Where can I track all my Online Payments?

You can keep track of all of your Online Payments in the Payments Report. Access this report under in the Financial Reports section of Houzz Pro, which you will find via the Company menu in the left navigation.

In the Payments Report, use the Payment Type filter and select “Online” to see only online payments. Make sure to click Apply Changes to see all applicable payments for the selected time period.

You’ll see information for each online payment, such as the processing fee, total payout, charge date, deposit date, total bank transfer, transfer ID, and more.

Note that if an online payment has yet to be deposited into your bank account, you can check the Estimated Deposit Date in your Payments Report, under the Deposit Date column, or by clicking on a payment in the document it was made on and viewing the Payment Details pop-up.

To learn more about Payments Reports, check out How to Generate Payments Reports.

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