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Example of a classic kitchen design in New York with white countertops

Classical KitchenTraditional Kitchen, New York

Photo Credit - Katrina Mojzesz topkatphoto.com Interior Design - Katja van der Loo Papyrus Home Design papyrushomedesign.com Homeowner & Design Director - Sue Walter, subeeskitchen.com

Example of a classic kitchen design in New York with white countertops —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (320)

slekle wrote:Aug 14, 2012
  • Rachel Henley

    Was the question answered on what the size of the island is? I saw the question, but couldn't find an answer.

  • HU-705500790

    what are the dimensions of the island and length of counter with range?

denisecarleton wrote:Aug 17, 2012
This is a gorgeous kitchen! Would you please share the name of the counter materials?

  • FourFt11

    subeeskitchen thank you so much for the information! I think i'll have it sealed like you did and live with it through the holidays (no better test that that time of year!) and if it drives me crazy then I can get the Clearstone in January. I have traveled all over Europe and my favorite hotel in Rome has carrara marble in the bathroom and I fell in love with it there. It is right next to the Roman Forum and I'm sure is very old, and it still looks beautiful! Thanks for the info and the encouragement to give it a try!

  • evettehiggins
    This kitchen is quite beautiful. If only I could afford the countertops. And I must say I am in love with the window seat.
nansanders wrote:Aug 18, 2012
  • subeeskitchen
    Faucets are Dornbracht ("Tara" model)
  • PRO
    Cinaton Inc.

    We have innovated iSense completely touch free faucet for kitchen and
    bathroom. Check out our website for more: www.cinaton.com

    No handle, No touch, No germ contamination.

nansanders wrote:Aug 18, 2012
What is the counter material called

  • kbangs
    Love the color and look of the Pietra Cardosa, especially against the white cabinetry.
    How does it hold up with kids and the inevitable spills?
    I am trying to decide between the Jet Mist granite and the Pietra Cardosa.
  • Judy Bumbles
    Lovely kitchen but the really winner here is the windows and the shape of the room.
afmartin4000 wrote:Aug 19, 2012
Love this kitchen! What's the specific name of the gray wall color?

Paige Wilson wrote:Aug 19, 2012
Can you tell me where you got the light fixture over the table?

  • subeeskitchen
    The pendants are Hudson Valley 7315 in satin nickel. The chandelier over the table is a Preciosa (model discontinued). Hope this helps.
  • PRO
    Architectural Antiques
    We do have a lot of similar ones. Check out our website for more: www.archantiques.com

    Feel free to give us a call at 612-332-8344 if you have question or want to purchase our products.
abbyajames wrote:Aug 20, 2012
What color is on the walls?

  • subeeskitchen
    Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray
morrisusc wrote:Aug 20, 2012
  • subeeskitchen
    Thanks - these are cuttings from my native dogwood tree.
  • babykitty
    Twigs are from a curly willow tree and are usually available in 4 to 5 ft. length, either from finding a tree and, or yhey may be purchased at any wholesale flower mart.
Erin Chang wrote:Aug 21, 2012
What type of flooring is used please?

- What type of flooring is used please?

  • erinblackhurst1
    Your wood floor looks fabulous, but if you were to do a tile floor instead, what color/style of tile would you recommend that would still look good with all the cabinetry, countertops, etc?
  • subeeskitchen
    I have large (12x24) dark gray slate tiles in my mudroom and really like them. Belgian bluestone is a great look, but it's expensive and I don't know how it would hold up for kitchen usage (etching from acids, etc. ) Maybe there's a dark brown or charcoal veining in your countertops that could be tied into a floor color? Best bet is to get a bunch of samples from a tile showroom and see what you like best.
Stephanie Biorn wrote:Aug 21, 2012
What company makes the sink plumbing fixtures & what is the style number?

  • subeeskitchen
    Both sink fixtures are Dornbracht (Tara)
ukriscc wrote:Aug 29, 2012
Could you tell me the brand and size of the range and hood? They look extremely functional.

  • subeeskitchen
    Range is a 48", 8-burner Blue Star -- very powerful but I love it. Unused burners make a great place to set hot pans from the oven. Hood is 48" ProLine with a powerful remote blower (blower is in the attic). I found the Danver stainless floating shelf online.
Sandy mcgwire wrote:Aug 31, 2012
The lights over the island are fantastic! Any info available on these? Thanks

  • subeeskitchen
    Very functional! The pendants are Hudson Valley 7315 in satin nickel.
jfranq01 wrote:Sep 3, 2012
Where did you get the cabinets made? What type of molding did you us on the top? Love it!

