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5 Houzz Pro Enhancements Remodelers & Builders Don’t Want to Miss

Estimates, takeoffs, scheduling, marketing & more just got simpler

Houzz Pro

At Houzz Pro, we are continually evolving, refining and adding new features in response to the changing needs of our vast community of home renovation professionals. 

Here are five features and the latest enhancements to our Houzz Pro all-in-one management software that you may not know about. All are specifically customized for professional contractors and we include tips from pros who put them to use every day.

Estimates Made Easy

It is now easier than ever to make accurate, professional-looking estimates quickly. Choose from ready-made templates or create your own custom document to use over and over instead of starting from scratch every time. The templates are fully editable, allowing changes to make the documents uniquely yours and branded for your business.

Add custom signatures, edit column names and drag them wherever you want with just a click or two. If you have a list or spreadsheet of your line items, now you can easily move them into Houzz Pro estimates and invoices by copying and pasting them. Then, let your customers review and approve the estimates online. 

Pro Advice: Simplifying processes such as estimates saves time, energy and costly mistakes, says Susan Heinz co-founder of the Heinz Group, a boutique residential contractor specializing in renovations and new custom homes. With Houzz Pro she creates estimates faster and easily shares the documents with clients. “It's so nice that in the same link they can access their timeline and approve an estimate, and that we can edit those estimates so easily and resend them if something's not what they want,” she says.

Takeoffs: Leave the Spreadsheets Behind

The less time you spend at your desk, the more jobs you will be able to take on to keep your business thriving.  One effective way contractors optimize their workflow is by automating their takeoffs with Houzz Pro. The software helps them create takeoffs 10 times faster so they can submit their bids ahead of the pack.  

Measure a length, calculate an area, deduct a window, find the pitch of a roof or count specific items like outlets, all in a few clicks. Our polygon tool makes it simple to calculate volumes for foundations, areas flooring, lengths and depths for cabinets or countertops and more. The feature captures every detail and complexity of your project and works no matter your speciality. 

Takeoffs turn into automated estimates, change orders, invoices and more. 

Make Renovation Plans Life-Like   

The more details clients can see to envision the construction planned for their home, the more their home renovation dreams will become real for them.  Make it easier for them to say yes, and reduce the rounds of customer feedback and costly change orders by creating realistic plans with the 3D Floor Planner and the Life-Sized Walkthroughs feature. Using Augmented Reality, the feature conveys everything from the overall sense to the tiniest construction details in an authentic way. 

With LiDAR room scanning, available with LiDAR-enabled mobile devices, you can add even more specific details to a room. Choose from custom paint colors and metal finishes, mark out arched wall openings with the height of your choice. You can customize the height of the walls in the 3D Floor Planner to create partial height walls to help when mapping out entryways, bathrooms, kitchens, and staircases. Measuring ruler always included.

Schedule for Every Project Stage 

We’ve also introduced new features to the Project Timeline tool in Houzz Pro which helps contractors more precisely and efficiently map out project schedules, track progress and  communicate plans to everyone involved. With easy-to-create Gantt charts, pros can organize projects and ensure they have the right equipment, materials and subs on-site.

Now also add activities and sub-activities, create dependencies among them, write detailed descriptions and assign specific tasks to team members. Activities can be connected using dependencies, indicating when the start of one activity relies on the completion of another so you can create detailed schedules for each stage of a project.

The timeline tool for navigating every project at every phase is available to all Houzz Pro subscribers.

Stay in Touch with Customers

Marketing knows no season. Nurture leads and stay top of mind with current customers year round through Email Marketing

Houzz Pro makes it seamless to launch marketing campaigns, build compelling newsletters and more. Pick from a selection of professionally designed email templates or build your own to send stand-out, branded promotional materials to your contacts.

With custom lists and targeted email messaging, you can increase your email open rate and bring more clients and projects to your growing business. 

Learn More

For more details of Houzz Pro features and enhancements check out our product release notes.

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