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Inspiration for a shabby-chic style bedroom remodel in San Diego

Master RetreatShabby-chic Style Bedroom, San Diego

Inspiration for a shabby-chic style bedroom remodel in San Diego —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (2)

lauriemcf wrote:Jun 19, 2011
  • lindbergcljk
    Sorry. I see the pillows. What I don't see are the white pillowcases with the french script. Are those on a different site?
  • Cynthia Roberson
    Love the alarm clock. Where can I find it?
michyl wrote:Aug 20, 2011
  • sandeenroland
    Ong ago did you get your curtains from Ikea?
  • el4586
    Yes theyre from ikea i have them too! They still sell them!
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2. Add a bedroom bouquet. Fresh flowers are always appreciated as a gesture of hospitality. For a few dollars — or for...

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Choose a filling. Your preference is as individual as you are, but there are three major types of fillings.If you like...

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Smelling clean. Freshly washed linens can make sleeping much more pleasurable. Change your linens at least every week...

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The Old Worldliness of this breezy, airy bedroom is heightened by the alarm clock, with its vintage style that doesn't...

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I really like the pillowcase with the script

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un reve++

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6. A well-outfitted nightstand. Place bedtime comforts within easy reach: a carafe for water, a tray or bowl to corral...

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Fresh flowers add a touch of hotel-like hospitality.

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romantic flowy drapes with some texture (like my tulle veil)

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