How to Import Your Subcontractor List

If you have an existing list of subcontractors that you want to add to Houzz Pro, save time and ensure accuracy of data by importing your list in one upload. All you have to do is make sure your list is formatted to match our template, and you'll quickly have all your sub's data in your account.

To import your subcontractors, follow these steps:

1. In the Company menu, select the Subcontractors section

2. In the upper right, click Import Subcontractor List

3. Click “import template here” under Tips for a Successful Import to download the CSV file template. 

4. Open the downloaded template and fill in your subcontractors, or copy the template formatting on your own file to match. Follow the tips detailed in the pop-up for a successful import, including only using Excel or .csv files, and making sure email or phone are included in each entry.

5. Save the completed CSV or Excel file.

6. Either click Upload and attach the file, or drag and drop the file into the box, then click Next in the bottom right.

7. Next, choose the field that best matches your column name(s). Only the columns you map will be imported. Click Done when you are finished mapping.

Your subcontractors will import and you will see them listed on your Subcontractors page.

Note that if some rows fail to upload (in a file containing multiple rows) the remaining rows that succeed will still be successfully uploaded to your Subs list.

In the subcontractors list, you can see the main details for each sub. To edit a subcontractor's details, upload certifications or change project access, click Edit to the far right of their details.

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