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Example of a huge transitional living room design in Los Angeles with blue walls

Hollywood ResidenceTransitional Living Room, Los Angeles

Example of a huge transitional living room design in Los Angeles with blue walls —  Houzz

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alicew wrote:Jan 26, 2011
  • PRO
    KitchenLab | Rebekah Zaveloff Interiors
    Sometimes this is a mural and done with paint, but any wallpaper person can do a ceiling as well as a wall. Albeit, it's harder on the neck!
  • Mary Weiker

    I am captivated by this beautiful space! Ever so lovely!

jotylaka wrote:Jul 19, 2011
  • PRO
    Beautiful Visions For Windows
    How did you order these drapes as four panels or one pair of drapes and two panels?
  • Katy
    Hi any ideas on where these came from? Love them!
Sheila Edmond wrote:Jul 26, 2011
  • PRO
    Elizabeth Gordon
    The hardware in the picture is shown exactly as it looks in person on site. Because of the distance of the shot, it's a little deceptive in that it looks like one continuous rod. It is in fact 3 seperate rods that are mounted end to end, with decorative ball finnials at the outer-most ends. The main supports for the rods are hidden at the locations where the overdrape is hung, so with the exception of the center support that you can see, the rod appears clean and clutter free. Both the roman shades and the rods are raised and hung higher above the tops of the windows to give the illusion of more ceiling height.
  • Sheila Edmond
    Thank you so very much. I now know exactly what to do.
joannstidman wrote:Jul 27, 2011
    lporto1059 wrote:Jul 27, 2011
    • Patricia Gann
    • PRO
      Elizabeth Gordon
      Oh, if only I could spring back to 1971 and buy it there! This was a vintage piece that we found locally in Los Angeles that the client fell in love with.
    steffirohn wrote:Aug 11, 2011
    • angellike

      I have a 25 ft curved custom window beautiful however finding drapery was a challenge I found this company in texas they will custom make any shape size or length Their work is Beautiful easy to follow instructions on how to measure and create a tempplete is window has a curve
    Zieba Builders, Inc. wrote:Feb 28, 2012
    • PRO
      Elizabeth Gordon
      Thank you so much for the compliment...!
    jordanna40 wrote:Mar 14, 2012
    • PRO
      Elizabeth Gordon
      The sofas and accent chairs are actually a muted gold in color, but by the time the blue of the walls reflects into the room, it changes the color of the fabrics. The wall color is Dunn Edwards Shiny Nickel.
    • drevellyn
      Elizabeth- you are an amazing designer!!! Can you tell me if your same wall color would look good in a smaller living room with minimal natural light?
    Margarita del Valle wrote:Aug 12, 2012
    • PRO
      Elizabeth Gordon
      All of the window treatments are the same fabric combining folded roman shades with ripplefold drapery.
    • tbarickman1
      so where do I get these magnificent roman shades?
    Kelli Pournaras wrote:Sep 11, 2012
    What color and fabric is on the coach?

    • Emmie Butler
      Absolutely gorgeous! Can I ask what colour are the walls?
    • PRO
      Elizabeth Gordon
      The wall color is from Dunn Edwards, Shiny Nickel, DE 6338.
    rods for panels whose are they

    • PRO
      Elizabeth Gordon
      The drapery rods in the picture were custom fabricated by the drapery mfr. that I use. But they are nothing fancey- just simple black iron. You can find similar hardware from many other sources.
    grumpytaylors wrote:Nov 15, 2012
    Where can I buy the wallpaper?

    • PRO
      Elizabeth Gordon
      The wallpaper used on the ceiling was a custom design that I had made for the project. I'm afraid it isn't available for purchase.
    sisterstrand wrote:Nov 22, 2012
    Where did the chair come from?

    grkcmo wrote:Dec 4, 2012
    • PRO
      Elizabeth Gordon
      There are a lot of websites and books that you can reference to find DIY instructions on how to make roman shades at home. I would research and find one of those. I typically use a professional installer/fabricator to make my window treatments.
    Chic Unique Designs wrote:Mar 5, 2013
    source for the divider screen?

    - Source for the divider screen?

      meeraballal wrote:Mar 17, 2013
      Please explain how you did the light fixture on the ceiling. Is it a miror that has been fitted with a light?

