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Mudroom - traditional mudroom idea in Minneapolis with white walls

Traditional EntryTraditional Entry, Minneapolis

Mudroom - traditional mudroom idea in Minneapolis with white walls —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (51)

marialooney wrote:Dec 10, 2011
cathkrause wrote:Dec 11, 2011
  • PRO
    Crystal Kitchen + Bath
    It was provided by Melanie Eberts from "Art Andes" in Minneapolis, MN
    651-430-1848. She does amazing designs!
asweeney wrote:Jan 12, 2012
  • PRO
    Crystal Kitchen + Bath
    Hi there. I just found out from the architect the tile was purchased from "The Tile Shop" in Plymouth, MN. Unfortunately, it was selected from a pile of discontinued tile they had on special discount. The architect told me that it has a "flamed" finish on the top. Sorry about this disappointing news.
  • PRO
    That's OK - -thanks Rik!! I can at least gather that the "dark grey" is very beautiful in this room. I just picked out a dark grey tile for my laundry room inspired by this picture
rennarudd wrote:Jan 26, 2012
  • PRO
    Crystal Kitchen + Bath
    Hood morning,

    Thank you for your inquiry on this project. The openings are approximately 16"w x 12" d x 12"h(the bottom cubby is 16"W x 12" d x 14"h). If you are designing this from scratch, we would suggest finding the basakets first and then design the cubby size around them.

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions
deedles (zone 4b or 5 depending on whom wrote:Feb 11, 2012
Mike Lucas wrote:Feb 13, 2012
  • PRO
    Crystal Kitchen Center
    The bench was existing when I came on to the project, but I believe it is maple. It is supported by 3/4" stock material that runs the length and on the sides underneath the top.
  • PRO
    Crystal Kitchen + Bath
    The bench was existing, but we believe it is maple. It is supported by 3/4" stock material that runs the length and on the sides underneath the top
Leslie Shafton wrote:Feb 26, 2012
  • PRO
    Crystal Kitchen + Bath
    I am sorry but it was existing when we entered the project
  • PRO
    TradeMark GC, LLC
    The ceiling appears to be a "ponderosa" pine species or something similar in the pine family (often referred to as "yellow" pine) and it looks like the original builder/carpenter selected the grains to form this blended pattern. beautifully done.
Diana Bondarewski_Sweatman wrote:Feb 28, 2012
  • Lisa Langley_Spillane
    Can you tell me about the floor tiles?
  • PRO
    Crystal Kitchen Center
    Thank you. Unfortunately, that is the only professional shot we took of the mudroom. Glad you liked it. Mary
chrissyb3 wrote:Mar 11, 2012

- where can i buy this rug??

  • Kathy
    try Overstock.com, i know I've seen similar patterns on that website
  • PRO
    Crystal Kitchen + Bath
    The rugs are from Art Andes in Minneapolis, MN. Here is there web site: www.artandes.com and phone number 651-430-1848.
Summer Hunt wrote:Mar 17, 2012
  • PRO
    Crystal Kitchen + Bath
    The folloring is actually granite and it was a close out bought many years ago
myplace2012 wrote:May 9, 2012
What is the overall size of this mudroom? Also any photos of the doors windows?

  • wendmill
    Do you have any other pictures of this mudroom? Also, was this room added on or was it a re-do on the existing house ? If an add-on, can you tell me how much it cost? We are thinking of doing something similar between our house and garage, and perhaps adding a washer/dryer on the opposite side.
  • aumnicol
    Are there building plans we could buy?
reva1234 wrote:May 16, 2012
Where can I find the light fixture and how many watts does it take please

  • PRO
    Crystal Kitchen + Bath
    The light fixture was original to the house, so unfortunately I am not able to help you in aquiring one like it. Thank you!
reva1234 wrote:May 18, 2012
how many watt bulb does this fixture take please

tabb wrote:Jun 9, 2012
what white color was used on woodwork?

Dangereuse wrote:Jun 26, 2012
  • PRO
    Crystal Kitchen + Bath
    They are very useful. they contain items such as gloves, boots, scarves and hats
gjmuchow wrote:Jul 23, 2012
What size are the casement windows, not including the transom?

  • PRO
    Crystal Kitchen Center
    THe lower window size is approximately 60" high x 18" wide. Top windows are about 12-1/2" H.
timbagnell wrote:Jul 27, 2012
sculpin wrote:Oct 13, 2012
  • PRO
    Crystal Kitchen Center
    Fabulous rugs with a wonderful story behind them.
    Thanks for asking about the rug.
ceilsan32 wrote:Oct 18, 2012
How deep is the bench?

ppomeroy wrote:Dec 5, 2012
Where is that rug from?

