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Inspiration for a timeless kitchen remodel in Atlanta with shaker cabinets, dark wood cabinets, multicolored backsplash, stainless steel appliances and black countertops

Marietta Kitchen & Hall BathroomTraditional Kitchen, Atlanta

Photos credit of Weidmann Remodeling

Inspiration for a timeless kitchen remodel in Atlanta with shaker cabinets, dark wood cabinets, multicolored backsplash, stainless steel appliances and black countertops —  Houzz

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This photo has 84 questions

alphun wrote:Aug 4, 2013
What's the cabinet manufacture of these slim cabinets?

- Are they 3 or 4 inches wide?

  • PRO
    Weidmann Remodeling
    We use entirely custom cabinets from a company called Timberland Cabinets in Jasper, GA.
  • doltman
    What edge is that on the granite?
Meg Hauss Aguilar wrote:Aug 7, 2013
Love the tile backsplash! Do you have the specifics on it?

- Do you know who manufactures this and the title/name of the tile?

  • Arman Grigoryan
    I need to buy backsplash tiles for my kitchen. Do you guys have any recommendations where can I buy it from?
  • Maggie Marting
    I also have the same mosaic tile backsplash, I purchased my tile panels at Lowe's, they are a 12"x12" piece, then you purchase the # of pieces you need. Inexpensive too, each panel is only about 10.00. Lowe's will do the install for 299.00 for up to 20 panels I believe I saw, my handyman installed mine.
jrranches wrote:Aug 7, 2013
What is the wood of the cabinets and the stain color?

  • PRO
    Weidmann Remodeling
    The cabinets are made of Alder, with a custom stain on them.
  • Janis
    what a great idea for spices
mayaina123 wrote:Aug 10, 2013
  • PRO
    Weidmann Remodeling
    You could use a gray or a green color for the surrounding walls.
melissamichiels wrote:Aug 11, 2013
  • nathanwalker55
    I love the christian home decor feel that this home has. I also like the great slide out cabinets.
  • PRO
cmrelyea wrote:Aug 12, 2013
who is the manufacturer of the cabinet pulls

  • PRO
    Weidmann Remodeling
    The custom cabinets are made out of Alder, with a custom stain color.
  • Donna Leonetti

    What is the name of the backsplash tile?

ginger070 wrote:Aug 12, 2013
What type of gas range is this?

  • doltman
    How did you get it so that the granite does not project past the slanted front of the range? Our contractor is telling us that we will have that problem because the range sits back from the front of the countertop.
  • laurasaintsing
    The edge of your granite has an overhang that is typically 1-1/2" from the face frame of your cabinets. The stove specs will indicate the maximum overhang of you countertops to allow for the reveal that you want. The countertop should not protrude past the stove if the overhang is cut correctly.
tessutodesigns wrote:Aug 14, 2013
What type of under cabinet lighting is this? Who manufactures it?

dalissa1 wrote:Aug 14, 2013
What type of countertop is this? Granite? if so, what kind?

  • 12584
    M.ishaq like his house
  • Tim Furey
    What granite is this?
Chrysanthi Pirperis wrote:Aug 15, 2013
Need ideas on kitcen flooring

- Kitchen flooring

  • ongii
    זה פשוט מהממם !!!!!!
  • sandyleepark
    too much, too busy for my liking. Makes me dizzy.
Beth Kellogg wrote:Aug 25, 2013
  • fernandezhv
    What is the tile color name in this picture?
  • sandyleepark
    I just got mine from Lowe's. Can't wait for the installation. I hope it looks as good as yours when they're finished. Your kitchen is beautiful. I got my dark granite from there as well. It was about 7k for granite. Haven't bought all of the backslashes. I only purchased 1 to see how I'd like it. It was about $12.00 for a panel. What color grout was used with this backsplash tile, do you know/remember??
kerrywilcox wrote:Aug 26, 2013
  • ubergirl
    What kind of granite is that? And the name of the Daltile mosaic blend? I've been having a tough time finding something to go with my Blue Volga granite counters and cherry cabs.
    Thanks very much!
father4 wrote:Aug 30, 2013
I live on Long Island n.y and I have a high ranch house.I need ideas o

- High Ranch

  • mnurse12
    me too! We are moving in in the spring.
Gabe wrote:Aug 31, 2013
    39mckay wrote:Sep 2, 2013
    Where can I buy the handles?

