Example of a huge tuscan patio design in New York with a pergola

Gennius Retractable Pergola Awning for Restaurant Penthouse Dining Area

Mediterranean Patio, New York | Photo by KE Durasol Awnings

This penthouse awning installation near New York City shows 2,000+ square feet of dining area that is now completely protected by a waterproof retractable enclosure. The desire was for a penthouse awning that provided protection from the sun, but was also heavy-duty enough to handle inclement weather. The owner wanted to preserve the Al-fresco outdoor dining feel of the rooftop patio, but wanted to be able to hit a button for on-demand protection when needed. This restaurant can now book additional functions, generating more revenue from the penthouse than before the awning was installed - guaranteeing their patrons a protected space. The Gennius is a retractable pergola awning SPECIFICALLY designed to handle inclement weather. Rainwater is routed downward with the slope of the fabric, and captured within a gutter integrated within the awning's supporting framework. Rainwater then escapes the gutter through the support posts and is diverted away from the entertaining area. For more information on the Gennius, please visit
Example of a huge tuscan patio design in New York with a pergola - Houzz
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