  • subeeskitchen
    Thanks! Cabinets were custom-made (Darren Edsall of NJ); he put a crown and trim together to take it all the way up to the ceiling. (9') Moulding sprayed to match cabinetry.
w5mon wrote:Sep 3, 2012
  • subeeskitchen
    Yes - custom-made is the way to go for a perfect fit. The fabric is Sunbrella outdoor fabric, so they clean up very easily (usually with just a damp sponge).
  • jekisil
    What color/style of sunbrella fabric is this? I want to achieve the exact look if possible! Thanks.
rmpuppin wrote:Sep 4, 2012
How can you mantain this kind of flooring?

  • PRO
    Oak & Broad
    Bona makes a great product. +1
  • rmpuppin
    thank you all!
AR Interiors, Inc wrote:Sep 4, 2012
What is the counter made of?

  • subeeskitchen
    Island is Calcutta Gold marble and perimeter counters are pietra cardoza.
  • cjseubert
    is it honed pietra cardoza?
Carpenter wrote:Sep 5, 2012
how can i download this images

    Kelly Cugino wrote:Sep 5, 2012
    What kind of stone is used as the backsplash?

    • subeeskitchen
      The backsplash is just basic subway tile, with "Silverado" grout to add some contrast and "age".
    • Caroline Corr

      Is that a quartz countertop or soapstone?

    sillysquares wrote:Sep 9, 2012
    Hi, what color did you paint these cabinets?

    • subeeskitchen
      The floors are fir, to match the rest of the old house. I'm pretty sure we ended up with Puritan Pine from Minwax for the stain.
    • mollyjohnson
      Benjamin Moore Bright White?
    penny7712 wrote:Sep 11, 2012
    • sandyheinz
      is the island counter top granite and if so what color?
    • Jean Thompson

      Beautiful kitchen!

    tracyrs14 wrote:Sep 12, 2012
    • Joe Wirtz
      Clearstone can be applied anywhere in the country. If we don't have a trained applicator in your city Clearstone trainers will come do the application. www.ClearstoneUSA.com
    • juanita007
      Clearstone LLC are you in Canada too?
    Natalie A. Lewis wrote:Sep 22, 2012
    Where did you get the stainless shelf above stove ?

    - Love this kitchen. I'm in need of a stainless steel shelf, kindly help.

    • subeeskitchen
      Hi - sorry for the delay. I'm the homeowner collaborated on much of the kitchen design. The 48" floating stainless shelf is from Danver; I ordered it online (available through many retailers).
    builderpat wrote:Sep 24, 2012
    • subeeskitchen
      Thanks - The ceilings are 9'. Windows are 62" high (excluding trim).
    jamiemarek wrote:Sep 27, 2012
    Where is the table from?

    • lorageller
      Can you tell me where you got the table from and it's dimensions. I'm looking for a table just like this. Thanks
    • darleneashley
      Where did you find the table and what are the measurements?
    ajland wrote:Sep 27, 2012
    • subeeskitchen
      Printed pillows are from Restoration Hardware.
    Jeanne Exner wrote:Sep 29, 2012
    • subeeskitchen
      The mud room flooring is black slate.
    • Jeanne Exner
      Thanks it looks great!
    ljgk wrote:Sep 30, 2012
    what is the brand and style of the kitchen cabinet hardware/

    • subeeskitchen
      Hardware is from Restoration Hardware. Pulls are "Bistro".
    misladycatherine wrote:Oct 3, 2012
    where are the lights from?

    • finch_jenny
      Where can the pendant lights in the kitchen be purchased?
    • subeeskitchen
      The pendants are Hudson Valley's Haverhill; chandelier in the bay is a Preciosa model that's been discontinued.
    nmcasa wrote:Oct 4, 2012
    What is the counter top material?

    - What is the counter top material

    • PRO
      Can you please tell me what the name of your discontinued chandelier is? I am thinking about having a custom chandelier made and would love to find a good picture of your discontinued model online to reference. Thanks .
    • subeeskitchen
      If I can find the invoice with the model name or number I'll post it. The lighting showroom where we bought it has gone out of business.
    kfmideas wrote:Oct 5, 2012
    • subeeskitchen
      Desk is 45". Would've liked a few inches wider, to accommodate wider/file folder drawers below.
    bguseth wrote:Oct 5, 2012
    what brand of windows are these?

    rayrum wrote:Oct 6, 2012
    • subeeskitchen
      Hi - thanks -- they are from Restoration Hardware. ("Bistro")
    • jlsanders68

      What finish are the cabinet pulls?

    kels22 wrote:Oct 8, 2012
    Can you tell me the dimensions of this kitchen?

    • Lora Niazov
      Ditto please, would also like to know the dimensions of the kitchen
    • subeeskitchen
      Hi - I don't have the architect's plans in front of me, but it's approx. 15'x23'
    rayrum wrote:Oct 10, 2012
    • subeeskitchen
      Cabinet hardware is from Restoration Hardware.
    scapr wrote:Oct 14, 2012
    Can you please share if the counter beside the stove is soapstone?

