How to Categorize Your Vendors

Keep your growing vendor list organized by using category tags. You can have multiple tags per vendor, which will allow you to quickly find the type of vendor you need for each project, whether it's a small bathroom or a full-scale build.

To categorize your vendors, you must be in the "Edit" or "Add New" vendor screen, both of which can be managed from your Vendors section, under the Company menu. You will find the categories dropdown in the General Details section. Select one or more existing categories to add and you will see the tag appear below.

You can easily add your own custom categories by typing and clicking Create category.

Once you've added category tags to your vendor(s) you'll see them appear in the category column on the Vendors page for quick reference.

Use the Filter function at the top to narrow down to the category(s) of vendors you're looking for. This is especially helpful for companies with large vendor catalogs.

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