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Patio fountain - contemporary patio fountain idea in San Francisco

Montcalm StreetContemporary Patio, San Francisco

Patio fountain - contemporary patio fountain idea in San Francisco —  Houzz

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iluvhouzz wrote:Mar 4, 2011
  • ktaylor89
    I think it's bamboo - a smaller, lighter variety - perhaps Heavenly Bamboo?
  • iluvhouzz
    Thanks ktaylor :)

Jessica Owens wrote:May 26, 2011
  • 59chippy
    Would also like to know door manufacturer -
  • cjohnson5605
    Windsor, Anderson & weather Barr does great doors like these. We have a 16' Barr in our home with a 8' opening. Absolutely wonderful!
huangtiehlun wrote:Sep 18, 2011
    Jen Trufant_Hukalo wrote:Jan 5, 2012
    • elli2naz

      where do you fix your uv filter exactly?Do you use any pump in your pond?

    • PRO
      Rossington Architecture
      Sorry, I do not know what the owners use...
    xiaochun wrote:May 7, 2012
    how deep is this pond ?

    • lesbeauxsites
      Fabulous water feature! Very original and must be extremely relaxing :-) Any way we can see more of this backyard's pictures? Thanks!
    xiaochun wrote:May 7, 2012
    what kind of rocks in the pond and where to get them ?

    • PRO
      Rossington Architecture
      It was part of a large remodel and I don't have the breakdown for just the pond.
    • upperunionville
      What kind of water require for this pond. I found a lot of pond require pure spring water, otherwise it clog the tubings. Please advise
    Terry Widner wrote:Aug 26, 2012
    katiehl wrote:Dec 14, 2012
    • PRO
      Rossington Architecture
      If you'd like to hire us to help you with your design, please contact our office:
      Rossington Architecture
      2742 17th Street
      San Francisco, CA 94110
    • 19751354
      it is really beautiful very very
    connorbull wrote:Mar 21, 2013
      Mona Afifi wrote:Dec 3, 2013
      I would like to see small garden

      - Small garden

      • PRO
        Rossington Architecture
        The photos here showiest of it. Are you interested in a particular feature?
      rbf1683 wrote:Jul 9, 2014
      • PRO
        Rossington Architecture
        It's poured concrete and I believe we used zypex or some other waterproofing made specifically for concrete applications.
      Whitney Bulbrook wrote:Mar 1, 2015
      Lidia Moralez wrote:Mar 15, 2015
      • PRO
        BMF Construction

        The fish can be obtained at a typical pet shop, and we did install a pump system to circulate the water and add aeration for the fish.

      • PRO
        Decorative Glass Solutions

        What a view! And the little fishies look like they're posing for the pic!

      Kate wrote:Jun 27, 2015
      This owner must not have cats?

        Noel Hayward wrote:Aug 15, 2015
        • PRO
          Owen Lumber Company

          Weiland Sliding Doors by Andersen

        • Phat L

          Sleep induced? I love this photo. So much that I'm building my house with the bedroom inspired by this idea. The idea of the bed room opens wide directly to a yard, especially this beautiful setting, is so cool.

          However, now i wonder if this is a bit too open, too 'dynamic' for calm and warm feeling sleeps? if the full wall curtain closes and dominates the full wall straight ahead of your eyes, does it feel welcome and pleasing? I'm used to the feeling of the bed in a more quiet corner, less traffic, and looking to a mostly wall.

          Maybe just my last minute hesitation. But the induced feeling is very important to me and unless one is inside the setting, looking at the photos only suggests me some feeling which can never be the same as physically being inside.

          Really appreciate feedback from anyone who experienced this way of setting. How did/ does it feel to you? Thanks.

        M Lewis wrote:Sep 23, 2015
        This Photo was added to 90K ideabooks, including
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        Give a garden a private entrance. A small garden off the master bedroom can be a lovely place to relax in. Sliding...

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        4 Garden Pests and How to Eliminate ThemMosquitoes. In most areas mosquitoes are a major issue in the summertime and...

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        5. Koi fish. A koi pond on one's property is said to be one of the most powerful feng shui symbols of wealth and good...

        Added to Dreaming of a Bedroom Walkout

        Forget waking up to the nudging nose a cat or dog — fish keep to themselves and won't wake you up at 5:30 a.m. on the...

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        A variation on the design, this in-ground trough provides a koi pond.

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        Like the pond

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        small waterfall

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        water feature

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        Water feature

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        Fish pond

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