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Example of a classic white floor bedroom design in Atlanta with gray walls

J. Hirsch Interior Design PortfolioTraditional Bedroom, Atlanta

Example of a classic white floor bedroom design in Atlanta with gray walls —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (136)

ZaneeLovestheseventies Oliver wrote:Aug 12, 2011
  • PRO
    J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC
    The floors are heart pine with a thinned out gesso finish. You could also use a light gray stain to achieve a similar color.
  • paulakopasz
    I come back to this beautiful room again and again for inspiration. Thank you for being so generous in supplying concrete information as to how you achieved the look.
emgovi wrote:Sep 13, 2011
cldideas wrote:Oct 7, 2011
  • PRO
    J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC
    It is from Moattar Rugs in Atlanta and it was a one of a kind rug.
    Janie Hirsch
  • PRO
    Caravan Rug
    This is a traditional antique replica hand-made rug from Caravan Rug Corp. Bamyan Collection sold by Caravan's authorized dealer Moattar Rugs in Atlanta.
jpanu wrote:Oct 24, 2011
  • PRO
    J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC
    The chest used for a night stand is from Hickory White and has the standard hardware on it. The finish is called Walnut Ivory.

    Thanks for your interest,
    Janie Hirsch
cjudy wrote:Oct 25, 2011
kmr1954 wrote:Nov 14, 2011
  • PRO
    J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC
    The closest I can get is Benjamin Moore Vapor Trails #1556.

    Janie Hirsch
  • avivaot
    Thank you so much! I have been searching for a while
3berzuck wrote:Nov 20, 2011
  • PRO
    J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC
    The chandelier is from Currey & Company. I do not have the name of the fixture since the file is in storage.

    Janie Hirsch
cynthiahu wrote:Jan 3, 2012
  • amiddlek
    Hi! This is a beautiful room! Would you mind sharing the linen fabric used for the headboard? I love it!
  • PRO
    J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC
    Robert Allen Valemont Barley.
organizercoach wrote:Jan 12, 2012
  • PRO
    J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC
    This bedding was from Legacy Linens, but unfortunately, it has been discontinued.

    Janie Hirsch
sachinsachin wrote:Jan 16, 2012
  • shan1008
    Do you know the cost of the night stand? The prices are not located on the website.
  • PRO
    J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC
    My last retail price list from last year may not be the most current and it states that the list price is $3225 in a premium finish without freight and delivery. There may have been a price increase since then. If you let me know where you are and where it would be shipped to, I could get a current price for you.

    Janie Hirsch
fitkat wrote:Jan 25, 2012
  • PRO
    J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC
    You really want the headboard to be at least the width of the mattress and box spring or a little wider.
    Janie Hirsch
  • ctmaster
    Thank you - I visited the home today, and measured between the 2 windows, it is 90" so unfortunately this headboard won't work :(

    Back to the drawing board...

    Thank you again for your help!
kristenetempleton wrote:Feb 15, 2012
stephanielipman wrote:Feb 17, 2012
Karla Beason wrote:Mar 27, 2012
  • beda1130
    That was my first thought. I was just hoping there was another solution. I thank you very much for your swift response. I still like your room very much.
    Donna Vitrano
  • PRO
    M&M Interiors
    Janie, as one designer to another - I just wanted to say I think you have been very generous with your answers and the room is lovely.
mrszjohnson wrote:Jun 26, 2012
  • razzleme
    I love the headboard! How was that made?
  • PRO
    J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC
    I purchased a very thick and heavy framing molding from a frame shop in 10' long sticks and had my contractor have it cut and installed to the size that I wanted. My workroom then upholstered inside and applied the fabric.
    Janie Hirsch
cnbaukne wrote:Jul 13, 2012
Hi Janie. What's the wall color?

dcgatorwife wrote:Jul 15, 2012
  • PRO
    J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC
    It was from Legacy Linens and it has been discontinued. They have other beautiful linens though.
    Janie Hirsch
  • Jennifer Elias
    Thank-you :)
    You have great taste
catmar wrote:Jul 16, 2012
  • PRO
    J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC
    My drapery that I have made is always lined and interlined for the best result. They are usually at least two times fullness, so this small window is probably at least two widths of fabric. These pleats are goblet pleats.
    Janie Hirsch
catmar wrote:Jul 16, 2012
  • catmar
    Thank you! One more questions. Can you estimate the diameter of the rod?
  • PRO
    J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC
    This one is a 1 1/2" diameter rod.
    Janie Hirsch
mastrala620 wrote:Jul 30, 2012
I see the paint color and number but who makes the paint?

