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Inspiration for a huge industrial living room remodel in Chicago with white walls

jamesthomas, LLCIndustrial Living Room, Chicago

Great Room

Inspiration for a huge industrial living room remodel in Chicago with white walls —  Houzz

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This photo has 95 questions

wptckids wrote:Feb 11, 2012
  • aprilmow69
    yes I love them as well, where are they from? Thank you!
  • lgiczews

    Couls you tell me where I can find these sectionals?

Jennifer Coppock wrote:Feb 19, 2012
4lynn wrote:Mar 4, 2012
  • PRO
    jamesthomas Interiors
    Thank you! The space is roughly 50'-0" long (Great Room to Resource Room) and 30'-0" wide (Kitchen to Window Wall).
lhuefner wrote:Mar 15, 2012
Can you tell me where the side console table is from? Thanks! Beautiful space!

  • PRO
    jamesthomas Interiors
    Thank you so much! Unfortunately it is a discontinued item from Espasso. Berman Rosetti makes some beautiful pieces that are very similar.
Erinn Wiens wrote:Mar 21, 2012
gorgeous! who makes the sectionals?

  • PRO
    jamesthomas Interiors

    The sectional us custom made by our firm. The coffee table can be found at Evan Lewis in Chicago.

  • chrisstack

    What a nice color white. Hard to find a nice white for a sofa. I have been trying, so tired of beige or gold. Beautiful room!

abuela1 wrote:Mar 21, 2012
Would appreciate knowing the paint brand and name...many thanks !

  • PRO
    The Shabby Nest
    Valspar's Clean White is a similar color.
Chanel wrote:Mar 21, 2012
Can you please tell me where can I find this rug?

    barbzeeg wrote:Mar 22, 2012
    • trikeril
      I would suggest contacting Hokanson directly, as this rug was purchased a few years ago and we wouldn't want to give you the wrong pricing for current product. If you show Hokanson a picture of this rug they should be able to give you all of the details. Good luck!
    • barbzeeg
      thanks for getting back to me so quickly
    Lauren Voit wrote:Mar 23, 2012
    • PRO
      jamesthomas Interiors
      Thank you so much! The space was completed three years ago. We were with the owners last week - no plans of moving anytime soon.
    shivanindesai wrote:Mar 24, 2012
    Where can I buy the two folding seats?

    • PRO
      jamesthomas Interiors
      Cristian Liagre "Bazane Stool". Available through the David Sutherland showroom.
    Shannon wrote:Mar 26, 2012
    How high are the ceilings?

    svelvel wrote:Mar 30, 2012
    Can you tell me the name and manufacturer of the ceiling fan? Love the simplicity. Thank you!

    • sherband

      I am wondering about the all stainless fan in the photo and what size downlink was used in this space. I have 15' ceilings as well. Thanks!

    • PRO
      Hansen Wholesale

      I personally cannot comment on the actual downlink used since I did not post this picture. It appears in this photo that the fan is somewhere between 9 and 10 feet from the floor. A previous post says the ceiling height is 14' 9". Based on this, I estimate that they used either the
      51". If you add 9 1/2" to the length of the downlink it will tell you the overall length the fan hangs from the ceiling to the bottom of the light. So a 51" downlink would put the fan 9' 9" from the floor...which makes sense.
      The rule of thumb for ceiling fans installed on high ceilings when it comes to performance is to bring the fan down as close to 7 feet from the floor as possible. The higher the fan is installed from that point, the less airflow you will feel. Aesthetically, the rule differs because the fan looks better if it is closer to 9 or 10 feet from the floor on higher ceilings as is evidenced in this room setting. So there is a balance between how the fan looks in the room and how well it functions.

      For a room like yours with a 15' high ceiling (6" higher than this room), the 51" downlink will put the fan 10' from the floor and the 63" downlink will be 9' from the floor.

    maryv177 wrote:Mar 30, 2012
    This room is beautiful. Hope you can let me know where this coffee table is from? Thank you.

    emontey wrote:Apr 2, 2012
    • rachredhead
      I would also like to know where the couches are from. Thanks.
    A B wrote:Apr 27, 2012
    Where are these sofas from? I love them!

