Example of a trendy entryway design in Denver

Lumiere - Illuminated Succulents, Echeveria in Black Ceramic

Contemporary Entry, Denver

Lumiere is a subtle accent light that blends well with any décor. Designed for side tables, small nooks, or as a bathroom night light. Available in a variety of succulents and vases, this illuminated piece is operated with a Lithium Coin 3V battery.
Example of a trendy entryway design in Denver - Houzz

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Jules Rosen wrote:July 29, 2016
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    The Firefly Garden
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    This item is out of stock, but there are other similar items available. If you go to the "Shop Houzz" section and search for The Firefly Garden you will find all our products that are in stock along with the price.

    Thanks for your inquiry!