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Example of a mountain style subway tile bathroom design in Portland

Jackson Hole ResidenceRustic Bathroom, Portland

All five bathrooms in this ski home have a refined approach, with Heath Ceramics handmade tile and a unified cabinetry motif throughout. Architecture & interior design by Michael Howells. Photos by David Agnello, copyright 2012.

Example of a mountain style subway tile bathroom design in Portland —  Houzz

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This photo has 35 questions

crossi5 wrote:Jul 2, 2012
Can you tell me where you got the subway tiles?

  • PRO
    Howells Architecture + Design
    The tiles are from Heath Ceramics in Sausalito. They are handmade artisanal tiles and therefore not inexpensive. But extremely beautiful.
cortrece2 wrote:Jul 13, 2012
Where can I get the glass divider?

  • PRO
    Advent Home Solutions
    This one looks like one fixed panel on the wall and then a hinged door section & judging by the photo it is probably 10mm tempered glass. Anything like this is almost always custom made so that's why you would need to speak to a local glass installer to get a quote. The type of hardware you opt for can add significantly to the price too.
  • PRO
    Howells Architecture + Design
    The glass at the tub/shower is sometimes referred to as a “European splashguard.” Any tempered glass shower door provider-installer can fabricate one.
Kae Johnson wrote:Jul 22, 2012
  • PRO
    Howells Architecture + Design
    It is limestone. I don’t have a record of the particular variety. I selected it at a stone yard.
drounds77 wrote:Oct 7, 2012
Do you know where I can get the bathroom door from?

- .

shaken60 wrote:Oct 18, 2012
I undertand the door is custom but is the middle panel a glued on panel similar to Beadboard?

  • PRO
    Supa Doors
    Kudos on the design. It is amazing how this "southwest" design has become a modern feel, and believe you are on the beginning edge of a trend in seeing this and similar designs being used in contemporary application. We've only seen it on upscale/boutique hotels to date. I'm sure you used a solid material, but for others, careful on choosing a flush door as many have a rough particleboard underneath the door face. Look forward to seeing other design ideas when it comes to doors. To often, doors are just a functional aspect of the project.
  • msmarvel
    Our interior doors are similar to this, made by Masonite in a style called "Saddlebrook"
hag0621 wrote:Dec 14, 2012
what make and style is this bathtub? Thank you so much!

  • Missy Stalp
    Thanks, Howells! :)
  • PRO
    Howells Architecture + Design

    Not familiar with the term platform tub. This is a Kohler drop-in tub. It has upturned flanges at the 2 walls behind the tile.

ycity wrote:Dec 31, 2012
Where is the floor from? Or if you could describe it (color, material, size)! Thanks!

docshah3 wrote:Feb 20, 2013
Approximately what is the cost of the shower door materials/glass? Its gorgeous!

  • PRO
    Howells Architecture + Design
    Sorry, I can't be exact about this. This is part of a large custom project.
    The glass at the tub/shower is sometimes referred to as a “European splashguard.” Any tempered glass shower door provider-installer can fabricate one so you might start with a contractor or installer who can quote you. Good luck.
deliverator wrote:Feb 24, 2013
sherskowitz wrote:Mar 5, 2013
  • Bearcubus

    Wow. YOu are crazy helpful. Hope it pays off for you. Very functional, pleasant bath design.

  • PRO
Lotte Manel wrote:Apr 11, 2013
  • PRO
    Howells Architecture + Design
    This door acts like a shower curtain, preventing water from splashing onto the floor. It is called a European splash guard.
Dini Claudia wrote:May 24, 2013
name of ur design ??

