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Inspiration for a tropical subway tile bathroom remodel in Orange County with a wall-mount sink and a hinged shower door

Marco - Modern Beach Craftsman, Seal Beach CATropical Bathroom, Orange County

Modern Beach Craftsman Master Bathroom. Seal Beach, CA by Jeannette Architects - Photo: Jeff Jeannette Shower Dimensions: 66" x 42" Tile: Subway style Marble Wainscott: Painted Wood

Inspiration for a tropical subway tile bathroom remodel in Orange County with a wall-mount sink and a hinged shower door —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (25)

hikingprincess wrote:Dec 22, 2012
What is the height on these shower walls?

- Love this idea!!

  • PRO
    Jeannette Architects
    Thanks! I believe we landed on 54" off the shower floor. You'll want to mock it up at your home in consideration of your own height and comfort for privacy or visual out of the shower. Have fun with it!
  • Laurie Beadle

    Absolutely gorgeous...and excellent customer service answering everyone's questions so promptly Thank you for sharing this one-of-a-kind space

ginamoore wrote:Jan 10, 2013
Interested in the tile on the shower walls and floor. Any details? Looks great!

  • hfnolan95
    What grout color is used with the marble subway tile?
  • PRO
    Jeannette Architects
    Hi there, it's a slightly off white towards gray color.
trekmommy wrote:Jan 14, 2013
  • wjones3
    The shower wall seems very low. Does it keep the water in? Is it really only 54"? It looks taller than that.
  • PRO
    Jeannette Architects
    Yes, it keeps the water in. Rainshowers don't tend to splash water everywhere so special consideration needs to be made in the shower head selection.
Magali Olander wrote:Jan 16, 2013
  • dmoratti
    Sinks are from Duravit
  • PRO
    Jeannette Architects
    I'm sorry, I don't know more about the sinks than are noted above.
pollyharper wrote:Jan 17, 2013
  • PRO
    Jeannette Architects
    Thanks for asking! The floor in the bathroom is the same knotty pine wood floor as the rest of the home but it's white wash painted for better protection against moisture.
akjones wrote:Jan 23, 2013
  • PRO
    Jeannette Architects
    Thanks! Costing this particular bathroom is hard as the whole home was built at once. If I had to venture a guess, I'd say around $16k.
johnklyver wrote:Feb 10, 2013
What would you estimate the cost of the shower?

  • PRO
    Jeannette Architects
    It's hard to estimate just the shower costs... if I had to guess, it may be around $5000 from scratch using high quality materials. Your local contractors may charge differently than ours in Seal Beach, CA so be sure to ask someone local.
ruburr wrote:Feb 16, 2013
  • Sarah Russell
    can you share the dimensions of the shower space? thank you.
  • PRO
    Jeannette Architects
    I believe it is around 3.5' X 5.5'.
Liz T wrote:Apr 21, 2013
  • PRO
    Jeannette Architects
    I'm afraid I don't know that but would recommend showing this image to a local faucetry supplier to see if they can figure it out. Sorry, but good luck!
  • PRO
    Jon Koehler Sculpture
    great layout and openness with this bathroom:)
stephiemarie wrote:May 12, 2013
I love the lighting above the sinks! Can you tell me where they are from ?

  • ickyplay7
    I love your bathroom! We are in the process of installing a rain shower just like the one you have. How high above the shower floor is it mounted to the wall?
  • PRO
    Jeannette Architects
    Thanks for your comments! We don't specify the height of those. Instead we ask the clients to "test it out" in the field during construction to see what works well for them. 18" or so above the tallest person's head is a good rule of thumb. Jeff - Jeannette Architects
anne718 wrote:May 25, 2013
can you tell me anything about the window?

- Name brand, cost, wood versus vinyl?

