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Inspiration for a timeless master dark wood floor bedroom remodel in Nashville with blue walls

Master Bedroom #1Traditional Bedroom, Nashville

The master bedroom has a coffered ceiling and opens to the master bathroom. There is an attached sitting room on the other side of the free-standing fireplace wall (see other master bedroom pictures). The stunning fireplace wall is tiled from floor to ceiling in penny round tiles. The headboard was purchased from Pottery Barn, and the footstool at the end of the bed was purchased at Restoration Hardware.

Inspiration for a timeless master dark wood floor bedroom remodel in Nashville with blue walls —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (54)

salenaolson wrote:Oct 23, 2012
Where is the bedding from? Love it!

  • Brian Benda
    ellise123, please view my response to a similar question previously asked with regard to this picture. You can view it by following this link:


    For what it is worth, we actually took the rug back that is seen in this picture and subsequently purchased one that looked almost identical to it from a local furniture store. We did this because the one seen in the picture starting falling apart on us, and the one from the furniture store had a higher construction quality. We have been happy with the replacement rug, but I am unable locate any information on it in order to help with finding one yourself. I am sorry that I cannot be of further assistance on this matter.
  • ellise123
    Many thanks, Brian! Helpful to know that the rug fell apart....good news is that you found a new one! Rug shopping can be so taxing.
Kurt M. wrote:Oct 29, 2012
Where is the nightstand from?

  • Brian Benda
    They were purchased at Stein Mart. In person, it looks like they were crafted with reclaimed wood that was once lightly painted a grayish-white color. More likely, it was just crafted to look that way.
  • Brian Benda
    The nightstand were manufactured by (or for) Three Hands Corporation in Sylmar, California. They were purchased at Stein Mart. The nightstands are item Three Hands item #53676. Their website is:

lgen wrote:Nov 3, 2012
what is the brand & color of paint, please?

kkr1 wrote:Nov 8, 2012
Where can I find the large chandelier?

  • Brian Benda
    Thanks, Lyvonne, a great rule to live by! We really like Uttermost too. We bought a number of their more unique mirrors for our house. Not sure they are in the pictures, but good products.
  • PRO
    the essentials inside
    Hi Brian! Hope all is well.

    I don't think I talked to you about this before - do you have any interest in letting us feature this room and any others w/Uttermost products on our site - www.essentialsinside.com? If yes, you can email me at contact@essentialsinside.com.

    Also - can I come live at your house? :)

mcheney wrote:Nov 13, 2012
  • mcheney
    Thank you.
  • Brian Benda
    I think we actually purchased this mirror at Haverty's.
aaox3 wrote:Nov 15, 2012
  • Brian Benda
    Thank you for the compliment. I do not know where my wife bought it locally, but it was made by Dynamic Rugs. The design is called "Rio", and the color is "Silver/Argent". The tag says it is 5'x8', handmade, and 100% polyester. I tried locating it on their website, but had no luck. Maybe you can call them or one of their local dealers in your area. Here is the link to their website:

  • Brian Benda
    Knowing my wife, I am guessing she did not pay a fortune for the rug. She has a knack for finding unique quality-built items at affordable prices. Hope this helps and good luck!
rosploc wrote:Nov 25, 2012
  • Brian Benda
    I believe we got them at HomeGoods.
bdestito1 wrote:Nov 29, 2012
Do you know where i can get bedding like this one?

  • Brian Benda
    The duvet, shams, and bed skirt were custom made by a relative with fabric purchased from a local fabric store. You could duplicate this by finding a similar fabric (or another you prefer) and taking such to a local seamstress.
  • Brian Benda
    The sheets were purchased at HomeGoods. I have some other pictures on here in another photo album that shows the bed with the duvet folded over itself at the end of the bed. Under the duvet is a silver blanket. That blanket was also purchased at HomeGoods. If you have one in your area, great place to find trendy home accessories at reasonable prices.
bdestito1 wrote:Nov 29, 2012
Where is the bed frame from ?

  • pavilionh
    where is the bedding from??
  • Brian Benda
    The bedding was custom made by a family member. The fabric was purchased from a local fabric house. Not shown in this picture, but visible in my "Non-Professional" album, is a silver blanket under the duvet. The silver blanket was purchased at Macy's.
roughneck wrote:Jan 15, 2013
What's the paint color?

  • Brian Benda
    The wall color is tagged in the picture. Roll your mouse over the picture and the tags should appear. There is one located on the wall. This is the one to look for. The wall color is Drizzle by Sherwin-Williams (SW6479).
daniellep26 wrote:Feb 4, 2013
Where did you get the bedding?