    • ijsaunes
      Look at Norwegian website http://www.slettvoll.no/, they have similare style. Norwegian language only, but think you will manage anyhow. They deliver abroad.Good luck, it's my favourite designer!
    • sderico
      Arhaus has a similar section...the Garner collection
    96814 wrote:May 12, 2012
    where canI buy the fabric for the sectional? Manuf/series/color/cost? Very nice!

    • PRO
      jamesthomas Interiors
      Thank you! The fabric is made by Glant. Style: Angkor Wat. Color: Ivory 9598/01. Glant is carried by Holly Hunt here in Chicago.
    ladywoode wrote:Jun 2, 2012
    • PRO
      jamesthomas Interiors
      Hi. The rugs are custom from the Hokanson Showroom in Chicago.
    Addison and Company LLC wrote:Sep 20, 2012
    The sofa's beautiful what are the dimentions. I am a designer can I order from you? Love this room

    - My clients fell in love with the sofas. What are the dimentions? can I order from you? thank you Pamela

    • PRO
      Upholstery Creations
      if you would like one built like this in any size and configuration?I would be glad to assist you.
    • tammie6755

      I love these sofas; are they A Rudin?

      Thank you


    jilr wrote:Oct 3, 2012
    • Liliana Chocarro

      HI, having the two corner sofas is brilliant. What are the dimensions of those sofas?

      Thank you!

    • PRO
      jamesthomas Interiors

      The sectionals are 6'-0"W x 9'-0"L (the chaise portion) and 36"D. Hope this helps!

    luckydog1 wrote:Oct 14, 2012
    I love the room. Where can I find a coffee table like this one in the picture?

    • denisethiry

      I'd love to know the dimensions of the coffee table. Beautifully put together space!

    mntejwani wrote:Oct 22, 2012
    love the table behind the sofa. Where can i find that

      Lisa Rose, M.F.A. wrote:Feb 6, 2013
      elee325 wrote:Feb 10, 2013
      I love the look of these rooms. Can you please tell me what color are the walls?

      • Zach C
        Love the couches and the layout of them used in that room. Just curious, but could you tell me where they are from? Thanks!
      • PRO
        jamesthomas Interiors
        Greetings. Thank you! The sectionals were custom-made by our firm.
      Modern Rugs LA wrote:May 5, 2013
      Muriel Dowle wrote:Jun 5, 2013
      Xstools with leather seats

      - Where an I find them

      draders wrote:Jun 5, 2013
      jasmine ghent designs wrote:Jul 9, 2013
      The two armchairs behind the sofas.. are they custom? What material?

      • PRO
        jamesthomas Interiors
        Yes, the chairs behind the sofas are custom. The body of the chair is Galbraith & Paul Tulip/Black. The seat is Maharam Aria/Pitch 459950/025.
      Snow's Custom Furniture wrote:Jul 21, 2013
      is the edging feature on the back pieces the same on the sides ?

      • adequatelemon
        Where can i find that coffee table?
      • adequatelemon
        Sorry, I found the answer further down.
      teacher19 wrote:Jul 23, 2013
      where can I find the the piece next to the chaise

      kuyktama wrote:Aug 2, 2013
      • PRO
        jamesthomas Interiors
        The sectionals were custom made by our firm. My apologies but we are net set up to do one-off pieces. I would suggest looking at Mitchell-Gold for similiar-styled pieces.
      michellenadine712 wrote:Sep 16, 2013
      • PRO
        jamesthomas Interiors
        Thank you so much for the kind accolades and congrats on your 1st home. My apologies but our firm is not set up to do one-off pieces.
      • PRO
        Upholstery Creations
        i can do it for you .i specialize in one off pieces.give me a call @ 2524142225
      sujatakiran wrote:Oct 22, 2013
      What would be the estimate cost of this sofa be in cotton fabric ?