  • PRO
    Jeannette Architects
    Hi Anne718, The windows are by Sierra Pacific. They are Metal Clad exterior / Wood interior Push Out style casements. You'll need to contact a local rep to discuss costs. I don't like Vinyl because of the amount of energy used to produce them and the toxic by-products of PVC in the window manufacturing. I hope that helps! Jeff / Jeannette Architects
  • anne718
    Thanks for your quick response!
queenira wrote:Dec 27, 2013
  • PRO
    Casa Designs, LLC
    It's thasos marble tile by Ann Sacks
  • Sek
    what color grout was used on the shower tile?
jomarinakos wrote:Dec 30, 2013
We love this shower, can you tell us the dimensions.

  • mindelld
    Beautiful! Did you have to add structural support to the wall that is 5'6" long and 48" high? How did you make it stable? Thanks!
  • PRO
    Jeannette Architects
    We didn't with this one but on others we've welded a steel plate to the bottom of a steel post and lag bolted it to the floor at the opening.
leela4 wrote:Mar 15, 2014
How wide is the opening into the shower?

  • PRO
    Jeannette Architects
    It's common to make the shower openings 24" wide but ultimately it's up to you and your own comfort. Jeff - Jeannette Architects
  • leela4
    Thanks for answering so promptly! I didn't notice until later that this shower had a door; I thought it was doorless originally, which is why I asked.
eastman100 wrote:Apr 10, 2014
  • gmgates
    What is the height of the shower walls? Love them!
  • PRO
    Jeannette Architects
    The shower walls are around 54" off the floor of the shower. If you're planning on doing something similar, I'd recommend determining what's comfortable for you and your family and go from there. The wall height can be whatever you want it to be. Good luck and have fun! Jeff - Jeannette Architects
mpetersenwa wrote:Jul 6, 2014
Who makes the light fixture above the bathtub?

  • PRO
    Jeannette Architects
    The light was bought from the website, Surrounding.com, although I don’t see it on the site now. The site does have similar but not exact lights. Good luck, Jeff - Jeannette Architects
  • annelbmom
    Jeff, would you divide the wall (with the "chair rail") in a similar style bathroom that was much smaller (6 x 7) ? Or is this more "possible" in this large bathroom with a high ceiling?
willieweis wrote:Aug 27, 2014
Do you recommend sealing the marble tiles in the shower?

  • willieweis
    Thank you for your reply. I just finished a shower of Bianco Gioia 4x8 polished tiles that were sealed twice. I have softened and purified water. After a short time, I now have water stains in the corners and around the inset. I love the look overall, I just hope the staining doesn't continue.
  • PRO
    Jeannette Architects
    Oh no, sorry to hear that. I'd reach out to the company from which you sourced the tile and see if they have recommendations. Hopefully you can get to the bottom of it!
Hue Color & Interiors wrote:Nov 16, 2014
    madeleinepaton wrote:Feb 13, 2015
    • PRO
      Jeannette Architects

      Hi there, high quality exterior grade gloss paint. Be sure to talk to a professional for their recommendations in your application. Good luck with your project! Jeff - Jeannette Architects

    kortnee11 wrote:Feb 20, 2015
    • PRO
      Jeannette Architects

      Yes, the structure is wood. Fully waterproofed and secured firmly through to the floor system. If you wish to beef up the strength of the walls, a steel post can be installed at the ends not connected to the room walls. Hope that helps!

    • Vasanthi kumar

      what type of tile is that in the bathroom shower stall? I want to use the exact same in mine.

    roxicon wrote:Mar 13, 2015
    • PRO
      Jeannette Architects

      Hi there, color is different from computer monitor to monitor. I don't recall the spec on this color but would recommend getting a color fan deck from Benjamin Moore paints (or Dunn Edwards) and match it to what you see on your screen. I get this question a lot and it's worked well for others. Cheers! Jeff Jeannette, jeannette architects.

    François Joly wrote:Sep 10, 2015
      kortnee11 wrote:Jun 19, 2016
      How thick are the shower walls?

        Carla Marsh wrote:Sep 5, 2017
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