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Inspiration for a tropical backyard landscaping in Sydney with decking.

Secret Gardens of SydneyTropical Landscape, Sydney

Inspiration for a tropical backyard landscaping in Sydney with decking. —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (6)

22cathy wrote:Apr 8, 2012
what type of fern is on the right behind the taller Christmas fern

  • PRO
    Secret Gardens
    missme107 it is! well done!
  • Karla Ziegler

    I was wondering how the steps were made, what kind of wood, if there is stain?

big_ed wrote:Aug 14, 2012
Please provide the name of the plants located just behind the ferns along the steps

- The plants have large stem like leaves and orange and white flowers.

  • PRO
    Secret Gardens
    They are Heliconia's
  • sengkyi
    They are more specifically Heliconia Angusta Red Christmas (cv Holiday). They flower here in Australia in the colder months, June - Sept, but around Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere, hence their name.
rlentfer wrote:Mar 24, 2013
Love the deck. What type of timber / finish?

  • PRO
    Secret Gardens
    Ironbark that has been left to go silver.
michellebi wrote:Aug 10, 2013
  • PRO
    Secret Gardens
    Blechnum ‘Silver Lady’ – ‘Brazilian Tree Fern’
    Heliconia angustifolia ‘Red Christmas” - spear shaped leaves left of chair
susaneisner1111 wrote:Feb 9, 2015
Love the deck chair. Where is it from/\?

  • PRO
    Secret Gardens
    Our client actually made this chair! We get lots of enquiries for it - he should start a new business...
Ziba Ji wrote:Jun 16, 2016
Full shade or morning sun is ok?

- Pls explain

  • PRO
    Secret Gardens

    This garden is partially shaded as it has a canopy of cabbage tree palms.

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Nice ferns for corners, front yard

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plantings around steps

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Planting around decked steps

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Lush tropical greenery


Silver lady fern

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