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How to Bid On Remodeling Jobs in 2022 (In 4 Steps)

Learn how to win more construction bids with these strategies to land more projects

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Last year’s big wave of remodeling activity is showing no signs of ebbing. In fact, industry experts are forecasting an even bigger swell in 2022. Remodeling activity this year is expected to increase by about 7%, 10% and 12% year-over-year for Q1, Q2 and Q3, respectively, per Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. While Q4 activity is expected to dip slightly, it’s still substantially higher than in any quarter of the previous two years. To help you dive into your desired share of those renovation projects amid strong currents of competition, we’ve compiled the four key elements associated with how to win a construction bid. 

1. Get your bids in fast.

Whether they’re undertaking a large home addition or a smaller project like adding kitchen cabinets, homeowners tend to be eager to get the ball rolling on home renovations. That means the faster you get your bid in, the better chance it has of being chosen. Aside from showing that you are responsive and care about the client’s timeline, being the first to respond means you have no other competitors at that point—making it easier to stand out and be the leader of the pack.

Need time saving tips to figure out how to bid on remodeling jobs faster? You can greatly reduce time spent on tasks such as building estimates and proposals with software like Houzz Pro, which has an easy-to-use takeoffs tool.  

With the takeoffs tool, you can quickly and accurately measure and count everything you need for a project to create a precise cost estimate. “This accurate takeoff system has increased my turnaround rate by 70%,” says concrete and paving specialist Cruz Hernandez. “Previously I was losing time printing plans and spending money to employ a guy to bid four jobs a day. Now I do it all myself.” 

By increasing efficiency in creating takeoffs, estimates and proposals, you won’t just be able to submit bids faster; you’ll have more time to double-check your bids.

2. Plan for the unexpected.

The cost of construction materials soared nearly 20% in 2021, according to an Associated General Contractors of America study. Although the prices of a few materials fell in December, material costs are expected to remain volatile in 2022. And that’s on top of unpredictable shipping delays and the usual events that can derail a project, such as bad weather.

Potential clients are likely aware of these conditions, and reassuring them that they can swap out greatly delayed products or materials, or even change the scope of work, can help you win more construction bids. Consider highlighting the allowance of change orders on your bid and, to protect yourself as well, include contingency clauses in the contract later.

3. Tailor each bid to each client.

Customizing your bid to address what clients value most can boost its appeal. Thankfully, there are countless ways to adjust how you bid on home remodeling jobs. Are they looking to save on cost? Focus on presenting the lowest price possible without sacrificing overall quality. Budget isn’t an issue? Present high-quality materials and personalized touches like artisanal work and other one-of-a kind pieces. And for homeowners looking for the best balance of cost and service, highlight past rave reviews, speciality subcontractors you work with and any other factors that give you an edge. If your business uses any software that makes the process easier for the client, such as Houzz Pro, include that as well.

4. Build a skilled subcontracting team. 

Having established relationships with subcontractors who specialize in a wide range of fields will differentiate your business and make your bid stronger in a highly competitive market.  You’ll want to build relationships with electrical engineers, masons, tile specialists, landscape architects, artisans and any other specialty contractors your clients might want or need for their projects. This will build confidence, as clients will know from the get-go that you can handle every detail of their project vision without a hitch. It also will make things easier for you during the project, as you won’t have to take time to scout out tradespeople—and vetting people well in advance means you won’t have to rush any hiring decisions.  

With these four strategies in your toolbox, and other tools like Houzz Pro at the ready, you’ll be fully versed in how to win a construction bid no matter how competitive the construction market gets. 

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