How to Map Vendors in Houzz Pro to QuickBooks Online

When creating a new Purchase Order, for example, you need to choose the vendor you're purchasing from. This means that all documents associated with this Purchase order will be associated with this vendor. In the QuickBooks Online Integrations page, open the Vendor Mapping tab. Here you can set up the mapping from Houzz Pro to QuickBooks Online.

Please note that at this time US GCs cannot sync Purchase Orders to QuickBooks Online but can still map vendors.

As a default, if the vendor you chose doesn’t exist in QuickBooks Online, Houzz Pro will automatically create it for you so the mapping runs smoothly. If the vendor does exist in QuickBooks Online by the same exact name, Houzz Pro will map the vendor the same way. Deleting the mappings will revert them back to the defaults.

You can also manually map your vendors or make any changes to existing mappings. You're able to map multiple Houzz Pro vendors to the same QuickBooks Online vendor.

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