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Example of a minimalist infinity pool design in DC Metro
Lewis  Aquatech
Lewis Aquatech
28 Reviews

Fateh NightModern Pool, DC Metro

Beautiful lighting built into a pool that sits above the river.

Example of a minimalist infinity pool design in DC Metro —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (26)

dmssitedesign wrote:Aug 18, 2011
  • PRO
    Lewis Aquatech
    We just sent u an email. Thx
  • ccominos
    I would like to know more about the LED lights too! What should I tell the builder to install? hayward blue LED lights? Thanks! Also is the surface pebble crete? or pebble tec?
wilsonf wrote:Aug 20, 2011
  • bepsf
    Blue LED underwater lights
  • PRO
    Lewis Aquatech
    Correct we used 6 Blue LED lights
dugley wrote:May 10, 2012
Is this pool above ground?

  • PRO
    Lewis Aquatech
    This pool is raised 26' above grade and has a 2 sided infinity edge. We can supply other job site photos if needed. Its a very expensive process...... Best of luck
  • PRO
    Lewis Aquatech
    This pool is raised 26' above grade and has a 2 sided infinity edge. We can supply other job site photos if needed. Its a very expensive process...... Best of luck
sellse wrote:Jun 8, 2012
How many LED lights in the pool? What is length/width of pool? Looks great!

  • josefra
    what brand of led lights didi you use? are they inside o projected from outside?
  • PRO
    Yard Life Designs
    What size LED lights did you use?
pilardenoriega wrote:Sep 20, 2012
if I put navy blue tiles, the lights al night are going to be notice?

  • PRO
    Lewis Aquatech
    No you should be fine..... Let us know how we can help. Good Luck
melissaget67 wrote:Nov 7, 2012
What is the color and type finish of the pool?

- Curious to know what it looks like in the daytime without any led.

  • barrientez1
    Hello! your pool is gorgeous!! We're looking into installion of a fiberglass pool. , when yiu say you pool is black, what do you mean? The picture of the floor of the pool still looks blue. Do you have the black colors on the floor? Please help me with info.!?
  • Ray Skwarek
    does not look like a black finish on the pool from the daytime photo. what's causing it to take a light blue/grey appearance in the daytime?
guzzi wrote:Nov 11, 2012
  • PRO
    Lewis Aquatech
    20 x 50 3 ft to 6 ft deep!!! Please let me know if we can help
I. Miller wrote:Nov 21, 2012
Love the chairs, where are they from?

  • allisonpetit
    Yes. you could help me, could you please pass along the contact info of the maker. I would love to contact them to have some made
  • skridel

    Did you find out who made these chairs, I would love to

    contact the artist to see if I can purchase also?

josefra wrote:Feb 25, 2013
what brand of led lights didi you use? are they inside o projected from outside?

  • PRO
    Lewis Aquatech
    Thx for your inquiry. We used Haywards LED lights. They are all contained in the pool. Please circle back if we can be of assistance.
  • josefra
ctorrock wrote:Mar 9, 2013
  • PRO
    Lewis Aquatech
    Thx for your inquiry. The pool has a Pebbletec interior. Please let me know if we can assist further
kittyaudubon wrote:Mar 10, 2013
Our pool is filled. Can we still install these lights? You say "... the lights are contained in the pool."

  • eman2001
    Yes, the same thing happened with our pool. -Eman
  • PRO
    Lewis Aquatech
    yes these lights are in the pool wall. Best of luck
lillypilly wrote:Apr 3, 2013
Hi, is the sandstone slippery at all when it becomes wet?

  • Carole Nguyen
    Whate is the brand of the sAndstone and size? So this is not slippery?
  • PRO
    Lewis Aquatech
    We used 3 x 3 pieces and purchased it from China. It is not slippery at all
ericagallias wrote:Jun 14, 2013
  • designideas4me
    So the pool has to be black inside to get this effect? Why does it not appear as a spot light? my pool has a white bottom. So I was wondering if there is a way to have this even glass like appearence and not a spot light look which mine seems to have if I turn on the light inside?
  • Giovanni Gutierrez
    where is the furniture from?
gsilvestri4129 wrote:Jul 18, 2013
i have a pebble tec pool which has one light that changes colors,cani

- change out that light to led light? thanks

  • dragonlady52p70
    how many LED light fixtures are in this beautiful pool? i have a 15,000 gal pool in renovation with one non LED blue light that lights up whole pool. Definitely would like to install the multi RGB (?) LED lights in the place of old style light that can be smart system controlled. Would one fixture be enough for size of my pool?
  • PRO
    Wise Pool & Spa Service, Inc.
    As for if one fixture would be enough... I think you should consult with your renovation specialist who will be able to take into account the shape of your pool and what areas you would like to highlight for best recommendation on number of fixtures and fixture placement/location. On this pool, you can see 3 lights located on the left wall, but there are probably more, possibly in the spa and on the 6:00 wall. This is a super project! Can't wait for Lewis' response!
jfox1959 wrote:Nov 22, 2013
is that a jacuzzi in the corner?

  • PRO
    Lewis Aquatech
    Thank you for the compliment !!!
  • Michael Treacy
    so what is the led light colour???
ciscovillalta wrote:Feb 27, 2014
Love your pool - what is the size LxW. Thank you

  • Marc Saga
    is it a lightning effect that makes the pool a deep blue?
  • Marc Saga
    very gradient
ccominos wrote:Mar 1, 2014
Is the surface pebble tec? Pebble crete? what color? thanks!

- carolduport@hotmail.com

eman2001 wrote:Jul 9, 2014
Is that a jacuzzi

- I'm in love with this!

eman2001 wrote:Jul 9, 2014
What's the name of the light in the pool

- I'm in love with the the blue light

  • eman2001
    This is the color without any lighting.
  • eman2001
    @Karen Palmer_Kerr
chwrsw wrote:Jan 13, 2015
What color people tec did the use.? Thank youn

Destiny Ferguson wrote:Apr 29, 2015
  • PRO
    Lewis Aquatech

    its a gunite pool with pebble finish interior and LED lighting

John wrote:May 23, 2016
  • PRO
    Lewis Aquatech

    Thx for your question. There is no protection on the back side. The drop is approximately 28ft. The only way someone could go over the edge would be to willing crawl over the side. Very Unlikely!

amrpatel wrote:Jul 5, 2016
  • PRO
    Lewis Aquatech

    The furniture was custom made.... thx

garbonzo12 wrote:Apr 2, 2017
beautiful tile , what is the name ? and the coping?

    Sylvie Steward wrote:Apr 4, 2017
    What is those little light

    - The little white light

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