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Home design - eclectic home design idea in Los Angeles

The Parker Palm Springs/Becky HarrisEclectic , Los Angeles

photo by Becky Harris

Home design - eclectic home design idea in Los Angeles —  Houzz

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Question About This Photo (1)

Patrice Fitzgerald wrote:Jul 11, 2013
where can I get the chandelier? Who makes that

  • Yoon-Hee Kim
    drugs sign where to buy ?
  • nickmtchl
    Information on the coffee table?
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Added to A Dozen Creative Ideas for Decorating Blank Walls

8. Track down a vintage sign. A massive vintage store sign, like this one that hangs in the Parker Palm Springs Hotel,...

Added to In Praise of Silliness

Just Say No?I love old signs and have several of them in my home. I enjoy the graphics and the sense of history — as...

Added to 20 Favorite Vintage Items and How to Use Them

Signs. This old drugstore sign at The Parker Palm Springs reminds us of the days we could sip an ice cream soda at...

Added to Trend Alert: Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

This Jonathan Adler-designed lobby at The Parker Palm Springs is one of the best uses of a vintage sign I've ever seen.

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Very very cool vibe

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Red chairs

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Make stencil and paint this

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Great sign

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Wow fun for entertainment room downstairs!!

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this sign would be hilarious

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A little too funky for you guys, but like the color and eclectic flair.

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fireplace w/candles

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Su combinación de colores

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"fireplace" & coffee table

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Love the Drug Sign

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