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Kitchen - traditional kitchen idea in Dallas
LGB Interiors
LGB Interiors
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Drawer OrganizationTraditional Kitchen, Dallas

Kitchen - traditional kitchen idea in Dallas —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (10)

cfoucher wrote:Sep 16, 2013
  • PRO
    Beach Kitchens, LLC
    Any issues with the extension cord getting tangled or stuck under the drawer when it opens and closes?
  • PRO
    LGB Interiors
    My client loves the drawer and has not had any problems with the cord getting in the way . Good luck with your install!
NEXS Cabinets Inc. wrote:Dec 29, 2013
Does this electrical outlet meet your local code? Illegal in Calgary

  • jrg84
    Just reading back a few comments prior to mine, something I didn't do before making my comment, and it's clear that codes are different nationally and enforced different regionally (obviously). But from my own experience, no way this is getting passed by the inspectors in my zone.
  • Fred S
    Well, at least it was supposed to be humorous.
    Renovation purposes usually refers to thing like a receptacle without a grounding slot. You can replace a two prong receptacle with another of like kind if there is no ground wire, but you cannot use it on new construction. The difference I am trying to point out is that if it was never legal, it is still not legal, even in old work. If you tear something out, you need to install new stuff to current codes except for a few examples like the receptacle. So unless the receptacle in the cabinet was put there at some point when it was legal to do so, and the cabinet wasn't just put in front of an existing outlet, then it would still be illegal in a renovation even if such a product existed in this case for renovations.
phstanton wrote:Jan 12, 2014
  • PRO
    LGB Interiors
    Client has not had a problem with heat .
  • gessnerwoodworking
    Really people there are plenty of cracks around drawer front amid door
ghalili wrote:Jan 27, 2014
what is the cabinet drawer boxes made of? melamine? plywood?

Danielle Stever wrote:Jan 28, 2014
Where are the cabinet handles from?

- Cabinet handles?

  • PRO
    LGB Interiors
    Thank you for your inquiring about the handles. They are from Top Knob and available through LGB interiors. Please contact us if we can help . www.lgbinteriors.com
  • leeannroyle

    pretty sure the electrical inspector wouldn't let this fly here. Would be wise to check local code.

wzynaw wrote:Feb 20, 2014
Why the computer/phone/ipad need to be charged in kitchen?

  • dehartddd
    I charge my electronics in the kitchen because I have easy access to them while I am cooking which is what I am alway doing. I love this idea!
  • Bryan Lip
    Was thinking the same thing - I had my builder install multiple USB power outlets on the kitchen counter. See attached.
vkwooten wrote:Feb 28, 2014
  • PRO
    Docking Drawer

    Yes you can close the drawer and things will still charge. If you are just using USB charging then it does not get too warm. If you use the AC outlets we limit the current to 3A (two laptops charging) so again it does not get too warm. We have a bathroom version with a 20A outlet designed for blow dryers and curling irons. That model has a built in thermostat which will turn the power off if the temperature exceeds 120 degrees F. Hope that helps.

  • PRO
    Roy's Wood Products, Inc.
    We provide drawer box with runners and a separate piece that mounts to cabinet back with junction box on it
holly203 wrote:Mar 26, 2014
The cord would be a problem after drawer is pulled a few times.

  • wyobirdgirl
    Hi, I've searched high and low for this "pigtail cord". We're looking to do the same thing in a drawer in our kitchen. Any further info on the specs for this pigtail or where to buy it would be great!
  • ronkyeary
    You can purchase a precoiled wire. This allows for the movement of the drawer. But is too can become tangled depending on what is in lower cabinet. Its comes in 20'lengths. It can be cut to desired length. I have used in bathroom drawers. Its rather exspensive around $130.00 for 20'. Ron Yeary
gramsyfive wrote:Jun 4, 2015
Where can I purchase the glass doors with twisted metal inserts?

  • PRO
    LGB Interiors
    Thank you for your question concerning the cabinet door. You should be able to purchase a door without the Center panel. Metal mesh can be ordered from www.vandykes.com . A glass panel can then be installed in front of the metal.
  • PRO
    McNichols Company

    Hi Gramsyfive, If you’re considering wire mesh for your kitchen cabinets, please check out our Kitchen & Bath Ideabook. Here you’ll find examples of McNICHOLS® Wire Mesh applications. You can find a wide variety of styles on our website, and most likely a close match to this look (although without the glass). Good luck!

Liz wrote:Jul 27, 2018
  • PRO
    LGB Interiors

    Hi Liz, you can find more pictures of this home on our Houzz page listed under Dallas Kitchen or on our website, www.lgbinteriors.com. Thanks for your inquiry.

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