How to Get Paid on Houzz Pro

There are several different ways you can take advantage of Houzz Pro Online Payments to get paid on the spot.

After you set up online payments, you can:

  1. Have your client submit an online payment
  2. Submit an online payment yourself on behalf of your client
  3. Tap to Pay on iPhone
  4. Pay from a printed PDF

Your clients can pay using any Houzz Pro payment method options, including ACH (bank transfer), credit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Have Client Submit Payment Online

Your clients can easily submit a credit card or bank transfer payment online in several locations. To start, you need to send an estimate, proposal or invoice to your client through email. To do this, open up the relevant document. There are several ways to share:

  • Download PDF: Click the Download as PDF button next to Copy Link. You can then share the PDF with the client via email or even print out if needed.
  • Copy Link: Click the Copy Link button next to Pay Online. You can then paste the link into a separate email to share with the client.
  • Send: Click the Send button in the top right. You can then format an email with subject line and written message to send to your client.
  • Preview: Click Preview to see the client view of the document and customize before sending. This is recommended to make sure everything is correct.

Once your client receives the document, they can open it, view details, and select the Pay Now links at the top or bottom of the document.

If you decide to send the PDF over email instead, your client can click the Pay Now link at the bottom of the document. They can even use the QR code if they prefer to pay that way instead.

Submit Payment for Client Online

You can also easily input a payment yourself if your client requests. This is helpful when you’re meeting in person or on the phone and want to secure the payment right away.

To do this, simply select the Pay Online button at the top of your document. You can also select the Actions dropdown menu and find the Pay Online option there.

Tap to Pay on iPhone

With Tap to Pay on iPhone, you can use your phone or mobile device to receive contactless payments from clients when you’re right there with them in person.

There are several ways clients can make a payment with Tap to Pay on iPhone:

  • Tap their credit or debit card to your phone. Their credit card or debit card must support contactless payments.
  • Tap their iOS mobile device with a virtual wallet to your phone. This includes Apple Pay or Google Pay.

To use Tap to Pay on iPhone, simply open an estimate, proposal or invoice on your phone, click on a scheduled payment, and select Tap to Pay. This will open up the Tap to Pay on iPhone prompt on your device. Then your client taps their credit card, debit card or phone to your device, and the payment will be sent.

At this time, pros must use an iPhone XS or later running iOS 16 or later to accept a Tap to Pay on iPhone payment. Accepting Tap to Pay payments on an Android device will be coming in the future.

To use this feature, make sure your company address is filled out in Houzz Pro. You can add in your address here.

Pay from Printed PDF

Do you have a client who prefers printed documents — or maybe you prefer it too? No problem! You can easily click the Download as PDF icon in your estimate, proposal or invoice. From there, you can print your document; your client can then conveniently scan the QR code with a mobile device to access the payment screen.

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