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Example of a mid-sized trendy home design design in Chicago

Evanston Kitchen RehabContemporary , Chicago

Mieke Zuiderweg

Example of a mid-sized trendy home design design in Chicago —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (6)

Sandy mcgwire wrote:Feb 15, 2011
  • Jean Johnson
    Thanks so mush you gave me the right plan for kitchen make over
  • PRO
    Nicholas Moriarty Interiors (NMI, LLC.)
    Jean, I'm glad we could be a good source of inspiration for you and your make over...good luck with everything!
Choice One Builders wrote:Mar 13, 2011
jbellacera wrote:Aug 25, 2012
  • PRO
    Nicholas Moriarty Interiors (NMI, LLC.)
    If you're worried about fingerprints and scratches than you might want to consider something besides stainless steel for your counters. While stainless is fantastic for a "real working" kitchen (as is the case in this clients home) it will always, as a material, scratch and show fingerprints. The beauty of this "sueded" stainless steel finish that we used is that is show the aforementioned less than "traditional" stainless steel counters (it does, however, still show scratches and fingerprints...it's just the nature of the material). People often over-estimate the "stainless" aspects of stainless steel...it's not referring to fingerprints etc...it's referencing (more so) the fact that it will not rust, blemish, or tarnish. If you're truly looking for something durable that will hide fingerprints etc I would suggest going in a more traditional direction with a polished counter top material (this doesn't have to be granite though). Think in the direction of Caesarstone, Silestone, etc...a lot of these bands have beautiful colors that look a lot less like traditional stones. A honed stone finish will also show fingerprints easily so I would stay away from those as well if that is your primary concern. I hope this helps!
Cameron G wrote:Jan 5, 2013
  • PRO
    Nicholas Moriarty Interiors (NMI, LLC.)
    No. They're stainless steel and no matter what finish you put on stainless you'll always have some "smudging" - they are, however, very easy to keep clean.
  • nancy ullman
    This works...spray WD40 and leave on overnight. Wipe off with paper towel,the next day, and scratches are gone. Didn't believe it till I tried it.
clemd919 wrote:Jul 16, 2013
  • PRO
    Nicholas Moriarty Interiors (NMI, LLC.)
    Well that's a very general question...It's completely dependent on the space, your personal style, the desired effect, etc. People have this idea that hallways should be kept light but I completely disagree. If you have a larger home (or even a home that just has nicely defined hallways) you can certainly get away with darker or more saturated colors creating a moody effect. At the same time if you have a large art collection hallways can be used as galleries and in this case a lighter color is nice to show off the art. Do you see where I'm coming from?...My basic advise would be do what feels right to you and your space...
judithstern wrote:Nov 6, 2013
Where I can purchase the "sueded" steel counter tops please?Judith

  • PRO
    Arlene Warda, Architect
    Hi Nick, are these tinted? these look bronze like, rather than silver! Nice job!
  • PRO
    Nicholas Moriarty Interiors (NMI, LLC.)
    Nope it's just the lighting and the way the stainless reflects the light. They are very warm feeling in person which is partially due to the sueded finish...
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