- Would you recommend this color theme with tan walls?

  • PRO
    J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC
    It is from the Sherwin Williams Martha Stewart color collection. It is no longer shown in the paint stores, but they can look up the formula and make it for you. It is a blue grey and could go with a tan depending on the shade of tan that you have.
    Janie Hirsch
lmvincent wrote:Aug 18, 2012
What is the name of the bedding in this photo?

  • jnshapiro
    Type yourWhere can I buy the nightstand comment here...
  • PRO
    J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC
    The nightstand is from Hickory White.
    Janie Hirsch
mastrala620 wrote:Aug 20, 2012
  • PRO
    J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC
    They are 100% linen in an aqua bluish color with a tone on tone damask type all over pattern.
    Janie Hirsch
  • mastrala620
    Thank you so much.
mastrala620 wrote:Aug 23, 2012
  • PRO
    J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC
    They are not the same fabric and the color is a little more intense blue than the drapes. All of this is not a set, so be creative and mix it up. Just make sure that the different tones work together.
    Janie Hirsch
  • mastrala620
    Yes putting things together always seems to be my problem. I am always trying to match everything. Thank you so much for your help
kareneliza wrote:Aug 29, 2012
Is it possible to buy curtains like these? If not, can you tell me the name and manufacturer of the fabric.

  • mastrala620
    I read your message that you could actually have the same curtains made? If I also would like the same curtain would you be able to help me out with that?
  • PRO
    J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC
    Yes I could. Please email me separately at janieh@jhirschinteriors.com with your contact information.
    Janie Hirsch
mastrala620 wrote:Aug 29, 2012
  • PRO
    J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC
    I think that you could do all three depending on the ceiling height. You don't want them to be similar in height. You also do not want them to compete in style, so keep the ceiling fan simple and possibly blend in with the ceiling.
    Janie Hirsch
  • Shanii Fry
    I agree, I have tall ceilings in my master bedroom and I love the idea of having a chandelier on each side of the bed. I would switch out my ceiling fan to something very plain and simple and close to the ceiling.
zoumalan wrote:Sep 23, 2012
Could you please let me know the material used in the, I think it's linen?

- Can you tell me the material used in the headboard

tashavatistas wrote:Oct 5, 2012
Where did you purchase the ottoman at the foot of the bed?

Brandi Michel wrote:Oct 7, 2012
  • Pamela Fortier
    They absolutely go together and don't be afraid to add contrasting accent colors such as apricot
  • happyasaclam
    Wow! That would be a great combo! I hope you are happy with how your bedroom turned out. Please post "after" pictures! :)
Franny wrote:Oct 15, 2012
Love it! Do you have additional photos of this bedroom?

  • housedreamer1
    My favorite bedroom in all of houzz
  • pmd323
    how much was the frame??
jshensky wrote:Oct 24, 2012
What a wonderful and interesting headboard. What is the fabric that you encased?

  • Mary Snider
    What type of padding is used within the frame of the headboard?
  • PRO
    J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC
    Just a cotton batting. You could use poly batting also.
Sunni wrote:Nov 1, 2012
  • PRO
    J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC
    The quilted linen coverlet was custom made through Robert Allen Design. The gold tone on tone duvet and pillows are Legacy Linens, and the blue pillows were custom made.
  • Sunni
    Thank you so much. I am going through the Legacy Linens site right now. Absolutely beautiful collections! Thanks again!
efellner wrote:Nov 13, 2012
I have fallen in love withthe headboard!!!!! What type of wood and where can I get similar wood to replicate

  • shaneil_wright
    Hi Janie,
    I'm going to try to make one of these myself, do you think using a 9" crown molding would work?
  • PRO
    J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC
    I do not know if this will work. Crown molding does not have a flat block shape to it to be able to attach it to the wall like the type of framing molding that was used. If you know of one that does, give it a try.
SSJ Builders, LLC wrote:Nov 28, 2012
love the headboard!! What size is it and how did you cover with no seams?