    - Thanks

    • PRO
      Tile Sensations
      this is a glass and stone blend mosaic. #ShopSmall - let us know if you cannot find teh tile and we will try to help. We work with clients nationwide.
    • E M
      try myknobs.com
    gedpanazza wrote:Sep 5, 2013
      concook3 wrote:Sep 12, 2013
      why on earth would anyone put spices, oils or vinegars next to an oven

      • Jean Strauser
        I meant Dumb idea for the whole stupid narrow pull out cabinet. Not my brilliant fix it solution hahaha.
      • Courtney Elizabeth
        I know this is old, but just confirming that it’s not the greatest idea. If I could redo this kitchen over, I wouldn’t do the spice rack next to the oven. We let our custom cabinet maker talk us into it 4 years ago. And I wish I had found this thread back then.
      Aboaslam Nageb wrote:Sep 21, 2013
        fedajazi wrote:Sep 21, 2013
        • marieaw
          what kind of wood is this?
        • jrhutch
          i spoke to the contractor, Dan...what a great guy! so kind and helpful! i would definitely recommend contacting him if you are in his area (we are not). he said the wood is called "alder" but they aren't using it as much anymore because it damages easily. beautiful tho!
        5351buster wrote:Oct 23, 2013
        Do they make decorative plug strips for above counters

          Stacy Brodsky wrote:Oct 28, 2013
          I am interested in purchasing the sliding window, who is the manufactu

          - window, framing, any detail you can offer.

          cathy5678 wrote:Oct 29, 2013
            hwid wrote:Oct 30, 2013
            Where can I find the cabinet hardware used in this kitchen? THanks.

              Meadows4 taylor wrote:Nov 13, 2013
                rgnable wrote:Nov 19, 2013
                • p4nth3rs
                  Good idea for Brian.
                nathanhack wrote:Jan 12, 2014
                • PRO
                  Morgan Moskal
                  Kitchen Aid. Standard size 30"
                • turangaleela
                  The heat of the oven would be bad for spice storage. Rethink the placement of those awesome shelves before installing.
                marieaw wrote:Jan 14, 2014
                what type of wood is this, please?

                • Annie Khan
                  Wow that looking an amazing kitchen. I loved the idea of jar cabinet, it looks beautiful and unique. These fixtures are showing great value, style and quality. Thanks for sharing the picture of the awesome kitchen that is giving the ideas to decorate my kitchen.
                • PRO
                  Weidmann Remodeling
                  The cabinets are made of Alder, which we had built by a local cabinet company.
                Catie Bly wrote:Mar 1, 2014
                What kind of wood are the cabinets made out of?

                transam wrote:Mar 30, 2014
                Would like information on the backsplash. Manufacturer,color. Tha

                  sweetsuea wrote:Apr 3, 2014
                  What is the cabinet style and color? Who is the manufacturer ,please?

                    jackhawkins1984 wrote:May 14, 2014
                    • Ira Kelson

                      Looking at the far cabinet with the hidden door at the end of the picture. How deep is that cabinet?

                    • PRO
                      Weidmann Remodeling

                      The tall cabinet in the corner is 18" deep.

                    mncjones wrote:Jun 6, 2014
                    What is the brand name of the drawer glides in the photo?

                    • PRO
                      Weidmann Remodeling
                      The pull-out racks are made by Rev-A-Shelf and were installed by Timberland Cabinets located in metro Atlanta.
                    mstokes11 wrote:Jul 7, 2014
                      nutri wrote:Jul 16, 2014
                        bobbiclark wrote:Aug 8, 2014
                          Hardeep Kaur wrote:Sep 10, 2014
                            Morgan wrote:Sep 18, 2014
                            I like how you gert storagedoenwr

                              Michele Wilson-Rollo wrote:Sep 18, 2014
                                annajordening wrote:Sep 19, 2014
                                Where did you get the utensil holder that is next to the stove?

                                - I absolutely love all the colors! It really adds a nice pop of color to the kitchen.

                                  Sharon Chance wrote:Sep 19, 2014
                                  • Kat Ancheta
                                    I don't think so. I have a red door in front and the original walnut brown on the inside.
                                  lfperry wrote:Jan 18, 2015
                                  Love the cabinets! Who made them and what is the pattern?

                                    mamarecal wrote:Jan 22, 2015
                                    • jessstutz
                                      I would also like to know where this backsplash is available at?
                                    stranbarger wrote:Feb 23, 2015
                                      June Rogers wrote:Mar 21, 2015
                                      • Jared Carter

                                        I was also wondering how the heat would affect the spices, but it seems like this wouldn't be much of an issue. Most ovens have gotten really good at containing all of the heat inside to make them more efficient. I'll have to keep this idea in mind if I ever get around to renovating my kitchen. http://www.ptkitchens.com/bath-n-other-rooms

                                      • architecture+ blake custom design

                                        what kind of oven is that

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