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Inspiration for a contemporary corner bathtub remodel in Miami

La CastilleContemporary Bathroom, Miami

Inspiration for a contemporary corner bathtub remodel in Miami —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (53)

shimondc wrote:Apr 29, 2013
Is this floor marble? If not, what material and color? Thank you

K L wrote:May 3, 2013
Love the walls! What tile did you use? It's perfect for what we're looking for. Thx!

  • PRO
    Fratelli Poggi Srl
    Castle Harbour homes,
    we have a huge selection of Diana Royal slabs from which we can realized the tiles you like for the project 20x20.
    I have few question about the request, you are looking for 20x20 centimetres? what about the thickness? light or dark? here find a quotation for different quality and sizes.
    Diana Royal- Light - 20X20 cm thick 1,4 or 2 or 4 cm, Filled and Polished FIRST CHOICE EXTRA 41 € mq
    thick 3 cm Filled and Polished EXTRA 59,45 € mq
    Diana Royal- Light - 20X20 cm thick 1,4 or 2 or 4 cm, Filled and Polished FIRST COMMERCIAL 24 € mq
    thick 3 cm Filled and Polished EXTRA 34,80 € mq
    Find attached some ideas of our slides.Of course if you are interested in going on I can provide with a selection of pictures of our tiles in our lab. Thanks!
  • mdbflorida
    I just ordered Diana Royal samples, but they are marble. I think you said these are porcelain which probably would be better for a steam shower right?
Chris Farrar wrote:May 10, 2013
    Heidi wrote:May 12, 2013
    What is the size of the shower

      mikeyrosie000 wrote:May 22, 2013
      • marshabaltz
        Did we ever find out the stain color on cabinets, love it!!
      susanrobertson wrote:May 23, 2013
      Who makes the tub? Love the angle of it's cabinet.

      • ritaharman
        I never saw the answer to the manufacturer of the tub. It's exactly the angle we need for our weird bath! Do you mind to share the maker or supplier? Thanks!
      Scuba Noel wrote:May 29, 2013
        Sue wrote:Jun 20, 2013
        Are the windows in the shower standard windows or are they a special type? If so, what type goes in a shower?

        - Thanks.

        • PRO
          Castle Harbour homes
          They are Anderson windows with tile returns. They are would framed around the perimeter but painted with several coats of oil based paint. Being such a large shower the exposure to moisture is low.
        • Wendy Durigon
          Beautiful Quartz countertops here
        daddy52 wrote:Jul 1, 2013
        Mark wrote:Jul 3, 2013
        Love the wallpaper. Is it paper or faux paint. Who makes it?

        rsalem7 wrote:Jul 7, 2013
        • 29061921
          Can anyone provide the ceiling colour and the tile information requested please??????
        • Andre Molo
          what is that sq ft
        michellebillings wrote:Jul 26, 2013
        Love the look of the wall tile! Can you provide the brand/name?

          riverfront2012 wrote:Jul 28, 2013
          Dimension of room without cabinetry and fixtures (w x d x h) ft & in?

          • babyg242

            Was the dimensions of this room ever given? Are there anymore pictures available?

          riverfront2012 wrote:Jul 28, 2013
          Where is the toilet and is the a photo or diagram?

            cowpoke40 wrote:Aug 10, 2013
            Who makes the tub?

            • marshabaltz
              This is my absolute favorite, if it's possible, share all colors and items used in this color palette, along with more photos if possible, I would really appreciate it!! Thanks
            • Bonnie Cecil
              Is that a seat at the end?
            bobolinkgirl wrote:Sep 16, 2013
            How much space do you need for a doorless shower?

              mf10 wrote:Oct 29, 2013
              Can you tell me the manufacturer/color of the cabinets, please.

              • whyu
                what kind of material is it
              Susan Orton wrote:Nov 12, 2013
              love the wall tile, whois the manufacturer?

              • joycenoto
                What is the name of the wall tile and is it gray or beige?
              • PRO
                Realstone Systems

                The wall tile looks like Realstone White Birch 12"x24" travertine tiles. You can find a local dealer at www.realstone.com

                White Birch Planks 12 x 24 · More Info

              schristensen27 wrote:Nov 15, 2013
              Where is the cabinet hardware from? What is the style name or #?