  • PRO
    Surecor Mosaic
    very functional entry~
  • PRO
    Crystal Kitchen Center
    Thanks for asking! The rug is from Art Andes (www.artandes.com) in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is made from all natural materials, dyes and is hand loomed. There is a wonderful story behind this company - check out their web site. mary
zakfay wrote:Jan 16, 2013
    pmanning58 wrote:Apr 26, 2013
    • PRO
      Crystal Kitchen + Bath
      Remodeling your home is an investment in not only your home but also in the quality of life you lead as well as your happiness. Projects as well as budgets are all over the board depending on the materials you select. Getting professional advice can guide you through the process as well as assist you in staying within a budget. Making mistakes along the way can be costly. Professionals can help avoid those.
    keilynluers wrote:Jun 5, 2013
    First car

    - Volkswagen

      foxychev1 wrote:Jul 6, 2013
      What stain color is used on the ceiling?

      marissah0605 wrote:Jul 15, 2013
        marissah0605 wrote:Jul 15, 2013
        Doreen Myers wrote:Aug 20, 2013
        • PRO
          Crystal Kitchen + Bath
          I would really like to help you with a design consulation. However therre are so many factors that come into play when selecting paint, that I would not be able to give you my educated opinion without seeing the space as well as the lighing in the room as well as adjoining areas
        Carolyn Jones wrote:Sep 7, 2013
        • PRO
          Crystal Kitchen + Bath
          If I am understand our question correctly, there is many variables in determining wood v.s. laminate. I suggest you go to a flooring store and ask the flooring specialist. They will ask you several questions and help determine what is best in your situation
        sfattah23 wrote:Sep 7, 2013
        • sfattah23
          Thank you so much for your response and extra feedback. Your info certainly helped me :-)
        • PRO
          Crystal Kitchen + Bath
          Good I am glad. Good luck on your project
        myplace2012 wrote:Oct 1, 2013
        How is this room heated? Radiant floor possibly?

        • diyer89
          Ok thanks. Was just hoping you could tell me how exactly the floating bench was built. Thanks.
        • bhadams82
          Sure looks like baseboard heat under the bench.
        acordano wrote:Oct 27, 2013
        Love the rug, where is it from?

          NEOCLASSICAL BUILDERS, llc wrote:Nov 24, 2013
            diyer89 wrote:Dec 11, 2013
            • slooper2
              Lovely design! I am planning to build an alcove floating bench just like this one (without the side shelves), 46'' wide. Will 2''x4'' wood cleats screwed to metal studs in the wall be enough to provide a stable seating surface, or would I need to attach a brace to the studs, inside the wall? Would a torsion top be needed to keep it from sagging? Thanks!
            • PRO
              Crystal Kitchen + Bath
              I don't feel comfortable giving you that advice without having our professional carpenter seeing the space and suggesting what type of backing would be necessary in your case.
            vector5 wrote:Feb 9, 2014
            • Rik Lalim
              Unfortunately we do no have any contacts there. We are based in Mpls mn
            • PRO
              MARK IV Builders, Inc
              Our design-build remodeling company has plenty of experience building entryways. If you are still looking for an accomplished carpenter in Bethesda, you can visit our profile and send us a note.
            vector5 wrote:Feb 9, 2014
            And what kind of wood was used for the cubbies & the top long shelf?

            • Ledja Dhima
              Very nice idea. Can that be adjusted for a small corridor of 120 cm of width?
            Karen Maxwell wrote:Mar 29, 2014
            What is the material used on the ceiling

            monpetitbebe wrote:Mar 30, 2014
            • PRO
              Crystal Kitchen + Bath
              You are correct, the ceiling was original bead board. The wall is 4 x 8 sheets of bead board painted. Thank you.
            mswireman wrote:Apr 25, 2014
            • PRO
              Crystal Kitchen + Bath
              Thank you for your inquiry. It is out company policy not to share other clients plans. we would be have to set up an appointment and help you develop a similar layout that fits your specific needs.
            seaport13 wrote:May 3, 2014
            • PRO
              Crystal Kitchen + Bath
              Ifs fine to adjust the height of the bench according to your height
            • ingoldberg
              How deep is the bench? And how deep is the shelf? The proportions are great. Thank you!
            jewelyajean wrote:Jun 13, 2014
            any info on the light fixture?

            - jewelyajean would love to know

            ecredw wrote:Aug 1, 2014
            • PRO
              Crystal Kitchen + Bath
              Thank you for your interest. this is actually the rear entry to the home
            Kristin Peters wrote:Aug 15, 2014
            Where can I buy that rug!

            - Where can I buy that rug!

            • PRO
              Crystal Kitchen + Bath
              The rug is from a vendor called Art Andes 651-430-1848 artandes.com
            reeselord wrote:Dec 24, 2014
              Nicole Perri Architecture wrote:Mar 18, 2015
              What is the material on the floor?

              • PRO
                Crystal Kitchen + Bath

                The flooring material is a honed granite. It was a closeout at a local tile outlet

              csalizz wrote:Jan 18, 2016
              • Jolynnjohnson

                the baskets are from The Container Store

              cdbairos wrote:Mar 4, 2016
              How big is this room?

              brianslink wrote:Mar 8, 2016
              I like the chrome hooks where can I buy them?

              - Where can I buy the chrome coat hooks?

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