin00
    Would you recommend natural gray over delorian gray for floor tile in a bathroom. I have similar hex tile and now have white but it gets very dirty.
  • PRO
    Clay Squared to Infinity
    Any gray is fine. To get the look that would have been at the period many just used the mortar grey. Now we have lots of shades of grays and colors to choose from which can be confusing at times.
piddy wrote:Aug 9, 2012
Does the unglazed porelain look off white in person?Home depot has unglazed hex and it looks off white.

  • PRO
    Clay Squared to Infinity
    Yes it is an off white. It is made to match the original tile from the 1890's to the 1930's unglazed porcelain tile which has a grey tone to the tile.
kimmccluskey wrote:Nov 8, 2012

- who makes the toilet?

    miastensrud wrote:Nov 15, 2012
    Did you use off white subway tiles on the wall to coordinate with the floor or bright white?

    - Beautiful bathroom!

    • PRO
      Clay Squared to Infinity
      The color they used was called Avalon. It can be called an off white It has a antique look to it which and is an exact match to most all of the tiles of the 1890's to the 1930's installations. It is a toned down white with a hint of aged yellow. The floor is an unglazed porcelain tile to keep people from slipping when it is wet.
    halteh wrote:Dec 28, 2012
    • kissyface
      Forgot this was a window. I covered the mullions with whatever size board worked. Looks like they used l" wood for windowsill and left and inch at either end. Underneath window is a lx4. I used l l/4" for sill. It's a preference.
    • Daniel Sonnentag
      We have this woodwork for every door and window in our house in the natural wood..It truly is the crowning glory of our home. My brother-in-law loved it so much he duplicated it in his brand new built home.....after he had already put something else in first. He redid his WHOLE house. The result was nothing less than stunning.
    Dom Decor Studio - Custom Curtains & Draperies wrote:Jan 10, 2013
    mandpmac wrote:Feb 20, 2013
    Can you please tell me the color of the paint? Thank you.

    • PRO
      Clay Squared to Infinity
      I don't have access to that information. I would call it a pudy to a warm grey toffee.
    • Emily
      This is very similar to SW Perfect Greige which we just used in our master bath.
    Bryan Clow wrote:Mar 17, 2013
    • PRO
      Clay Squared to Infinity
      Some of the best mud room tile to use are terra cotta, quarry tile and unglazed porcelain. This is unglaze porcelain tile shown here. It is very durable and has a toothy feel to it making it non slip when what're gets on it.
    denisenelson wrote:Jun 30, 2013
    What are the dimensions of the black tile band? Flat or curved?

    - What are the dimensions of the black tile band? Flat or curved?

    • PRO
      Clay Squared to Infinity
      Sorry the home owner never told us
    • katewlevin88
      this wall color looks like Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. We have it in our bathroom.
    denisenelson wrote:Jul 4, 2013
    Can you tell me why you chose unglazed rather than gloss subway tiles?

    • PRO
      Clay Squared to Infinity
      The unglazed are only for the floor tiles and they make the floor less slippery when wet. The wall tiles are glossy.
    • deramin
      Unglazed (on the floor) is also traditional to the Sanitary movement, if you're restoring an old bathroom.
    denisenelson wrote:Jul 5, 2013
    Is the black liner gloss or satin finish? Avalon white subway - gloss?

    Sapna Abrol wrote:Aug 10, 2013
    What is the finish on the fixtures?

    denisenelson wrote:Aug 17, 2013
    Is the base tile the shoulder cove or sanitary cove?

    • buffswife
      are base tile you are referring to above the ones which are between the subway tile and the hexagon floor tiles? Ie. the larger white tiles on the wall?
    • PRO
      Clay Squared to Infinity
      Yes that is the base cove. Some call them Shoe Base too. Both are the same.
    buffswife wrote:Sep 3, 2013
      scerrir wrote:Nov 11, 2013
      • Shoshana Frost

        Hi! Just found this thread as we are about to pick a Mapei grout for our subway tiles in bathroom - trying to decide between Warm Grey, Frost, and Silver. It's so hard to know how it will turn out!

        We saw a Warm Grey sample that looked kind of beige/warm and worried that wouldn't go well with the carrera marble which is quite grey. But not sure if Frost will be too light or if Silver will be too dark!