              • 1anna
                what is the manufacturer of the cabinets,wall tile and floor tile?
              • Petal Li

                Hello,Anna.we have engaged in all kinds of nature stone for more 8 years.if you need any detail informations,please kinldy feel free to contract me.Email:dc @marblelegend.com

              acharters029 wrote:Dec 21, 2013
              • PRO
                Light In Art
                We make Contemporary Stained Glass Lighting and Art and we make similar lighting called the Tulips. We customize color and sizes. Visit our website at http://www.lightinart.com/ to see more options.
              olrockfarms wrote:Jan 29, 2014
              What are the dimensions of this bathroom?

                maryadaniels wrote:Mar 10, 2014
                What should I expect to pay for granite countertops? Is $90/sqft hi?

                • Susan Dasilva
                  To me that is a little high... The rarer more expensive granite yes but a standard color I remember being anywhere from $48-56 per sq foot.
                Elisa Ohlemeier wrote:Mar 23, 2014
                What's the name of the tile

                - What's the name of tile

                • Susan Dasilva
                  This tile may be Savoia Velvet in almond or Athens Silver Cream by Ann Sacks... My guess would be the Savoia.. I have it in my sons bathroom.. It is beautiful, easy to clean and a well made tile.
                debbiepearmain wrote:Mar 28, 2014
                what are the floor tiles?

                • Carol Simons
                  What are the floor tiles and where to purchase?
                • asquithoatley
                  Very neutral - Gorgeous design but colour a little dull and monotone.
                p2santiago wrote:Mar 28, 2014
                What size is the tile floor?

                • Petal Li

                  it is the ceramic tile

                • Petal Li

                  the size of this ceramic tile is 60*60cm

                Tana Bolus wrote:May 18, 2014
                Who makes the bath tub?

                - I need a under mount tub.

                  berniece wrote:May 25, 2014
                  Who is the hardware manufacture

                    strongkate wrote:Jun 10, 2014
                    • bmbanks
                      What are the dimensions of the shower?
                    Sheryl Meyers wrote:Jun 23, 2014
                    What are the dimension of the tub? Also could you give me manufacture'

                    - Corner tub size and mfg info

                    cherylupshaw wrote:Aug 12, 2014
                    What is on the wall? If tile, who is the manufacturer and color. Thx

                    howardwhit wrote:Oct 15, 2014
                    Where do I get the vanity seat

                      drdkenny1 wrote:Oct 17, 2014
                      What are the dimensions of the shower

                      • Michael Adams
                        What are the dimensions of the shower
                      • jsflower9999

                        what are the 2 different counter top heights?

                      jasperfrenchie wrote:Oct 20, 2014
                        Mary Robin wrote:Nov 29, 2014
                          taylorpistone wrote:Feb 17, 2015
                          Dimensions of room?

                            babyg242 wrote:Jun 9, 2015
                            Was the dimensions of this room ever given? Are there anymore pictures

                              michantz wrote:Jul 5, 2015
                              Can you tell me about these cabinets? Manufacturer and material?

                              • PRO
                                Castle Harbour homes

                                Out of business on Cabs. Recommend Elmwood cabinets.

                              Stone plus Cabinet wrote:Aug 8, 2015
                                Katherine Won wrote:Sep 6, 2015
                                  sylviapasz wrote:Sep 22, 2015
                                  Can the plumbing for the tub be accessed from the panels?

                                    alischwanebeck wrote:Sep 26, 2015
                                    Floors...what are they?

                                    - Thx

                                      oiversen wrote:Feb 9, 2016
                                        chrys1 wrote:Feb 22, 2016
                                          Susan Kay wrote:Apr 8, 2016
                                          Hi I'm in the process of doing our bath but can't find where I can get

                                          - Thank you this is a beautiful room.

                                            forevrlu wrote:Jun 17, 2016
                                            What color and material are the countertops?

                                            - What color and material are the countertops

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