Collaborating with Your Team on Houzz Pro

There are many useful ways to collaborate with your team on Houzz Pro, including through the use of tasks, schedule, calendar, notes, daily logs and commenting across various features. You can also keep your project organized with the Overview tab. Let's take a look at some of the ways to communicate with your team members:


Tasks are a great tool for collaborating with your team, allowing everyone to know who is in charge of which aspect of the project and keeping everything on track. Tasks can be assigned to team members, subcontractors and clients, and notifications about new, updated or completed tasks will keep the relevant party(s) in the loop. Tasks will also show up on your calendar and schedule.

To learn more about using Tasks to collaborate with your team, check out How to Create and Manage Your Tasks.

Schedule / Calendar

The Schedule tool is essential for keeping your projects running smoothly, especially when you have a team that needs to be in sync at every step. Within your schedule you can set workdays, create project flows, assign items and tasks and see it all in multiple views to best suit your team's needs. You can even sync your personal calendar with Houzz Pro to assist in scheduling meetings with your team and clients, ensuring that everyone is aware of when and where things are happening.

To learn about how to make the most of the Schedule tool, check out Creating your Project Schedule.


Notes provide you with a space to write anything you want for your project, like meeting details or call logs, and are kept between team members so that the client doesn't see your internal communication.

You can quickly create notes from the project overview page, on a lead or on a message. To learn more about collaborating via Notes, check out How to Create Notes.

Daily Logs

Daily Logs allow you, your team and subcontractors to document key points about work progress throughout the day making it easy for every party to follow up on to-dos and tasks. Daily logs can also be client-facing if desired, keeping everyone in the loop.

To learn more about daily logs, check out Creating and Sharing Daily Logs and How to Create Daily Logs on the Mobile App.

Project Overview

On the overview page for each project your team will see a comprehensive look of what's happening within the project, including summaries and quick access to collaboration tools like upcoming tasks and schedule items, daily logs, files, documents and notes.

Comment Feature

Many of the tools in Houzz Pro include the ability to comment directly on them so you can communicate with team members on exactly what you need feedback or action on. Commenting is available on many features, including Notes, 3D Floor Planner, Files & Photos, Daily Logs and Selection Boards. Look for the comment icon on these features and make sure you have the Team tab selected (example shown below) to collaborate with your team using this method.

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