- Where is that bedding from

  • leslielambert317
    I would love to know where the nightstands are from. Love them. Love the tiffany blue walls.
  • Brian Benda
    Thank you for the compliment, we enjoy the room as much as you! With regard to the nightstands, please reference the other questions that have already been asked and answered on this picture. You will find your answer there. Here is a direct link to the one about the nightstands ...


    Thank you and have a great day!
Lauren wrote:Feb 9, 2013
  • Brian Benda
    laun2006, thank you so much for the compliment! In building this house, my wife spent months putting together the color schemes. This picture was taken right after we moved in, so the room is a bit barer than it is now. Also, my wife was not happy with the way the bed shows in this picture, but she is kind of particular and with nearly 10,000 likes I keep telling her it is okay. Haha! Anyway, I am hoping to have some updated pictures to upload in the next month or two of the house. So, stay tuned and best of luck with whatever project you are currently working on or towards! Take care!
Jennifer Day Lake wrote:Mar 24, 2013
What type of paint? Flat, Satin, Eggshell? And same with trim.

  • Dina Marie
    what color beside white would you suggest for the trim and doors
  • Brian Benda
    That decision is a personal one and should be made with consideration given to the rest of your room and decor. What may work for one person may not be desirable to another. I am also not a designer, so for me to give you such advice would be presumptuous. What I can advise would be to search Houzz for rooms where Sherwin-Williams Drizzle (SW6479) has been used and see what you think. Sorry that I cannot be of more assistance. Best of luck!
Ashley B wrote:Apr 14, 2013
do u know what type color and where u got the bedding am trying to redo my room for my birthday

- on my brothers Facebook and where are the pillows from?

  • Brian Benda
    Asked and answered on your other question.
ashley_t_bass wrote:Apr 15, 2013
  • ashley_t_bass
    Thank u that was very helpful I will hopefully find the fabric and footstool and some similar canvases soon enough to start to redo my room in June right now I am just gathering information about things so I can go head and order them or find them somehow thank u again for taking all of that time to type up all of that I appreciate it very very much!! :)
  • sofiaone
    i found the bed side tables at urban home in california. http://www.shopurbanhome.com/display_product.php?prodid=1911
ashley_t_bass wrote:Apr 25, 2013
  • Staci Reaves
    Brian, I have the same wall color in my master bedroom- I have accented with red , black and sliver and white.... very nice
  • Brian Benda
    Staci, upload some pics to Houzz and share! :)
Katy wrote:May 8, 2013
  • julieherring5
    do you know what the name of the wall color is and where it was purchased?
  • Brian Benda
    Yes, please roll your mouse over the green price tag, viewable in the picture, that is located on the wall. It provides details about and a link to the paint color. It is Sherwin-Williams Drizzle (SW6479) in egg shell. Hope this helps. Thanks, Brian.
Carlos Yero wrote:Jul 17, 2013
What color are the floors?

- I want to know color of the floor?

  • Brian Benda
    I don't know the name brand or color of the stain used, but it is a hickory brown. Hope that helps. Sorry that I cannot be of more assistance. Thanks.
bobbienate wrote:Jul 17, 2013
  • lakegirl7
    What is the name of the paint color?
  • Brian Benda
    The paint color is tagged in the photo. It is Drizzle by Sherwin-Williams. The Sherwin-Williams paint code is SW6479. Thanks, Brian.
garretleesmom wrote:Aug 6, 2013
Love the rug

Jenn Thibeault wrote:Aug 16, 2013
How high are the ceilings?

  • Brian Benda
    In this room, 10'00".
vgregore wrote:Aug 27, 2013
Hi. Do you know where I could find the mirrored chest on the side of t

- Hi. Do you know where I could find the mirrored chest on the side of the bed?

  • Brian Benda
    This was answered in a previous question on this picture. The tables were manufactured by (or for) Three Hands Corporation in Sylmar, California, and are made of reclaimed natural elm wood (which is a soft wood). The nightstands are Three Hands item #53676. Their website is:


    Ours were purchased at a local Stein Mart about a year ago. Another user found these nightstands for sale on the internet. Here is a direct link:


    Hope this helps. Thanks, Brian.
garretleesmom wrote:Aug 31, 2013
Where could I find the rug?

msfine1 wrote:Sep 2, 2013
what is the room size?

