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Inspiration for a modern home office remodel in Houston with white walls

SouthamptonModern Home Office, Houston

Photo by Peter Molick

Inspiration for a modern home office remodel in Houston with white walls —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (14)

Thomas wrote:Jun 24, 2012
  • PRO
    CONTENT Architecture
    The desk is made from Okite and can be fabricated from any available colors.
pattimay wrote:Jul 17, 2012
Please tell me about the floors. Thank you

cedarcottagedesigns wrote:Oct 10, 2012
Can you explain how you suspended the desk? Thanks

  • bill2116
    Could you elaborate on the steel rods and plate? What are the specifics i.e. dimensions, what type of steel ,material etc. How is the desk surface mounted to the rods? Thanks.
  • PRO
    CONTENT Architecture
    A 1" steel rod is welded to a plate, which supports a plywood deck and the final countertop surface
Kara Cap wrote:Jul 10, 2013
  • PRO
    CONTENT Architecture
    The desk is supported by steel rods with a welded plate that is bolted to the wall studs and sheetrocked over.
heidihull wrote:Aug 7, 2013
Where can I buy this desk?

  • PRO
    CONTENT Architecture
    It is a fabricated desk from Okite and steel supports, see another discussion on this photo
  • cordovag

    Are the steel supports custom fabricated or something like those federal brace ones?

    Thank you

Shane Jacob wrote:Sep 22, 2013
What colour white is on the walls please and what is the floor product

- Wondering what colour white is on the walls please and floor product

  • PRO
    CONTENT Architecture

    The walls are Sherwin Williams Snowbound and the floors are BR111 Brittany Oak.

Joshua wrote:Oct 16, 2013
Where can I buy the wall mounted desk from? Looking to purchase ASAP.

- Love it

  • PRO
    CONTENT Architecture
    We designed and fabricated the desk from Okite
  • talib68
    Where can I purchase this desk, need it asap!!!!!!!
summers1 wrote:Nov 8, 2013
What material is the counter made of?

Justin Utz wrote:Apr 12, 2014
Who supplied the interior doors?

  • PRO
    Rustica Hardware
    We offer doors and hardware like this at really good prices. http://rusticahardware.com/barn-door-hardware/. Colors and sizes are totally customizable.

    The box rail system in the picture is inset into the ceiling to give it that invisible look.
  • PRO
    CONTENT Architecture
    The interior doors are just standard solid core from a local lumber supplier
Connie Zertuche wrote:Mar 26, 2015
jbrody411 wrote:Jun 1, 2015
what size planks are shown? Beautiful room

Emily Hughes Ilich wrote:Feb 21, 2016
  • PRO
    CONTENT Architecture

    There are steel tubes that are bracketed to the wall frame and embedded in the thickness of the desk so they are concealed

stevenb29 wrote:Mar 21, 2017
What is the thickness of the Okite desktop? Is it metered edge?

  • PRO
    CONTENT Architecture

    Hi Steven, the thickness of this desktop is 8cm (just over 3in) and yes it does have a mitered edge

djenebrown wrote:Jan 13, 2018
  • PRO
    CONTENT Architecture

    Just find a local countertop supplier, they can probably connect you with some good installers!

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