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This is an example of a contemporary landscaping in Los Angeles.

Pet FountainContemporary Landscape, Los Angeles

This is an example of a contemporary landscaping in Los Angeles. —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (5)

lenawilliams wrote:Apr 3, 2013
What is it the rocks ae on and is it a pond/waterfall?

  • Laurie
    There is a basin that holds the water and a pump recirculates it. I had put a link here somewhere on how to make one.
  • stevievans
    Where are the answers to the questions above?
armygirl1987 wrote:Apr 3, 2013
  • armygirl1987
    Thank you so much, gonna see if I can do this for my babies. I have three nix poodles and my lion dog, not sure what he is. Can never keep the water bucket fill.
  • tenfeet2hands
    This is easy and a sanitary solution, nothing to clean here. The water never pools! Love it!
cwisherd wrote:Apr 21, 2013
If I understand correctly this recirculates from a reservoir under the rocks. How do you keep the water clean?

  • PRO
    Remarkable Gardens
    The kit is from Aquascapes. It is for their disappearing jar fountain.
  • PRO
    Sage Modern Design
    I wouldn't worry about water quality for dogs. They drink from toilets and puddles given the opportunity! I think if you had a bio filter you'd only need to clean it a few times/year.
    You'd have to add water frequently as evaporation would probably be an issue.
Mandy Rogers wrote:Aug 18, 2013
Love this! Can the kit be ordered online? Is it easy to install?

  • shienlily61

    Is this kit still available?

  • Lesley Whitfield

    Can you ship trellis kit to the US?

Walls Within wrote:Jun 22, 2014
Is this installed in a warm climate area ?

  • PRO
    Walls Within
    I love this idea, however, I live in New England and my concern is the pipes freezing.
  • Ellery Hulme
    how simple is the fountain to install i live Australia and i think my 9 month old Lab would love this
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but with mesh overlay to prevent digging

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Cool fountain idea and something to do with my rock collection.

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Is this something we could create with the irrigation system? On its own switch...

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Cool idea for clients!

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