  • PRO
    J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC
    Actually, the molding was installed first then my workroom measured and fabricated the linen panel to upholster it on site.
  • PRO
    ... and THAT'S why you're the expert!! Thanks for the update -- I am definitely going to try it YOUR way!!
sprinkles wrote:Dec 23, 2012
  • PRO
    J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC
    They are old Duron paint colors. The walls are Bird's Nest #8073 and the trim and ceilings are Patina #8075 with the pigment cut in half. If you need something close for the walls, the closest I can get is Benjamin Moore Vapor Trails #1556.
  • sprinkles
    Thank you so much for your response-have a safe and happy New Year!
ejsager wrote:Dec 31, 2012
Love the color of pillows on bed, where can I find them?

jennifernolan520 wrote:Jan 11, 2013
debbiekirk wrote:Jan 15, 2013
How high above the nightstand does the chandelier fall??

N A wrote:Jan 15, 2013
Where is the nightstand from?

legomonsterh wrote:Jan 27, 2013
  • PRO
    J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC
    This bedroom costs considerably more than $4000 and if course would depend on current availability and pricing. If this is your budget, I would recommend either looking for similar items to achieve this look, or try to execute it in phases.
lizzy75 wrote:Jan 29, 2013
  • Angeles Vela
    thank you!
  • Jordan Mahle
    The colors are very soothing for a #bedroom!
texasshopgirl74 wrote:Feb 5, 2013
Hello. Can you make a replica headboard? If so, how much is it and do you ship out of state? Thank you.

  • PRO
    eclusier design
    Absolutely adore this room! It is not very complicated to "do it yourself "really. I have made a very similar one without upholster but with using textured wallpaper instead .Then the final look is really in frames by choice. I have created my first headboard like that 15 years ago only because could not afford much furniture then :-)
  • texasshopgirl74
    Thank you, Sam!
daniiellac wrote:Feb 6, 2013
What is the ceiling height of this room?

lhayesmd wrote:Feb 12, 2013
  • Alex511
    I am a huge fan of Janie's work. There is a design firm whose work I have seen (I went to both model homes that they did in Fairfax and Vienna, Virginia (which pictures are on their profile)), and I think their work is lovely. They are in Annapolis. http://www.houzz.com/pro/keliser/dream-house-studios
  • lhayesmd
    I'm glad my friend told me about Houzz so I could get these great tips! I checked out the link you sent and liked the photos. Thank you SO much. Their studio is only about 15 mins from my home.
nsanders84 wrote:Feb 19, 2013
Libby Gerardo wrote:Mar 5, 2013
    lyrics1967 wrote:Mar 8, 2013
    How many different layers make up the frame to reach your approx 6 inch width and to achieve that style?

    rlakritz wrote:Mar 10, 2013
    • rlakritz
      Thanks again!
    • PRO
      Blue Ocean Studio
      So generous of you to share all of this. This room is gorgeous and the frame treatment exquisitely done. How id they apply the frame to the wall
    lamcg wrote:Apr 17, 2013
    Where did you purchase the bedding?

    • PRO
      J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC
      The print is Perugia Natural, the solid is Jefferson Linen Hemp, and the blue was added with custom fabrics.
    • bjshep
      Thanks so much for taking the time to answer this. Again, this room is definitely rated at the top on Houzz. Great job!
    Lorraine B wrote:May 13, 2013
    Can I still do a headboard like this and hanging chandeliers if my bedroom ceiling is only 8 feet ?

    - Can I still do a headboard like this and hanging chandeliers if my bedroom ceiling is only 8 feet ? I adore this room !

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