- thx

  • Brian Benda
    The master bedroom (as shown in the picture) is 14'6" deep by 16'6" wide. Not shown is an attached sitting room that is 14'6" deep by 8'2" wide. Ceiling height is 10 feet.
stef053114sam wrote:Sep 7, 2013
  • jcconrow
    What paint color is this?
  • Brian Benda
    Please visit this link (click the link below the picture) to view the picture with tags and to see all the other questions that have been asked. The color is Drizzle (SW6479) by Sherwin-Williams in an eggshell base. Hope this helps! Thanks, Brian.
    Master Bedroom #1 · More Info
Deryk Banks wrote:Sep 22, 2013
Where are the ceiling lamps from?

  • amjk12
    I've been searching for this wall color. Could you please tell me what brand and color is used in this gorgeous bedroom?
  • Brian Benda
    I apologize that it has taken me nearly two months to respond to your question. The tagged version of this photo provides reference tag for the wall color. It is Drizzle (SW6479) from Sherwin-Williams. I hope this information is helpful. Thanks, Brian.
ksheahan3 wrote:Sep 27, 2013
  • Justin Thomas
    Did you have an interior desginer for this house?
  • Brian Benda
    No, just my wife. :)

    My wife is not an interior decorator, but she has a passion and knack for it. The house took about 10 months to build, and an additional 5-6 months to plan with an architect. So, all told, she had a little over a year to think about and purchase things. Now a a year and a half later, she is still finding and buying things.

    Interior decorators can simplify the process a lot for you if you don't have someone like my wife to bring the house together, but like all service providers, I would suggest that you do your due diligence and ask for references. Put your eyes on their work. Every designer has their own style, and not all are desirable in my opinion. But that is like everything else in life. Just because someone calls themself a professional doesn't mean that you will like their work. Find someone whose work you like.

    If you decide to take the task on yourself, start with paint colors. My wife created a color board for herself out of cardboard. She sectioned the board by room and attached the color swatches she wanted to use for each room. She carried that board everywhere -- picking out granite, furnishings, etc. That way, she was never guessing about whether this or that would work in a given space. Just a suggestion.

    Good luck and best wishes! Regards, Brian.
heath1heath wrote:Oct 31, 2013
What colour is the paint?

  • Brian Benda
    I apologize that it has taken me nearly two months to respond to this question. The tagged version of this photo provides a reference tag for the wall color. It is Drizzle (SW6479) by Sherwin-Williams. I hope this information is helpful. Thank you, Brian.
Steph Bragiel wrote:Nov 8, 2013
Where can I find the mirror?

- Love the design

  • Brian Benda
    I apologize that is has taken me a month and a half to respond. Please view the other questions previously asked about this room for the answer to your inquiry. Here is a direct link to the information:


    Good luck and best wishes!
amholley wrote:Nov 18, 2013
  • Brian Benda
    I apologize that it has taken me a month to respond. Thank you for the compliment! This question has already been asked and answered several times. I would suggest searching and reading through the other questions on this picture. Here are two reference links to discussions that should answer your question:


    I hope this information is helpful. Thanks and best wishes, Brian.
nurysvidal wrote:Jan 1, 2014
  • Beth Fischman
    I love the bed stand with the glass panels, and also the pillows, is it possible to tell me where they were purchased?
  • Brian Benda

    Beth, this question has previously been answered. Feel free to review the other 40-some questions asked related to this picture, or you can follow this direct link to the answer to your specific question. Thanks, Brian.


Veronica Saenz Brady wrote:Feb 8, 2014
Where can this rug be purchased?

    Nancy McIsaac wrote:Mar 1, 2014
    Art work..where can I purchase..thanks.

    - Great room where can I get the art work?

      avaqp wrote:Mar 24, 2014
        marasigh wrote:Apr 21, 2014
        What is the floor stain?

          wendyph wrote:Jun 10, 2014
          I love the dresser next to the bed! Where is it from?

            Mariline Navarro wrote:Jun 23, 2014
            Can you please tell me the color of the walls? The color is beautiful

            msfine1 wrote:Jul 19, 2014
            hello, what size is this room?

            - thx

              manager28 wrote:Jan 3, 2016
              what is the wall color?

                allykistler wrote:Feb 15, 2016
                monteithamy wrote:Mar 15, 2016
                Wall paint color? Thank you!

                • Brian Benda

                  The wall color has been tagged in the photo for a long time. It is Sherwin Williams Drizzle (SW6479).

                Lindsey Wilso wrote:Aug 9, 2016
                  tinahsu922 wrote:Nov 14, 2016
                  Your room is gorgeous , may I know what is the size of your window ?

                    wendyfrey wrote:Jan 29, 2017
                      Janice Maines wrote:Feb 4, 2017
                        Valerie Campbell wrote:Feb 12, 2017
                          lina4helene wrote:Feb 15, 2017
                          what is the price of this lovely coffered ceiling

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