        Dying to know what you went with and how it turned out! :)

      • spev1

        shoshana what grout did you end up choosing, also need to make my decison. I think silver too dark....leaning towards warm grey

      debbikurrytoohey wrote:Nov 13, 2013
      Who manufactors the sink show? Love this bathroom.

        rondinella wrote:Mar 15, 2014
          collage205 wrote:Mar 25, 2014
          How is the black marble pencil finished on the ends? Thank you very mu

          - How is the black marble pencil finished on the ends? Thank you very mu

          • PRO
            Clay Squared to Infinity
            The glazed ceramic trim was mitered on the corners nard wrapped around the entire room. The make corner and bullnose pieces now.
          wendyesmith wrote:Apr 27, 2014
          When you say "square edges", are they sharp?

            t_crafty wrote:May 3, 2014
            • PRO
              Clay Squared to Infinity
              We represent the historic tile line. It is a photo of a project we did for a client. The tiles come meshed and ready to install. It border takes 2-4 weeks for delivery. You can order the tiles through Clay Squared. We recommend ordering a sample pack first you We have a sample program where you can order up to 5 colors for $12.75. Call to order 612-781-6409.
            lauren_08 wrote:May 23, 2014
            Everything in this photo is stocked at: Gen-Tile Co, Bronx NY

              goldarc wrote:Jul 20, 2014
              what is source for the square edge subway tile?

              • PRO
                Clay Squared to Infinity
                You can purchase these tiles through Clay Squared. We have a sample program where you can order up to 5 colors for $12.75. Contact me if you are interested and want more info on the series. http://www.claysquared.com - josh@claysquared.com
              • Shawn Tait
                What is the color name of the wall color? I have white tile and this would work wonderfully!
              nw3030 wrote:Jul 28, 2014
              What is the color and brand of paint used above tile and below window

              - Looking for this color

                rondamarieb wrote:Sep 14, 2014
                What color is the wall paint?

                  Kim Harbin wrote:Dec 15, 2014
                  I love this color! what is the paint company and color?

                  • brune001
                    Looks like Ben Moore Shale
                  nicfishable wrote:Jan 9, 2015
                  What color is the grout?

                  Natalie Agostini wrote:Jan 12, 2015
                  • PRO
                    Vintage Tub & Bath

                    Hi Natalie, this tub is available in 3 lengths - 60", 66", and 72". You can see the tub here.

                  cparfc438 wrote:Feb 28, 2015
                  • PRO
                    Clay Squared to Infinity

                    I am not a tile setter to give you a technical reason but in general the pillow edge pushes down the grout into the joints and as you run your rubber float over it cleans the edges easier and leaves the grout evener than a flat edge for DIY installers. One of the most common comments we receive is people tend to love the flat edge look a lot more than the pillowed edge. They are disappointed with the pillow edge look when trying to keep with the historic look of their homes. The best advice I can give you to keep with the original style of the home is to keep using products from the period it was built. Where you can save money is think about how you live currently. If you use lots of rugs in your current bathroom and plan on using rugs with the new then don't get the most expensive tile that you never see. As for your budgets I recommend thinking of your total budget of a bathroom not piece by piece budgeting. Most bathroom remodels are $1500 - $25000 to redo depending on how much you have to do and how big of a room it is. Tiles can be 50% - 70% of a bathroom budget. Most bathrooms we make for people range from $500 - $10,000. If your budget is in that range you will be able to get everything you want. Map out your design and order a sample pack from us, you can order 5 colors for $12.75. We also have planning guides on our website and we can send you too. http://www.claysquared.com/index.php/ceramic-tiles/resources/Bathroom_Planning

                  • cparfc438
                    Thank you so much for the info and your insight, as well, which will aid in our planning.
                  weisunteh wrote:Mar 8, 2015
                  What is the tile spacing you have used on the subway tiles? Is it 1/8

                  • Jeff Bridges

                    I'm definitely a fan of the hexagonal tile patterns! I'm just wondering, is it harder to clean these tiles compared to larger ones? With them being so small it seems like it might be a little harder to clean. http://www.stoneandtilecare.net

                  • PRO
                    Clay Squared to Infinity

                    Cleaning tiles is more about cleaning the grout. The tiles are non-viterious and do not absorb water. They are easy to clean. More grout can be a little more work to clean but is not any more than any other tile that is 1" or 2" in size. Usually people choose the 1" or the 2" hex based on scale of the room and which size you like best.

                  Maria Matherne wrote:Aug 25, 2015
                  • PRO
                    Clay Squared to Infinity

                    Sorry we only provided the tile. I do know they were custom made for the space. From counting the tiles the window spans 6 feet.

                  Leo Comas wrote:Jan 19, 2016
                  Quiero ver villas pequeñas y sus jardines

                    aliciaandbilly wrote:Jan 19, 2017
                    • Laurie

                      What colour/brand of grout did you use for the wall tile?

                    • PRO
                      Clay Squared to Infinity

                      Custom Building Products

                    Kirsten Burmester wrote:Sep 2, 2017
                    Is the black liner tile 1 inch or 1/2 inch by 6 inch

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