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Inspiration for a transitional eat-in kitchen remodel in Los Angeles

William Hefner Architecture Interiors & LandscapeTransitional Kitchen, Los Angeles

Inspiration for a transitional eat-in kitchen remodel in Los Angeles —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (70)

motolover wrote:Feb 28, 2011
  • PRO
    Matranga Homes
    What is the cost of a window wall like this?
  • PRO
    Progressive Solutions / Renaissance Bronze Windows
    Window walls like this are on the very high end of windows and can get quite costly, they usually don't go into home that are less than $1m. Hope this helps!
Vicky wrote:Mar 8, 2011
  • smittycdm
    Remains Lighting Elliott Billiard http://remains.com/item_HL0622.BIL.aspx
  • smittycdm
    Sorry, I gave you the info for the fixture over the island, the pendans are from Visual Comfort, which can be purchased through Circa Lighting. I'm sourcing this information from Luxe Magazine, Orange County CA issue from November or October 2010. No date on the page I saved. I believe it's the architect's home.
Carolyn Wesling wrote:May 2, 2011
agbutler wrote:Aug 2, 2011
    Rachel wrote:Sep 25, 2011
    Jim Skanberg wrote:Feb 6, 2012
    kimkstohl wrote:Mar 7, 2012
    Who makes the bench, chairs and table please?

    • lolita10
      Chairs as well
    • acebedhead
      Thank you so much!
    kathleenmjohnson wrote:Mar 25, 2012
    What color was used on patio door wall? Thank you

    • PRO
      The Shabby Nest
      Benjamin Moore's Dove White is a similar color.
    Leah L wrote:Apr 5, 2012
    Source for table please. Thank you!!

    trixie123 wrote:May 9, 2012
    What kind of wood was used for the island and floor?

      LOFT32 wrote:Jun 30, 2012
      Susan wrote:Sep 28, 2012
      Still looking for this table!

      - Love to know where the table source!

      baziz wrote:Oct 14, 2012
      elodee wrote:Nov 28, 2012
      Are these windows available in insulated glass?

      • PRO
        Progressive Solutions / Renaissance Bronze Windows
        I don't know what exact windows you are looking at, but our windows are about the same price as steel windows, which are about two and a half times the price of wood and about four times the price of vinyl . This is all very general pricing and varies on what brands you are comparing, but I hope it gives you a general idea. It is like comparing a luxury car with a fuel saving one :)
        Joslyn | Renaissance
      • Bill Polinsky
        Melissa we received your direct inquiry Thursday, I'll reply to your e-mail directly to answer any questions you may have regarding our steel and Bronze products. We offer both the traditional hot rolled steel as well as a Thermally Broken Bronze product that has fantastic U-values. You are also welcome to stop by our office/showroom here in CT to see the products your self.
      Ruth Tekell wrote:Nov 30, 2012
      Ralph Olivas wrote:Dec 2, 2012
      Christmas trees

      - Where to puny them?

        susanrobertson wrote:Dec 27, 2012
        love these windows/door. Who makes it?

        kyfromky wrote:Jan 12, 2013
        Does anyone know of an Australian supplier of these windows? Preferably in Victoria! Thanks so much

        SGonzales Ras wrote:Jan 18, 2013
        how do i remove this photo from my facebook

        - how do i remove this photo from my facebook?

          bethwolf wrote:Jan 24, 2013
          who is the architect? based where?

          Anita Shah wrote:Jan 29, 2013
          Where can I get this kind of Sofa?

          • lizstick
            yes where is the bench/sofa from
          • Connie Magee
            Yes, I'd like to find it as well!
          alosness wrote:Feb 10, 2013
          Where can I get these windows in California?

          - Where can I get these windows in California?

          xineta wrote:Mar 18, 2013
          Where can I get these windows in Mallorca (Spain)?

          Jessica linders wrote:May 8, 2013
            ozalhoward wrote:May 30, 2013
            Where can I get these windows and door in the New Orleans area?

            - Where can I get these windows and door in New Orleans?

            mwc2751 wrote:Jun 19, 2013
            i love the windows and doors. Would you mind sharing the name of the manufacturer?

            weekdayz wrote:Jul 1, 2013
            Are these doors hurricane grade? and can they come ins solid glass?

            Simone Heyman wrote:Jul 2, 2013
            business1234 wrote:Jul 10, 2013
            where is the table from

            - where is the table from?

              friendofzander wrote:Aug 8, 2013
              can you tell me the manufacturer of those beautiful chairs?

              kawittenberg wrote:Sep 8, 2013
              indivisuality wrote:Sep 14, 2013
              • PRO
                Progressive Solutions / Renaissance Bronze Windows
                I'm not sure the exact glass used on this window/door wall.
                Most manufactures are required to use double pane (insulated glass) of door and window units to meet energy codes.
                Our Renaissance Solid Bronze Windows & Doors come fully glazed with triple seal glass & mounting flange options for installation.
              • Ryan Felner

                How much would the doors in this picture usually cost?

              Karen Cornell wrote:Dec 26, 2013
                pearsefranklin wrote:Jan 17, 2014
                what series is from the hallmark hardwood? thanks

                  pearsefranklin wrote:Jan 17, 2014
                  do u mind telling what brand is the flooring and what series and color

                    eforesta wrote:Feb 20, 2014
                    Where are lights over table from?

                    Sheila Azoff wrote:May 21, 2014
                    do these doors dome with screens??

                    • jtroost1
                      I also like all the extra information that you gave. I absolutely love the look of those doors. I need to replace a sliding patio door that has three Dash 3 foot panels. Two of which are movable. But I would also like them to be a French door type. I also am in a wheelchair so I need a threshold that would be easy to go in and out of.… To roll over. Are your windows like that or do they have a very high lip over the threshold? I live in the panhandle of Florida so who would I contact in order to get a door like that?
                    • jtroost1
                      Ooops sorry I meant doors not windows
                    rosevart wrote:Jul 10, 2014
                    • rosevart

                      It looks so lovely. Thank you.

                    • PRO
                      Portal Elegance
                      Wow! Nothing like thin profile windows and doors to bring in the beautiful outdoors.
                      Portal Elegance did not create this particular system but can help you custom fabricate a similar system for your entry.
                    Rey Alanis wrote:Jul 11, 2014
                    Where can I get that dining table and booths

                    - Love them

                    Erick Skinner wrote:Feb 3, 2015
                      cathycarr3 wrote:Jun 27, 2015
                      Can you tell me the paint color on the walls

                        1624d wrote:Jan 14, 2016
                        • PRO
                          Portal Elegance

                          Price is driven by the final design, hardware and size.

                          Send us your idea and we can quote you right away at no charge.

                        • PRO
                          Portal Elegance

                          Hi Dave please call us at (561)447-8611 we can help!

                        Details Interiors, LLC wrote:Feb 28, 2016
                          rupertthecat wrote:Jun 8, 2016
                          This is a beautiful room...I love the black framed windows.

                            Kim Orwin wrote:Jul 4, 2016
                            Can you share information about the stucco paint color :)

                              Declan Barry wrote:Aug 23, 2016
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