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Inspiration for a rustic kitchen remodel in Other with a farmhouse sink and distressed cabinets

Rustic KitchenRustic Kitchen

Inspiration for a rustic kitchen remodel in Other with a farmhouse sink and distressed cabinets —  Houzz

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This photo has 22 questions

carinmd452 wrote:Nov 25, 2012
Who makes the lighting in the kitchen and dining area?

  • carinmd452
    Thank you. Wonderful lights! Definitely unique and now I know why.
  • amief
    hi could you share the type of wood and stain used for the cabinets on the left.. also mfg? thanks kindly
debann23 wrote:Dec 22, 2012
New kitchen, what are these counters tops?

- What is the color, the edge style and countertops?

  • PRO
    Peace Design
    We used Lagos Azul with a flat, polished edge in this kitchen. Limestone is a beautiful product but it does age / patina with use.
  • jlaubengayer

    Love your work! I have a log home in Anamosa Iowa that I am struggling with, we have Stone City Limestone with Blue Engleman Spruce, swedish cope logs. The logs have a wild pattern - can be tiger striped (orange and white), but then can have blue in it too. Trying to stain the logs, it is difficult because you can go from very light to very dark all in the same log. Any thoughts you might have would be very appreciated. Do you do work via email/internet?

Shona Christy wrote:Jan 1, 2013
  • PRO
    Peace Design
    Thank you for your kind words. The beam work in these homes varies on the product that can be sourced. What you see here is 100% reclaimed material, so the columns that support the overhead beams are determined by engineering and what the overall scale should be to keep the space balanced.
  • Shona Christy
    Another Question then. I have 2 beams.that I purchased. along with 6,000 bf of reclaimed Walnut rough cut lumber which is going on the interior of my home as well as other reno right now..This is an Amish Barn that has been reclaimed , 75 year old lumber. The beams I have..the 1st , Will be a header on my project of enclosed four season porch with french doors on each end. The 2nd , which is not as long. will be cut to size as the 3 legs beneath the 1st beam@ 6 feet in height across a 32 x15 area. .. The solid Header Beam, is 24 feet long, 15 x 15 inches , both are amazingly gorgeous Hand Hewn Walnut. I am contracting my project myself. However, This beam weight has me concerned.I am in a rural area and the assumption of contractors here is not something I need to take for granted((,been there done that and with bad results)).. altho contractors here in this rural area seem to know everyththing especially when it comes to me being a female and the fact that I am contracting my project myself? lol (just a bit of humor) Which is why I am doing this myself., I got burned on 37,00 of exterior on my home, with after leaks....so, I choose to make sure it is done correctly. I am a rather safe than sorry girl. I want ample footings as well as solidity on the poured area which already existsWith NO futuristic problems from inadequately being done NOW.. I am intending to dig out , beneath the outer area several feet..(rather more than less) most likely of apporopriate addition of footing and general slab .. and pour appropriate addition to what is already there down to solid ground but thought you may have a suggested ..( rather more than less number) of what you would pour for this size and weight on this area for this beam. you know they are massive in weight being hardwood even with them being 75 years old. If I need to contract a fee we can discuss this and I will contact you in the office please advise me to reply. However you have the measurements and specifics herein. I am in Arkansas which is rather close to you. Thank you So much, In advance. Shona Christy
Christy wrote:Feb 7, 2013
What type of wood are the cabinets made of? Manufacturer?

  • PRO
    Peace Design
    These are made of fir and were fabricated by a local workroom.
  • keshawarren
    LOVE the kitchen as well! Where are the light fixtures from over the island? Or the name of them and the manufacture?
kristenrudis wrote:Apr 24, 2013
the hood is beautiful, who made it?

- The hood is beautiful, who made it?

  • PRO
    Peace Design
    The hood was custom made by a local blacksmith
  • James Cramer
    Rustic. Note the windows and the light fixtures by them.
kpawsd wrote:May 22, 2013
What is the color of the cabinets?

- I absolutely love your work!

  • PRO
    Peace Design
    Thank you!

    These cabinets are recycled fir with a Potassium Permanganate wash and a top coat of slightly tinted dead flat polyurethane.
  • kpawsd
    Also how tall are the ceilings?
donnadmn wrote:May 27, 2013
Love the rustic look of the flooring. Can you tell me what product was used?

  • PRO
    Peace Design
    The flooring is reclaimed fir. Our contractors, OSM, sourced the material from various lumber yards.
  • Marcy Carty
    What kind of cabinets are they (brand, color)
kevin1962 wrote:Jun 22, 2013
Excellent kitchen design. Is there a way I can view other photos?

- Thanks!

  • PRO
    Peace Design
    This is the only angle we have in our professional shots, I apologize. The back wall which starts at the bottom right of the photo, is simply a run of lower cabinet doors / drawers with uppers above.
Designers i wrote:Jul 17, 2013
Looking for rustic hood resource

- Where is this beautiful range hood from?

  • PRO
    Peace Design
    This was custom made by a local blacksmith. Hand forged iron.
lj003 wrote:Sep 1, 2013
Where are the rugs from?

  • PRO
    Peace Design
    We purchased the Navajos for this project from a various antique dealers in Atlanta and Montana.
pgjmrbcu wrote:Sep 3, 2013
Where did you get the rugs? Love them!

  • PRO
    Peace Design
    Thanks! We purchased the Navajos for this project from a various antique dealers in Atlanta and Montana.
rose gallo wrote:Oct 6, 2013
where and what make is chandelier over dining room table from

  • PRO
    Peace Design
    This chandelier was designed by the architect, Larry Pearson, and made by a local blacksmith, Wil Wilkins.
Shawn C wrote:Oct 23, 2013
The stone looks great. Is it a fireplace or just a stone wall?

  • PRO
    Peace Design
    Thanks! We worked with some very talented masons on this home. You are seeing the corner of a 2-sided fireplace.
  • Tulin Gökçek
sammyde wrote:Nov 3, 2013
  • PRO
    Peace Design
    The flooring in this house was all reclaimed boards, in this case, the species is fir. Your contractor should be able to source through lumber yards that specialize in reclaimed material. Good luck!
lmbama1 wrote:Nov 15, 2013
  • PRO
    Peace Design
    These cabinets are actually reclaimed fir.
  • lmbama1
    What color of stain did you use? Also, this is the most beautiful home. I love everything about it. It has that old Montana look but so elegant. Nice job!
castile40 wrote:Jul 5, 2014
K hack the 7655 ,I have

- in 0

    Ivette Lama wrote:May 10, 2015
    how is the ceiling/roof insulated?

      Kathy Manenti wrote:Feb 2, 2016
      where did the light come from over the table

        Lee Reske wrote:Mar 23, 2016
        • PRO
          Garden City Granite, Inc.

          gotcha :) I will keep that in mind while I snoop around

        • tharpe3

          Always interested to see what kind of stove people buy when money is no object.

        MileSquare PhysicalTherapy wrote:Apr 7, 2018
        Can I get contact info of cabinet maker?

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