    • subeeskitchen
      The perimeter countertops are pietra cardosa in a honed finish.
    Uzma Javed wrote:Oct 14, 2012
    can u kindly tell me from where to order this banquette seating

    • schepke
      what pattern of Sunbrella did you use? it blends so beautifully.
    • subeeskitchen
      Thanks - it's taupe/antique beige rib.
    loritate wrote:Oct 20, 2012
    Who makes the light fixtures?

    - Who makes the light fixtures?

    janie62 wrote:Oct 20, 2012
    Love the bench seating. Could you tell me the depth of the bench please?

    • subeeskitchen
      Bench is about 22" deep; the back of the bench is built at a slight incline for comfort.
    • Meg Bartz

      Who made the bench?

    Barbara Tied wrote:Oct 21, 2012
    Love the floor!! What color stain did you use?!

    • subeeskitchen
      Hi - I'm pretty sure the stain we used was Minwax Puritan Pine. The wood is fir, which had a redish cast. (We were trying to match the old fir floors throughout the rest of the house.)
    • Barbara Tied
      Thank you!!'
    riley53 wrote:Oct 23, 2012
    what stone are the countertops

    • Joe Wirtz
      That's old school thinking. Marble is the prettiest stone available and the problem associated with marble was solved years ago. Acid-etching is caused when acidic products come in contact with marble. Clearstone prevents anything acidic from coming in contact with the stone by coating it with a layer of protection - a coating. It's safe to use in a kitchen and provides at least a 15 year warranty. It can be either highly polished or honed look. Locate trained applicators at www.ClearstoneUSA.com. Now, go take a look at the beautiful marble choices out there!
    • rrmoses

      Quartzite is the way to go.

    Debbie Erickson wrote:Oct 24, 2012
    What is the color on the wall around the bay window area?

    • bellinghambythebay

      do you find edgcomb gray more beige or gray? May I aslo inquire what direction these windows face?

    esinozc wrote:Oct 29, 2012
    May İ please learn the height sof the ceiling and the crown molding of the cabinets? Thank you.

    • subeeskitchen
      Ceiling is 9 feet; The crown is about 9" total -- several pieces were used together to beef it up.
    Maryam Hasheminasab wrote:Nov 15, 2012
    where is my ideabook?

      janeann99 wrote:Dec 2, 2012
      Can you tell me the maker/name of the cabinets?

      • subeeskitchen
        The cabinets were custom-built by Darren Edsall of NJ.
      glitterboots wrote:Dec 3, 2012
      • PRO
        Travis Robert Renovations
        Great space and looks like the kitchen has a nice flow with lots of natural light.
      • subeeskitchen
        The natural light is key. On most days we don't even need to turn on the lights. The cabinets and trim are pure white/ white white.
      glitterboots wrote:Dec 3, 2012
      • nedajazbi

        What color are the walls?

      • petrinamatonis

        What brand chandelier is over the table. Can you please tag it

      lesliesilverkaye wrote:Dec 9, 2012
      Which shade of white are the cabinets?

      hiensch wrote:Dec 10, 2012
      • subeeskitchen
        That's a tough one -- I've found that with all the pillows, people aren't really leaning back against the windows.
      • sdooyema


      suehertzberg wrote:Dec 19, 2012
      what are the two countertops?

      • subeeskitchen

        The island was Calacatta Gold marble. In my new kitchen I went with 2" thick Carrara marble (white with gray veining throughout) throughout. Love both, and both etch like crazy. After a year of etches, they flow together and become part of the patina. I do not intend to get them buffed out. Marble is NOT for everyone. See pictures on my blog ( "Kitchen Design" category): subeeskitchen.com

      • jesse108

        I've had polished Calacatta Gold for 7 years. It was sealed during installation so I have not had any issues with staining, but it etches very easily. If you leave a glass on it with a little water on the bottom, it leaves a ring. You cannot put anything hot on it. I put a very hot cup of tea on mine and it left a ring. It chips fairly easily around the edges and sink cut outs. It's easy to hit the edge while washing pots and pans. I do think honed would be more forgiving as far as seeing the etch marks. I've never seen anything I like nearly as much as this marble, so would do it again, but honed. You need to consider how you and your family feel about the extra care of a marble top and how much imperfections like etching would bother you. Quartzite is a natural stone that has many characteristics of marble, but not sure what is currently available in white.

      Joan Bartingale wrote:Jan 3, 2013
      Is there a microwave built-in to the kitchen? If so, where was it placed?

      • Kristan Sands

        What color white cabinets did you do?

      • E Wild

        Suebee, what are the dimensions of your beautiful island?


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