Steph wrote:Jun 16, 2013
  • PRO
    Howells Architecture + Design
    Roughly 9 X 12 inclusive of toilet room behind door.
  • Steph
    Thanks! I love the separate toilet room.
sam5678 wrote:Jun 18, 2013
carro14 wrote:Jun 30, 2013
what is the length, height and manufacturer of the tub shild. Love it

  • PRO
    Howells Architecture + Design
    I can't give you manufacturer as the piece was custom fabricated for this project. This type of glass door is known as a European Splash Guard. Any tempered glass shower door provider-installer can fabricate one so you might start with a contractor or installer who can quote you.
keymom wrote:Jul 14, 2013
What is the distance between the vanity and the tub?

ahyman920 wrote:Sep 22, 2013
  • Michelle Kunze

    Where can I buy this European splash guard? or otherwise called frameless door?

  • PRO
    Howells Architecture + Design

    Any tempered glass shower door provider-installer can
    fabricate one.

Nina Smith wrote:Oct 7, 2013
Where did you get the vanity? I love the design!

- Is this a custom built vanity?

Nina Smith wrote:Oct 7, 2013
What color Heath tile is this?

- ?

510lake wrote:Oct 12, 2013
Paint colour please.

pholloway wrote:Nov 3, 2013
What is the color and material of the countertop. Thank you.

  • bcon268
    Wondering what sort of maintenance limestone needs. It's beautiful.
  • PRO
    Howells Architecture + Design
    There's a bit of maintenance involved, but nothing too elaborate. A good sealer should suffice.
starmanway wrote:Dec 8, 2013
  • PRO
    Howells Architecture + Design
    42 inches is a good height for these sorts of things. You don't have to take tub height into account.
  • S Hill

    I ran into this recently. The client had a deeper than average tub for shower/tub combo. Tub was 22" H . In this case the frameless shower door fabricator installed the handle centered in the glass .... it ended up looking ridiculous as the handle was 62" above the floor... basically at or above eye level for many people, including the client. This turned into a real debate... he was adamant that the handle height was acceptable and standard. My opinion is you DO have to take into account the tub height... so if you have a tall tub, place the handle lower on the glass to compensate!

gradiva wrote:Jan 24, 2014
What style and make is the door handle?

  • PRO
    Howells Architecture + Design
    Jane, There is a gasket kit that is intended for these applications. The gasket runs continuously along the tub edge behind the tile plane but on top of the tub flange.
  • PRO
hashla wrote:Oct 21, 2014
what are the dimensions is the bathroom

- what are the dimensions is the bathroom

  • PRO
    Matthew Fletcher - Realtor

    Beautiful bathroom. But, with a 3"2" wide tub and 3" between tub and vanity, surely this is at least 8' wide when adding the vanity depth? thank you. I'm not being fussy, but have 7' to try to achieve this and it's too tight.

  • PRO
    Howells Architecture + Design

    update: the wrong dimensions were posted for this bathroom. The correct dimensions are: 9 x 14 (without toilet room). Sorry for any confusion, if anyone is still reading this!

cender wrote:Nov 20, 2014
rhtyner wrote:Jan 24, 2015
sandraedel wrote:Apr 1, 2015
What is the length and width of the tub deck? Thanks!

orcsesandfishes wrote:Apr 17, 2015
  • PRO
    Howells Architecture + Design

    It was fabricated custom for this bathroom. The glass at the tub/shower is sometimes referred to as a “European
    splashguard.” Any tempered glass shower door provider-installer can
    fabricate one. Hope that helps.

Aida Diaz wrote:Dec 21, 2015
What brand/where can I find the wall light ?

- Need lighting like the one in this Botox

albacalao718 wrote:Feb 9, 2016
How much

  • PRO
    Howells Architecture + Design

    If you are asking about the budget, I'm sorry, but we do not disclose that information on Houzz.

jnavarro47 wrote:Feb 17, 2016
Must all handles be the same throughout the house

  • PRO
    Howells Architecture + Design

    In this house we used a Rocky Mountain Hardware line throughout the bathrooms and kitchen, to give some consistency to the project.

Sarah wrote:Mar 13, 2016
bardzil wrote:Jun 11, 2017
How tall is the door and what is ceiling height?

msfine1 wrote:Feb 4, 2018

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