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Example of a transitional freestanding desk carpeted home office design in Bridgeport with gray walls

Glamorous home officeTransitional Home Office, Bridgeport

This lush home office features a Barbara Barry desk and Robert Allen ottoman. The charcoal wallpaper, creamy lacquered desk, blue velvet and silver silk all combine to bring glamour to a fashionable lady's home office.

Example of a transitional freestanding desk carpeted home office design in Bridgeport with gray walls —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (42)

ruthwaller wrote:Dec 9, 2011
  • PRO
    Cynthia Mason Interiors
    Isn't it beautiful? It's from Robert Allen, available through interior design professionals. Let me know if you need help or a recommendation. Thanks for asking!
    -Cynthia Mason Interiors
jkenned wrote:Feb 5, 2012
Luxury Home Solutions wrote:Feb 11, 2012
  • marciesmith1
    what style would you say this desk is -- where did you find it?
  • Karen Konecny
    I have this desk by Barbara Barry and it is not finished on the back side. I don't understand this photo. It looks beautiful but how does this work
ednaposada wrote:Mar 22, 2012
Where can I buy the desk chair?

  • aneta1119
    Love the entire set up. Gorgeous! I would be interested in buying the custom chair. Can you email me the details and price. Aneta1119@aol.com. Thank you
  • ntrainey22
    Doe the chair have arms?
Kashigari wrote:May 5, 2012
  • PRO
    Gabberts Design Studio
    Check out Precedent furniture, they have a very similar chair. Gorgeous!
dramaqueen313 wrote:Jun 5, 2012
where can i buy the desk from?

  • PRO
    Cynthia Mason Interiors
    You can purchase the desk through Cynthia Mason Interiors or your local designer center. Thanks for stopping by!
jcan8810 wrote:Jun 17, 2012
is the computer set up behind desk? how much is this desk and ar there ones like it for a good price

    ninja betic wrote:Jun 25, 2012
    • parish
      Cynthia , I'm in love with this office!! Where did you buy the chair?
      You did amazing job !
    • marode
      Hi Cynthia. I love the room and your colour combinations. I especially love your window treatment. Can I have a full window treatment picture? Thanks
    kprasla wrote:Jul 9, 2012
    ahalve wrote:Sep 22, 2012
    I love the idea of a workspace behind a beautiful desk. I would like the information on the workspace,.

    - Is the workspace made (how and with what materials ) or is it a purchased table (where?). Thank you!

    • PRO
      Cynthia Mason Interiors
      The workspace was custom-made of wood and lacquered dark charcoal to blend into the wall. It's attached to the wall with large brackets. Thanks for asking!
    Ann Bledsoe wrote:Sep 24, 2012
    love the ottoman. Where is it from?

    jnaik wrote:Sep 25, 2012
    mdunk30 wrote:Dec 27, 2012
    Is that paint or wallpaper? If wallpaper can you please tell me name/brand? If paint can you provide color?

    • Geneviève
      Its walpaper this was on one of the answers that I found
      Wallpaper: Carl Robinson Wallpaper Edition 1 "Austral" is VERY similar (not cheap $$$ at $436 a roll.. but stunning)
    • sherryd7
      Would also like info on the wall covering.
    hiltony wrote:Jan 14, 2013
    • dmahshi
      Can you please send me the link to buy the wallpaper.
    • Jennifer Carpenter
      I am interested in the Chandelier. Benchpressjenny@gmail.com
    Christopher Yue wrote:Feb 17, 2013
    Why is there an ottoman in the middle of the room?

    - isnt it for resting your feet?

    • Belle La Vue
      ..and why is the desk backwards?
    pokeypie wrote:Feb 19, 2013

      Judy Marsella wrote:Mar 9, 2013
      LOVE this desk, where can I purchase it?

      • Belle La Vue
        That is not paint, it is wallpaper.
      • hezsiganderson
        where do you find the wall paper?
      angeliteb wrote:Apr 15, 2013
      The curtains are beautiful! Where can I find them?

      • alhusain
        Could you please tell me what style these curtains are in? It's very unusual and I haven't seen it before and despite extensive research haven't been able to find anything like it. Is it an american thing?
      • kingshouse7
        Beautiful drapery. Would have loved to see full window treatment.
      paddison wrote:Jun 26, 2013
      Chandelier, where is it available?

      - Chandelier, who is manufacturer?

      • Adam Beck
        That chandelier is from Currey & Company.
      capitalyessiree wrote:Jul 14, 2013
      Love the desk. Where can I purchase it?

      • Belle La Vue
        The desk is Barbara Barry Realized by Henredon
      karenrick wrote:Jul 15, 2013
        maryloverde wrote:Nov 3, 2013
        Who manufactured the desk chair?

        • Robi Spikes
          I recently purchased this desk. It is made by Barbara Barry
        • Belle La Vue
          Try Hancock & Moore for the chair. I think they do custom fabric on desk chairs.
        lovemyowls wrote:Dec 17, 2013
        • PRO
          Yeas any one please answer detailed wallpaper info!!!
        • PRO
          Cynthia Mason Interiors

          Discontinued, sorry!

        Maria Leiva wrote:Dec 29, 2013
        Laura Lee Home wrote:Apr 11, 2014
        I am interested in purchasing the desk chair

        - Please let me know how to contact you

        • pjhandmaker
          I'm interested in a chair like this, too
        • PRO
          Dear pjhandmaker
          Hancock and Moore has a large selection of office chairs that can be customized with your fabric of choice and you can purchase it through our new & exciting site: WWW.ACCESS2DESIGNS.COM where you can... Shop Where the Designers Shop, Trade Only Manufacturers at Wholesale Prices! Please visit our site and email us if you are interested in purchasing. Have FUN!
        artiste0106 wrote:Nov 3, 2014
        0michelle wrote:Nov 23, 2014
        How much for the ottoman?

        lutine wrote:Feb 15, 2015
        • Maggie Lichtman
          She's not sharing any sources!!
        • jenchauncey

          I recognize the desk. It is the lady desk by Barbara Barry for Henredon. Very pretty room!

        Medford Design-Build wrote:Apr 1, 2015
        Jen Matt wrote:Jun 2, 2015
        love the ottoman. Where is it from?

        • PRO
          Cynthia Mason Interiors

          The ottoman was from Robert Allen Design, but has been discontinued.

        Reva Khanna wrote:Jul 11, 2015
        How much and where sold

          EG Carbonilla wrote:Aug 5, 2015
          dredrebabe wrote:Aug 25, 2015
          • cinhassler

            Who makes the wallpaper? I really like the pattern

          • PRO
            Bear Homes

            Hi there, can you please tell me who makes this wallpaper?

          raimonda_papievyte wrote:Oct 24, 2015
            bensonsk8 wrote:Dec 21, 2015
              ssubba wrote:Feb 2, 2016
                sharon1980 wrote:Mar 24, 2016
                Name of wallpaper!

                  kcoleman1981 wrote:Jun 5, 2016
                  What is the brand and name of the wallpaper?

                  - It's gorgeous!

                    Hala K wrote:Aug 7, 2016
                      Refiner’s Touch Interiors wrote:Nov 26, 2016
                      Where do I purchase the stencil

                      - Where do I purchase the stencil

                        Sue Raymond wrote:Aug 8, 2018
                        where can I find the desk chair (blue velvet tufted)?

                        - Thank you

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