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Design ideas for a traditional front yard landscaping in Vancouver.

FrenchflairTraditional Landscape, Vancouver

Blue, purple and light blue hydrangeas

Design ideas for a traditional front yard landscaping in Vancouver. —  Houzz

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debeck wrote:Feb 29, 2012
  • Michelle


    On the contrary, the more acidic the soil is, the bluer hydrangeas are. Adding aluminium sulfate to the ground is recommended. The following link explains why:


puffelli wrote:Mar 20, 2014
  • Michelle
    Sorry for the delay in responding.
    I suspect you could cut your hydrangeas back harshly, but the first year you won't have many flowers.
    The other solution would be to transplant them somewhere else, where the size wouldn't be a problem. I transplanted many of mine and they are doing fine. Again, the first year after having been moved, they won't bloom too much, but the second year they should thrive.
Sandra Roe wrote:Feb 25, 2015
  • Michelle

    Hi Sandra,

    Spring, is be the best time to plant hydrangeas, more precisely when there is no more danger of frost. If you live in a Zone 8 climate, as I do, mid march is a good time to start. As for the soil, it all depends whether you want them blue or pink. An acidic soil will give you blue flowers, otherwise, they will be pink. Whatever the soil, white hydrangeas always remain white. I don't add any fertilizer or aluminum sulfate to my soil to have them blue. It's naturally rich and acid. One important thing: You need to water them daily in summer time.

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You can modify the color of hydrangea flower heads (which are actually bracts) by changing the pH of the soil. For blue...

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radial because the flowers look like they are popping

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Favorite flower

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Blue Hydrengaes #1

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Next to the front door? Would need the right variety to grow the size you want.

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We like hydrangeas

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Who doesn't love hydrangeas!! I love them best when they are lighter blue or that purplish pink when the soil is just...

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Blue hydrangea

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colorful hydrangea's, like blue or purple.

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Moved to waterfront 4/8/18.

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nikko blue--6' x 6'


I love hydrangeas but assume they wouldn't be a good choice.

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