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Example of a classic patio design in St Louis

Outdoor Living RoomTraditional Patio, St Louis

Alise O'Brien Photography

Example of a classic patio design in St Louis —  Houzz

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This photo has 43 questions

jjohnson805 wrote:Nov 28, 2012
  • tsdelity
    What type of wood? I too love the color. Makes it so bright!
  • PRO
    Noble Renovation

    Everyone wants to know how to get the wood posts and beam that light color. I assume the wood type is either cypress or cedar which are great for outdoor use. But I've never seen anyone get an outdoor wood to look like a white / grayish color like that. Very unique, very attractive. If you have the stain/brand or technique the painters used, that would be appreciated by many. Excellent work! I give the photo shot a 10! Love the layout and flow from house to the outdoor space, from outdoor space to pool.

susanzipperer wrote:Jan 6, 2013
who are the pavers made by that are used around this pool?

- who are the pavers made by that are used around this pool?

emily4o9 wrote:Feb 3, 2013
twinktoes wrote:Feb 11, 2013
  • nasmijati
    If you search around the posts here on Other, on 2-3-2013, Chin Studio posted a beautiful "Romantic Cherry Blossom Tree" wall decal. It is available at www.etsy.com
    Here is a photo. I am sorry it does not enlarge on this post.
christineverbeek wrote:Feb 24, 2013
Holly Soetenga wrote:Apr 19, 2013
  • sherryellis
    Can you give me a rough estimate on total cost for this renovation?
  • kristaseger
    I would love to see an additional photo or photos of the grill area. Thank you!
adrian_69 wrote:May 21, 2013
yo dawg i like dat house, where u live?

  • Meagan
    I would like to get the plans and cost estimate as well! If someone could get me the contact info as well i'd appreciate it! This is exactly what i want!
  • adrian_69
    I apologize for the language before it wasn't me who posted it but it was a friend haha. Thanks for the reply though and it is truly an incredible house.
mikerwade wrote:Jun 8, 2013
what is the name of the stone ?Love it, could not fine the name

Travis Miller wrote:Jun 28, 2013
  • maclainandceci
    I love the stone...what is it?
  • PRO

    I believe that is Fon-du-Lac stone.

nurysvidal wrote:Jul 4, 2013
What brand are the fans?

Mary Miller wrote:Jul 14, 2013
  • tsdelity
    We have a TV in our outdoor room and live in NC. We purchased a $300 one from Target and bought a TV cover from Amazon. Works like a charm and have had it out there for 4 years now. It is hanging on the brick wall and under our pergola. We do bring it in in the Winter as a precaution because we are afraid the screen may crack in the cold but other than that, nothing! We just love it and if it does die on us, it was only $300! Easy to replace
stout27 wrote:Aug 6, 2013
    Betty Campbell wrote:Aug 11, 2013
    • pineycreekalien
      We love this look as well and live in Memphis. Did you get an estimate on this? Who was your contractor?
    Anne Wolfington wrote:Aug 21, 2013
      stout27 wrote:Aug 24, 2013
      • kellyslobodian
        Roofing materials and pool surround?
      • PRO
        Eastern Renovations
        do you have any blue prints on the project . I have a customer that's very interested and wants to buid on his property. and material list. reply to eastreno@yahoo,com Thank you for your time
      Mizuho Helmer wrote:Oct 13, 2013
        MJ Construction Orlando wrote:Feb 15, 2014
        The roof looks great, what material is this

          melissalundak wrote:Apr 24, 2014
          Love pool. What is interior surface product is it?

            vitchya55 wrote:May 14, 2014
              terrybaty wrote:Jun 27, 2014
                aprillwaterman wrote:Jul 3, 2014
                • catlvr
                  Ballard Designs. Amalfi collection.
                gqr59b wrote:Jul 16, 2014
                What are the dimensions of this room?

                - What are the dimensions of this room?

                  gqr59b wrote:Jul 16, 2014
                  What are the dimensions of this room?

                  - What are the dimensions of this room?

                    anneunwin01 wrote:Aug 23, 2014
                    Love the metal patio furniture. Where is it from?

                    • catlvr
                      Ballard designs. Amalfi collection.
                    Susan Caine wrote:Oct 17, 2014
                    What tyoe of wood and treatment are the beams

                    dherbel wrote:Jan 19, 2015
                    • catlvr
                      Ballard Designs. Amalfi collection.
                    judycmiller wrote:Jan 23, 2015
                    What are the dimensions and approsimate cost to build?

                      prav27 wrote:Jun 5, 2015
                      What type of roof is this?

                        angela1987 wrote:Jun 18, 2015
                          Jay Sandy wrote:Jul 25, 2015
                          Anybody figure out the stain color.?

                          - Color?

                            Sue C wrote:Aug 26, 2015
                              amber711 wrote:Mar 7, 2016
                                lynnmcphee wrote:Mar 3, 2017
                                What are the dimensions of the outdoor living room?

                                - What are the dimensions of the outdoor living room?

                                tkstutz wrote:Mar 8, 2017
                                This Photo was added to 220K ideabooks, including
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                                Location. Once you have determined the intended function for your new structure, you need to determine its specific...

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                                like the arched corners also like pool stone

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                                Poolside floor

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                                Similar design

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                                Structure & different levels

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                                lighter stone will allow a brighter and more updated look to the space

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