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5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Promote Your Design or Construction Business  

Allison Monea

Finding the best ways to advertise and promote your business can be an ongoing challenge. This is especially true when you are new to the industry and your business is just starting out. While marketing is necessary for businesses, both old and new, to reach their ideal client, few have unlimited funds for a marketing budget. 

The good news is that it does not take tons of money or an entire marketing department  to promote an interior design or construction business. In this article we list five affordable ways to effectively get your company name out there.

Build relationships with email marketing 

Email marketing is one of those impactful marketing tools that  many pros skip over because they think it’s too expensive. In reality, there are many easy to use and inexpensive marketing tools to help construction and design companies attract new customers. For example, building designer Juan Alatore of West Oaks Designs says, “The email marketing tool from Houzz Pro is a great starting point for someone without a marketing department.” 

With this tool, professionals can use the template editor to create designs and customize engaging, professional-looking emails to leads, clients, and vendors. They can use it to schedule a consultation and to build long-term relationships with clients through updates such as a regular newsletter.  

Freshen your website  

Maintaining an attractive, easy to navigate website is essential to grabbing people’s attention and highlighting your brand. Your company website has the power to be your top salesperson. So how do you create and maintain a top-tier website that attracts new business while on a tight budget? For designers and contractors who use Houzz Pro, a team of experts builds a professional, mobile-friendly website for their business, saving you both time and money. 

With Houzz Pro, your website will be built, hosted and managed by Houzz. It supports  unlimited photos and videos to show off your portfolio. When you add new projects to your Houzz Premium Profile, your website also is automatically updated to highlight the  latest work for potential clients. The Houzz Pro exclusive website designs also lets you    introduce your team, showcase client reviews, receive calls and messages and more. 

Start a blog 

You don’t have to be a professional writer to start a blog. All it takes is posting quality content that is useful and interesting to the customers you are trying to attract. Blogging can not only draw in new clients, but keep the old ones coming back for more advice and inspiration. By adding a blog to your website, you not only increase your businesses visibility, but also increase your credibility to potential customers. Blog posts do not need to be long, but posting on a regular basis is key for maintaining readership and building an archive that will draw people to your site again and again.

And, as always, high-quality visuals help draw more eyes. With the ability to add a blog to your website using Houzz Pro, you can easily share the latest news and updates on your business and include great imagery throughout your posts to keep people exploring on your site.  

Showcase your business with your Houzz profile

Houzz is the number one app for renovating homeowners – it’s where they go for project inspiration and a pro to carry it out. With a Houzz Pro Premium Profile you can build credibility, highlight client reviews and showcase your work to attract new clients.    One key branding feature of a premium Houzz profile includes the ability to create a captivating custom video about your business or specific project. An eye-catching video integrated into your profile helps your remodeling and design services stand out from the rest. Adding a quick-read business headline gives homeowners a snapshot of your specialty and niche.

Reputation management is key to building a clientele and getting referrals therefore it is important to make your best clients reviews easily accessible to homeowners deciding whom to hire. With a Houzz Pro premium profile, you can select your best reviews to highlight and showcase prominently.

Get professional photo help   

Showcase your awesome work by making sure you have high-quality photos to post of your recently completed projects. Research shows that 93% of people consider photos to be a deciding factor when making online buying decisions. One of the easy ways to make sure the quality of the photos match the high quality of your design or construction work is to hire a professional photographer to capture it. With Houzz Pro PerfectCapture you can easily book experienced photographers to shoot photos to add to your Houzz Profile. We guide you through our simple process to schedule the photoshoot, prep the space, and view the photos on your profile within one week of the photoshoot.

Marketing brings in new clients, but it does not have to break the bank to be effective. For more helpful information on how Houzz Pro can help you leverage your marketing on a budget, check out our latest webinar, Marketing Your Business with Houzz Pro. 

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Allison Monea is an Associate Content Writer at Houzz. A lover of art, design and her local Seattle scene.

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