      • PRO
        jamesthomas Interiors
        What a kind message! Thank you so much for the support as it is always appreciated. Cheers to market design!
      • diane0905
        I love it too. It looks very stylish and comfortable. Sometimes it is forgotten people actually have to live in their spaces. :)
      tbrown396 wrote:Dec 2, 2013
      Trying to choose wall color

      - What color is the wall in this room?

      aliciav wrote:Dec 4, 2013
      • PRO
        jamesthomas Interiors
        Greetings. Each sectional is aprroxiamtely 6'-0"W x 9'-0"L. Hope this helps.
      • Shellie Ross
        Where can I find this coffee table . Please e/mail
        Me at shellie@roadrunner .com
      libmaly wrote:Dec 6, 2013
      Where can I get the rug?

      • wsoakes
        I was wondering how I may also get a quote on the sectional. Wendy
      • PRO
        jamesthomas Interiors
        Hi Wendy. Please feel free to email me at james@jamesthomaschicago.com and we can discuss further.
      kammies wrote:Dec 7, 2013
      how can you call this a "private" residence with all those windows ?

        Annie wrote:Feb 6, 2014
        Elaine wrote:Mar 24, 2014
        Where could I find these fold up stools?

        • blkbrdcher
          could i get a price on that coffee table and dimensions?
        • PRO
          jamesthomas Interiors
          Hi. Sorry. We are not currently fabricating the coffee table as a one-off items. Our apologies.
        Carmen M wrote:Apr 9, 2014
        • PRO
          jamesthomas Interiors
          Greetings. The sectionals were custom made by our firm but we are happy to give you a quote: info@jtliving.com. Cheers.
        tscoffman wrote:Apr 29, 2014
        Where did you find the folding seats/stools?

        • PRO
          jamesthomas Interiors
          Greetings. The folding stools can be found at Christian Liagre.
        Jessica linders wrote:May 8, 2014
        • doingupmyhome
          Very inspirational. I am in the process of setting up my new home and this decor and furniture selections are fabulous. Very contemporary and sophisticated. I have read through the comments and believe that I can custom order the sectional from your firm. Is this true? If yes, how do I proceed. Also, I love the dining chairs. Where did you find those?
        • PRO
          jamesthomas Interiors
          Thank you! Please email me directly at james@jamesthomaschicago.com for a quote. The Dining Room chairs are "by owner". Sorry about that.
        Nancy Gibbs wrote:May 24, 2014
        What is the fabric used on the sofas? Thanks!

        • PRO
          jamesthomas Interiors
          Hi there. The sectional fabric is from Holly Hunt: Glant Angkor Wat/Ivory 9598/01.
        lauren5515 wrote:Jun 1, 2014
        • Tina Ferguson

          Hi! I've emailed you several times and have not received a response...I am VERY interested in these sectionals. Please email me with a quote, thanks!

        • PRO
          jamesthomas Interiors
          Hi Tina. So sorry we have not received your emails. Please send me a private message via HOUZZ and we will be happy to send you a quote. Thanks for reaching out! JT
        kathywi wrote:Aug 6, 2014
        • retro_rox
          Hi, just wanting to know whether you had the dimensions of the sofa's as the proportions are great! :)
        • PRO
          jamesthomas Interiors
          Each sectional is 6'-0"W x 9"-0"L.
        Carolina Alay wrote:Aug 20, 2014
        Where can I find the coffee table?

        - Love the coffee table, where can I get it from?

        Jessica linders wrote:Sep 7, 2014
        • BreAna Pope

          Hi, I tried to send an email to the address above but it was rejected by spam. I want to know how much this sectional is.

        • chrisstack

          Such a beautiful room. Could you tell me who makes this rug?

        Maria Tollefson wrote:Nov 30, 2014
        • Lori

          Hi. What flooring is this? Thanks much! Beautiful room!

        • richrobin

          where is coffee table from? is it only available in square format?

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