      • lisamargaret
        Brilliant. I have looked all over for this fixture as a "light" so thank you for clarifying. What a genius idea!
      • PRO
        flores de pared
        love the detail of the mirror
      Lyn Taylor wrote:Apr 4, 2013
      How to clean the Roman shade window treatment.Is the roman shades machine washable or dry clean only?Thank you

      • carrieleetice
        can I order these shades somewhere?
      • upnor
        Hi, I love everything done here too, and the room is very similar in basic design with the windows, floor plan, but not that cool ceiling or furnishings. I have been drooling over this for weeks, and have been seeking items to add to my space to achieve a similar effect. I bought a new sofa and some chairs, and some similar tables. I already have the same color pallet and lighting, but no drapes. It was the drapes that really caught my attention here. I plan to sew them and the shades myself. I am a seamstress although I sew mainly dresses. Anyway, I have a suggestion for those of you brave enough to try to make them your selves. The reason the shades won't lie flat is because the way the fabric is woven. There are weft and warp threads that intersect in the weaving process that tend to shrink at different rates when cleaned. One way to overcome this challenge is by prepping the fabric prior to fabrication. That involves pre washing and drying the uncut fabric, then stretching it back to shape. Every fabric is different, so go with a fabric that you feel comfortable washing. Adding fabric softener will help the fabric regain it's original shape. Ironing flat is also a must do. Different fabrics shrink at different rates, and good suppliers with provide the shrink rates of the weft and warm. The closer they are in percentages, the less they will loose their shape and drape. Once The fabric is prepped, then it is ok to create a pattern using the online sources as suggested. Avoid using metal parts in your construction as the tend to stain. Never sew with a different color thread even in obscure locations like hems as they could bleed too. Anyway, prep., make them tough and smart. It is easy....make a practice piece first. Once they are complete, and good old Uncle Chimney and his friends stink them up and make them dusty you will be able to gently hand soak and wash in your bathtub, hang to dry, and iron if needed.
      dorsmit wrote:Jun 18, 2013
      Who is the Manufacturer of the sofa?

      • PRO
        Elizabeth Gordon
        I actually had the sofa custom-made for the project. But there are similar styles widely available.
      tedhat404 wrote:Jun 20, 2013
      • Lucie Tougas

        Thank you very much, Ms. Gordon, I will be contacting them and letting them know of your recommendation.

      • PRO
      iyaboo wrote:Oct 27, 2013
      • Carolee Winters-Ballard
        I'm in love with the ceiling is that wall paper and where could i find that material for the ceiling its beautiful
      • PRO
        Elizabeth Gordon

        It is wallpaper, but unfortunately it was a custom design that I had made specifically for the room. It was done in the style of a Chinese chinoiserie, so you could probably find something similar for your space.

      darcinorberg wrote:Jan 10, 2014
      I love the round side tables! Where did they come from?

      • PRO
        Elizabeth Gordon
        The are from a wholesale company called Global Views. You can go to their website to find a retailer that carries their product near you.
      Tamy Albanese Geist wrote:Feb 12, 2014
      • PRO
        Elizabeth Gordon
        The wall color is Dunn Edwards, Foil #DE-6360.
      lindaldavis wrote:Feb 16, 2014
      Where do the lamps plug in?

      • PRO
        Elizabeth Gordon
        The living room was designed with floor outlets that sit out of site under the sofas.
      • joseyo122
        I'm my opinion your the best no argue about it
      skrpan wrote:May 14, 2014
      • PRO
        Elizabeth Gordon
        The living room is roughly 17' wide x 24' long. Behind the two slipper chairs is one of two 5' entrances into the space.
      sharonfriend1 wrote:Jul 9, 2015
      The roman shadesare beautiful! What fabric was added (the darker tan)

      • PRO
        Elizabeth Gordon

        The drapery fabric was all the same color.

      sharonfriend1 wrote:Jul 9, 2015
      What was done to the roman shades to get this effect!

      • PRO
        Elizabeth Gordon

        Hi there... I'm not exactly sure what you are referring to, but there wasn't anything special done to the shades. What you are seeing is the light from the window coming through the fabric. The shades were left unlined for this purpose.

      kymnoel wrote:Aug 8, 2015
      What sort of pleat did you use on the panels.

      • PRO
        Elizabeth Gordon

        The drapery panels were done with a french pleat.

      srowell196584 wrote:Feb 16, 2016
      Where did you purchase the window treatment and company name, etc.

      • PRO
        Elizabeth Gordon

        I use fabricators for my window treatments that only work with the trade. You could get the same look from a custom fabricator in your area or a company like Smith and Noble online.

      casalinda10 wrote:May 6, 2016
      Who makes the lamps?

      • PRO
        Elizabeth Gordon

        The window treatments shown in this image were custom. But you can do something very similar thorugh SmithandNoble.com.

      • mirayda ta

        thanks for the advice!

      June Leblanc wrote:Mar 28, 2017
      Like the sofa - how much and where?

      • PRO
        Elizabeth Gordon

        The sofa was a custom piece that I designed and had made for the client.

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